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round 1: movie Wesley Gibson vs Smallville Deadshot

round 2 comic versions (tell me if this round is spite)

fight takes place on the Avengers Helicarrier

start on opposite sides

infinite ammo

in character

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Wesley...both rounds.

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deadshots good but smallville version was a bit lame. comic version would fair better. but comic wesley ie. the killer. is someting eise he deflected a bullet back at the shooters throat with a knife. his superpower is described as 'the ability to end life' dude could probably kill wolverine (cue wolvverine fanboys!) anyway i vote wesley!

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Both are spite, Wesley sweeps.

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gibson wins here i mean this man is called the killer... in the comics and in the movie he did some insane stuff to never really seen or heard much of deadshot though

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oh, I haven't read all of WANTED I only saw the movie and read like half the comic, so I didn't know how good comic version was.

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Wesley stomps...even the movie version can shoot bullets out of the air...like wut?

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Wesley ftw