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Special thanks to @higorm, @k4tzm4n, and all the others who have helped inspire this thread idea.

The Story:

It is the year 2057. Growing income disparity and the machinations of a wealthy and powerful elite have destroyed the middle class and stratified living conditions to a greater extent than ever before. 97% of the U.S. population lives below the inflation adjusted poverty line. There are now two Americas, the lavish and decadent communities known as havens…and the vast American wasteland outside their walls. The American government that we know fell in 2032, making way for a corrupt and brutal oligarchy who built their empire of havens on the backs of the working class.

The oligarchy cares little for what happens outside the walls of their havens, and crime has erupted into a pandemic as the masses try to eke out a living in squalid conditions, with little to no resources. Local warlords spring up across the cities and small towns. Some are generous rulers, attempting to provide basic services to their people, but most are brutal maniacs drunk on power. Whether benevolent or cruel, all are subject to the oligarchy who send their tax collectors to keep the people under their thumb and funnel what little wealth they have away from the poor. Everyone must pay their taxes, or be claimed into indentured servitude until their debt has been recompensed..

Locked away in their precious havens the wealthy and elite become bored and restless with their lavish lifestyles. They miss the days of old, the thrill of competition, and so they use technological advances to create an entertainment event to occupy their idle minds. They sought to create the ultimate hunting experience. Slaves were conscripted from the collectors and provided clothing, food, shelter, and a small wage to send back to their families in return for their participation in the event. They are housed in comfortable cells when they are not taking part in the hunt. Using technology the slaves’ consciousness is projected into an avatar that becomes the ultimate prey for rich hunters seeking glory. These avatars can have different skills and abilities to test the hunter’s prowess. The hunters themselves also create their own ideal avatar from the templates given in order to give them a chance against their dangerous play. Work as a prey avatar is not easy. It is a physically demanding and draining experience, and the slave feels the pain of the avatar as real as if it were his own. The physical strain of dying in the simulation leaves slaves with weeks of recovery.

The Rules:

This will be the master thread for all Hunter/Prey matches. It is going to be a weekly, or bi-weekly contest. You can sign up to compete in this thread and this tread only. Everyone who expresses interest will be added to the master list. On Monday of each week I will randomly select a hunter and a prey from the master list. I will immediately PM them to let them know they have been chosen. They will then select the physical template, skill template, and gear template for their respective avatars and PM them to me by Wednesday. If selected individuals fail to respond in time I will open it up to emergency selection and the first person to volunteer will be given the slot. On Wednesday I will post the battle thread for that week with the setting, the combatants, and all other pertinent information. The thread will remain open for debate and voting until Saturday when the combatant with the most votes will win. Please make sure to vote for who has the best argument and you think should win, not who you like more or some other superficial reasoning. In order to keep this from being an outright popularity contest I reserve the right to veto voting results if I have good reason to believe the outcome is completely unjust. Combatants may appeal my veto if they believe it is unfair and the case will be brought before a panel of veteran Viner’s whose decision will be final.

Once a victor has been declared the results will be added to a running total. Hunters gain trophies for killing their prey, while prey have a survival rate based on thir wins and losses. Both will have respective Halls of Fame for Viners who are the best of the best based on their trophies/survival rate. This Hall of Fame will be either in this thread or eventually possibly get its own thread. It will give us a chance to celebrate and commend those who do exceptionally well.

In this thread I am omnipotent, I have all the power. Whatever I say goes. If there are any questions feel free to bring them before me and I will resolve them and make any necessary adjustments. If you have any suggestions on things I should add or delete from the list PM me and I will take them into consideration.

Basic Battle Rules:

- Neither hunter nor prey know anything about their opponent, or the setting prior to the match.

- The prey will be dropped off an hour before the hunter. They have that hour to scout out the environment and familiarize themselves.

- The prey knows where the hunter will appear, and a warning siren will go off 60 seconds before the hunter appears.

- To win the prey must survive 48 hours or kill the hunter. The hunter must kill his prey to win.

-Another siren will let the prey know when they are an hour from victory.

- Ammo/Arrows/Throwing weapons are unlimited but must be reloaded.

- Time passes like normal, with night and day phases.

-All matches begin at Noon and weather is partly cloudy and 65 degrees F unless stated otherwise in the battle thread.

- You do not need Force aptitude to wield a light saber for the purposes of these threads.

- Combatants cannot leave the battlefield or they are disintegrated and disqualified.


Character Building:

You have 30 points total to create your combatant whether Hunter or Prey. Body is the only required category, all other are optional. You may only choose one body, all other options you can choose multiple of. If any items augment physical characteristics they cannot augment them past 616 Spider-Man levels. For purposes of this thread light sabers cannot cut through adamantium, vibranium, magically enchanted items, other energy weapons, or anything a light saber normally cannot cut through.

Body Templates:

Physical Appearance and Attributes (Strength, Durability, Agility, Stamina, etc) Does not include senses or mental abilities.


