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Anything from bullets to nukes.

What are the highest to lowest our Earth tech could do in.

From Spiderman level or less to highest. Superman would be a non-factor, as we got nothing on him.

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Are we talking about safely, as in, with no civilian casualties, are we talking with minimum necessary casualties in comparison to allowing a bloodlusted version of the character run loose, or just, this hero/villain is let loose inside a void, we've got every weapon humanity has ever invented to take them out, let's see what works?

Or some variation of one of those?

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I am talking about using whatever weapons are necessary that man has made to take out a blood lusted superhero or villain. Minimum casualties if possible, but if not, maximum damage, on Earth of course, where else?

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We could probably take out most Marvel Earthbound heroes. Most of DC's high profilers are outside our grasp.

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And that is why I prefer Marvel, DC's guys are just way over classed. It is a wonder they don't just solve their problems, instead of waiting for mess to happen and then fix it.