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i'd say werewolf by night. stronger, more agile. hes got it all.

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beastmanX says:

"i'd say werewolf by night. stronger, more agile. hes got it all."

Ya i would have to agree but it would be a good fight.

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Well, read Astounding Wolf-Man first, I mean the bio, just to be fair. He's full-fledged werewolf.

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Well i would still have to say wolf by night but like i said a close one.
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yeah it wolud be pretty close.

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but i still have to give it to werewolf by night.

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Fair enough.

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which name do you think is better

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Well, I honestly think it would be a tie, but if one had to win I'd say Werewolf by Night as well.

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The wolfie...no not that one....yeah that one....wins. You know, the one that's not a good guy? Oh #$%& this.......

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LMAO its simple to tell them apart. One had brown fur, the other has white.... one's drawn differently than the other...and actually, Wolf-Man is a good guy.

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Werewolf by Night.

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The one with brown fur wins.

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That'd be him alright.

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Werewolf by Night

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From respect threads.

Astounding Wolf Man


Wolf Man is the strongest Werewolf on the planet. He is naturally stronger than any other due to being Elder Brood, and was train to match the Elder himself in stats to take over the Werewolf packs. Forming what is now the Wolf Corps.

1) Wolf Man punches through a Block Work Concrete wall.

2) The Strength of the Elder smashed apart Pine Trees with ease. The Elder Strength and Speed was stated to be equal to Wolf Man at the end of their training together. Something Elder wanted because he needed Wolf Man to become the superior to Elder can finally died.

3) Strength of the Elder again shown, cratering the earth, not that it affects Wolf Man since he was train by Elder to match him.

4-5) These Goo prisons were design to trap even super human strength people. Wolf Man could not break out of it until Zecharia turn into mist form to keep from being crushed. Then Wolf Man powered out of it.

6) Wolf Man strength was enough to rip and crush steel!

7) Wolf Man snaps this Werewolfs neck with a punch showing his insane strength.


Wolf Man as the most power Werewolf is also faster than human reactions. Even standard Werewolves have stated and shown faster than human reactions. and Wolf Man is faster.

1) Wolf Man pounces a speeding car, then reacts fast enough to catch the driver, then shows that wolf agility.

2) Wolf Man disappears from a whole team of peak and meta humans.

3) Gray Wolf speed blitzes Wolf Man, Wolf Man easy reacts and counters.

4-5) Wolf Man holds back on Agent Hum\nter, a man with Low Meta Human Speed and Insane Healing Factor.


Wolf Man is insanely durable with the ability to feel no pain pretty much.

1-2) The first Scan shows how sharp Zehcariah's blades are, they can cut through steel. Yet Wolf Man's muscle and bone stops the blades dead, even when they are wielded by super strength vampire.

3-4) Stab to the heart, a attack that drops Wolverine, means nothing to Wolf Man.

5) Wolf Man body tanks a full blast of steel melting heat with no injury.

6-7) Wolf Man can drop 100s of stories with no damage.

8-9) Wolf Man again falls 100s of stories on his back with no damage.

10-12) Wolf Man has a huge hole in his body, lungs, heart, guts, and yet he is taught how to keep fighting in this state.

13) Wolf Man tanks a punch from Invincible with no probs.

14) Wolf Man tanks explosive force of missiles while smashing through the walls.

15) Silver Bullets to the head? Big Deal!


Wolf Man has a incredible Healing power with his Transformations. Any Damage he is dealt can be undone with a transformation to human and back, however he needs breathing room for this as the transformation can make him feel weaker for the first few seconds, as well makes him vulnerable in human form. With some distance place he can easily heal all damage and get back into the fight.

1) Transform in a fight to get back in top form.

2-3) After all this damage and with a silver bullet in his arm, he heals it all with transformation.

4-6) After his first mauling from the Elder, he repairs all damage with his first transformation.

Leaping and Climbing

Wolf Man is actually a exceptional climber and leaper.

1) Easily Climbs up a Tree in split seconds.

2) Leaps onto Trains.

3) Leaps onto a speeding truck.

4) Leaps over forest.

5) Climbs solid Concrete.

6) Leaps and climbs through cityscape.


What self respecting werewolf does not use its main weapons? Wolf Mans claws have slice through Concrete and Steel with ease. Its a weapon he uses alot against super human foes.

1) Wolf Man slices and dices Invincible level beings called Reinmen. These Reinmen are made of the strongest metals on earth to battle Invincible.

2) Nearly slices the Elders head off.

3) Cuts Hunter in half.

4) Stabs through Sgt. Superior who has Meta Human Stats.

5) Cuts Zechariah's head off.


Wolf Man vs Spore. Spore was handling the entire Actioneer team until Wolf Man showed up.

Wolf Man takes out Thrill Kill and then manhandles Werewolves.

Wolf Man takes out Eruptor with ease.

