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Location: Umbrella HQ

1st round: Just incapacitate opponent.

2nd round: Blood Lusted Death.

Building hazards, weapons, and etc. are useable.

Which is the more Dominant force?

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Bummer, nobody cares about this fight.

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would of been quite a good matchup if wolverine wasnt in it, because he (despite being a big fan of resi) could solo those 3. it might take him a while and he might get thrashed around like crazy especially by the B.O.Ws, but he'd just outlast them quite easily, could decapitate any of them without fail and at any point. spiderman/venom would lose quite horribly, but wolverine would pick up the win for the team.

wesker/tyrant/nemesis vs spiderman/luke cage/quicksilver would of been better imo, although wesker would solo them, the 2 B.O.W would just be distractions :/

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In the Resident Evil universe, humans with no enhanced abilities (other then maybe peak human), were able to kill all three of the RE team with guns. I think the Marvel team should have no problem.

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The only problem here is wesker but venom could solo.

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Wolverine can’t die, Spider-man has super-human abilities and Venom is pretty dangerous as well. Nemesis has been killed from magnum bullets so I’m pretty sure if you cut him up enough he dies. Wesker may be super fast and what not but not nearly fast enough for Spidey’s reflexes or Spidey sense. Tyrant never was that impressive either.

Both Rounds go to the heroes