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can any one show me a pic of of pre-rectron beyonder and his data or power ???

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The best examples of Pre-retcon are Anti-Monitor(from Crisis on infinite Earths), Pre-retcon Beyonder(from the Secret Wars),Pre-retcon Molecule Man(from Secret Wars). The pre-retcon are version of those characters before they were depowered, because they were too powerful. For example Pre-retcon Molecule Man was as  strong as The Living Tribunal. And Pre-retcon Beyonder was as strong as One-Above-All .
 Maybe these unofficial power rankings will help you: 

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Pre Retcon in DC usually involves stuff thats before the Crisis On Infinite Earths
You have Pre Crisis Darkseid
Pre Crisis Wonder Woman
Pre Crisis Superboy
Pre Crisis Anti Monitor etc 


Often the Pre COIE DC character had displayed crazy levels of power such as Silver Age Superman out running Flash or 
Silver Age Superman Sneezing away planets
 DC had huge issues with the conitunity of its characters and back stories so it decided back in the mid 1980s to hit the reset button, wipe out their universe in one big Crisis
and start all over again
Its worked for some characters very well
 other characters did not do so well their continuity did not get much better
Retconning in Marvel is different and more random
One of the biggest retcons is Beyonder, he/she/it was basically the strongest being in Marvel before his deliberate retcon
 The Beyonder

Omnipotent Entity that initiated the original Secret Wars. Considered to be the most powerful superhero.

The Most Powerful Superhero

Originally a being from beyond our universe, the Beyonder proved to be possibly the most powerful being created in the Marvel Universe. He seemed to have immense telepathic and telekinetic powers, he could shape shift, teleport (although he seemed somewhat omnipresent). The Beyonder appeared to have knowledge of all things past and present. Early on he seemed nothing more than an observer but as time went on he did influence those around him more and more. He teleported numerous heroes and villains from Earth to participate in the Secret Wars. He created his own "Battleworld" from several Planets and a Denver Suburb. He offered the victor anything their heart desired. He originally referred to himself as "The One From Beyond", but was named "Beyonder" by Galactus. His power proved to be so great, even the Living Tribunal and Eternity admitted their inferiority to him. In an off-panel bout, Beyonder seemingly defeated Galactus with little effort.

Sadly his power became the end of him as marvel deconstructed his abilities and cast him as a hoax.

  PreRetcon Beyonder Powers

Multi Verse Power, Reality Warping 



Knows every fact, hears everything, can appear anywhere. Omnipitance 

Again here was another character that messed with continuity and was ridiculously powerful
So Marvel pretended the whole event was nothing but a dream
and Beyonder was nothing more than a very powerful 'Inhuman' ie the race of people who live on the Moon with Blackbolt 

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any one know the meaning of  omnitemporal entities ?

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It means you can live in every timeline and be in every time
examples might be Dr Who's Timelord or Waverider in DC comics

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Not to sound like ajerk. but wrong forum

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is there a pre Recton -one above all ???

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@thedarkgodzz: If I am not mistaken The One Above All is the God of the Marvel Multiverse. If I remember correctly there hasn't been a pre-retcon version of him, he was always the strongest being in the Marvel Multiverse.
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From wiki:
"Retroactive continuity (often shortened to retcon) is the deliberate changing of previously established facts in a work of serial fiction. Retconning may be carried out for a variety of reasons, such as to accommodate sequels or further derivative works in the same series, to reintroduce popular characters, to make a reboot of an old series more relevant to modern audiences, or to simplify an excessively complex continuity structure. "

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I wonder if there is a being in the marvel/dc universe thats main power is handing out Retcon's...