Wolf Man vs Construct. Construct is a genius chick with Iron Man tech like suits and gear. Wolf Man dispatches her easy when she dispatch Kid Thor and Red Devil.

Wolf Man vs Agent Hunter. Agent Hunter pumps Wolf Man full of Silver, then throw Wolf Man off with his Meta Human Speed and Healing.

Wolf Man sparring with Elder. After months of training, Elder confirms Wolf Man is at his level now.

Wolf Man vs Hunter in human form. After intense training with the Elder, Gary manages to blitz the meta human Hunter who has above peak human stats with his skills.

These are scans of Zecharaih. It is important to know just how good of a enemy he is.1-2) Zecariah has Amazing Healing Ability. 3) Super Strength. 4) Is a highly train fighter. 5) Can dodge the Computer targeting of Mecha Maid with no probs.

Wolf Man vs Zechariah. Wolf Man skill and stats over power the master Vampire.

Right after his battle with Zechariah he fights his daughter Chloe who has been training with Zechariah, as well drinking his blood for added stat boost, takes on Wolf Man who totally holds back. He seems to pass out to repair his damage, only to snap back in wolf form after a few seconds.

Wolf Man vs the Old God Gorgg. Wolf Man is given Gauntlets to keep his hands from breaking, and a Jet Pack from Mecha Maid to battle.

Wolf Man's rematch with a improved and prepped Zechariah. Zechariah could barely escape.

Wolf Man vs a army of Werewolves.

Wolf Man's final big fight with Zechariah and then the brutal battle with the Elder as top alpha dog of the wolf packs.



WBN by Bio puts his strength around 2 tons max. He has insane Blunt Force Durability, a Healing Factor, and Peak Human Speed.


WBN is stronger than most peak humans early on, he gains a major strength boost during the full moon however. In his more current versions he had a strength increase.

1) WBN rips a Piranha mans arm off like nothing.

2) Smashes through Concrete and Steel Door.

3) Dents and eventually breaks through Steel Door.


The Durability is WBN is very high to blunt damage. Taking hits from Dracula, Ghost Rider, and Hulk with no effect.

1-2) Tanks over 100 meter fall head first onto rocks. Right back up.

3-4) Tanks Glitternight's blast that shatter multi ton boulders like nothing.

5-6) Endurance to cross the currents and stormy seas to reach a Island a couple miles away with energy to spare.

7) Bounces back from Grey Hulks hits like nothing.


WBN as a werewolf has very excellent super natural healing, Silver Weapons being one of the few things that cancel it.

1) Easy heals and shrugs off The Hoods .45 Caliber Handguns.

2-3) Shrugs off and heals over a Cops .380.

4) Hunting Rifles design to kill Bears and Elk mean nothing to WBN.

5-6) WBN gets a major slice wound, and after a very brief battle of 2 panels (lasting less than 30 seconds probaly) he is fully healed.

7) More healing over gunshots.

8-9) WBN is infected by the Marvel Zombie Virus. He remains healed in his WBN form!


As a Werewolf, he has super senses.

1) Tracks Morbius across New York City.

2) Tracks Spider Man across New York City.


It is important to note there is 2 skills sets for WBN. One is the earlier Savage WBN. The other is the Jack Russle in control WBN. Kinda how Hulk has Savage and Grey Hulk mind sets.

Savage WBN vs Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a major power house and one of WBN earliest major battles.

Savage WBN easily takes on a Shark in its own element.

Savage WBN vs a trained Grizzly armed with Silver Claws.

Both Battles with Dracula. In the first fight, Dracula is feeling weak from lack of feeding and WBN is in savage mindset. Dracula ultimately retreats. The second battle was a well fed Dracula fighting a Jack Russle controled WBN. WBN pushed a fed Dracula to the limits.

Savage WBN has 2 near even matches with Blaze Ghost Rider.

A epic classic Battle up there with Dracula and the first appearance of Moon Knight. Moon Knight armed with a host of Silver Weapons as well his skill and peak human stats barely could bring a savage WBN down.

WBN with Jack in control now fights Iron Man. He did very well.

Jack controlled WBN easily takes out Classic Sabertooth.

Savage WBN vs Savage Hulk. WBN wins by choking Hulk out. This is when Hulk still needed to breath air.

Savage WBN vs Grey Hulk. All Hulk can do is bfr WBN both fights.

A full moon powered and Savage WBN vs Moon Knight. WBN in this gets shot with Silver Bullets and still nearly takes out Moon Knight in this epic battle.

WBN takes on Soul Stealing Sattanish demons, he claims not to have a soul in this as well.

A Savage WBN blitzes and nearly takes out Morbius till Miss Bloodstone interferes. Even then Morbius struggles with him.

Astounding Wolf Man is by far Superior.

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Gary wins. Were Wolf By Night never really impressed me.

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I have a hunch that @cadencev2 would have a pretty good opinion on this match up.