Batman (7)

Legolas (6)

Cassandra Cain (6)

Riddick (6)

Snake-Eyes (6)

Daredevil (6)

Storm Shadow (5)

Punisher (4)

Jason Todd (4)

Marc Spector (4)

Bane (No Venom) (4)

Snake-Eyes "movie" (4)

Oliver Queen (3)

Clint Barton (3)

Roy Harper (3)

Solid Snake (3)

David Cain (3)

Tim Drake (3)

Elektra (3)

Echo (3)

Agent Helix (3)

Roadblock "Retaliation" (2)

Black Widow (2)

Scarlett (2)

Catwoman (2)

Oliver Queen "Arrow" (2)

John Rambo (2)

John Matrix (2)

Batman "TDK" (2)

Bane "TDKR" (2)

Hawkeye "MCU" (2)

Stephanie Brown (1)

John McClane (1)

Nick Fury "MCU" (1)




616 Peter Parker (17)

Arana (16)

Mayday Parker (15)

Vladmir Kravinoff (13)

Ultimate Captain America (13)


Zealot (12)

Albert Wesker (12)

Master Chief (12)

Wolverine (12)

Sergei Kravinoff (12)

Daken (11)

Deathstroke (11)

Norman Osborn (11)

Elite Predator “Smiley” (10)

616 Steve Rogers (10)

Jean Paul Valley (9)

T’Challa (9)

Blade (9)

Bane w/ Venom (8)

Cassandra Cain (8)

Ana Kravinoff (8)

Gambit (8)

Vamp (7)

Legolas (6)

Khan "Into Darness" (6)

Captain America "MCU" (5)

Ozymandias "movie" (5)

Bucky Barnes (5)

Lady Shiva (4)

Riddick (4)

Storm Shadow "movie" (4)

Cheshire (3)

Katana (3)

Elektra (3)

Ethan Hunt (2)

Lee Christmas (2)

Hale Caesar (2)

John Diggle "Arrow" (1)

Damian Wayne (1)

Misty Knight (1)

Barbara Gordon "pre-injury" (1)



Omega Red's Death Spores (18)

Wesley Gibson’s Accuracy/Projectile Curving (12)

Silver Samurai's Powers (10)

Black Canary’s Canary Cry (8)

Agent Helix’s Powerset (5)

Poison Ivy's Immunity to Toxins (4)

Taskmaster’s Photographic Reflexes (4)

Cyclops' Spatial Awareness (3)

Sergei Kravinoff’s Senses (3)

Sabretooth’s Vision (1)

Drizzt Do’Urden’s Globes of Darkness (1)


Wolverine’s Bone claws(and skill to use them) and Healing Factor (14)

Silver Samurai’s Powers (12)

Gambit’s Kinetic Charging (7)

Master Level Water bending, no bloodbending “Katara, Hama, Pakku, etc” (6)

Daredevil’s Enhanced Senses (5)

Shadowcat’s Phasing 4)

Carmilla Black’s Powers (4)

Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense (4)

Spider-Man’s Wall Crawling (3)

Mr. X’s limited TP (3)

Kaine’s Durability (3)

Legolas’ Enhanced Senses (2)

Skill Sets:

Include not just physical skills, but intellectual and cognitive skills as well.


Death stroke (8)

Bullseye (7)

Punisher (7)

Deadshot (7)

Connor Hawke (6)

Grifter (6)

Bucky Barnes (6)

Solid Snake (6)

Legolas (5)

Tauriel (4)

Green Arrow (4)

Hawkeye (4)

Arsenal (4)

Jason Todd (4)

David Cain (4)

Deadpool (4)

Boba Fett (3)

Agent Zero (3)

Elite Predator “Smiley” (3)

Snake-Eyes “Movie” (3)

Storm Shadow “Movie” (3)

Riddick (2)

Judge Dredd (2)

Punisher “2004+War Zone” (2)

Nick Fury (2)

Revolver Ocelot (2)

Black Widow (2)

Hawkeye “MCU” (2)

Oliver Queen “Arrow” (2)

Malcolm Merlyn “Arrow” (2)

Bob Lee Swagger (2)

Deadshot “Arrow” (2)

Judge Dredd “movie” (1)

Cable (1)

Catman (1)

Wolverine “movie” (1)

Rama “Raid” (1)

Mad Dog “Raid” (1)

Big Daddy “movie“(1)

Dutch “Predator” (1)

James Bond (1)

Ethan Hunt (1)

John Reese "Person of Interest" (1)

Sam Shaw "Person of Interest" (1)

Cheshire (1)

Huntress (1)

Vachir “Yu Yan Archer” (1)

Comedian (1)

Han Solo ( 1)

Katniss Everdeen (1)

Brian Mills “Taken” (1)

John McClane (1)


Danny Rand (8)

Batman (8)

T’Challa (8)

Lady Shiva (7)

Cassandra Cain (7)

Snake-Eyes (7)

Storm Shadow (6)

Drizzt Do’Urden (6)

Wolverine (6)

Daken (5)

Bronze Tiger (5)

Richard Dragon (5)

Daredevil (5)

Raizo “Ninja Assassin” (4)

Sergei Kravinoff (4)

Dick Grayson (4)

Captain America “MCU” (3)

Punisher (3)

Solid Snake (3)

Shredder (3)


Azrael (3)


Ozymandias “movie” (3)

Leonardo (2)

Ezio Auditore (2)

Wildcat (1)

Ras Al Ghul (1)

Tim Drake (1)

Silver Samurai (1)

Gambit (1)

Sabertooth (1)

Amon (1)

Zuko (1)

Jet (1)

Raphael (1)

Hit Girl (1)

Ozymandias (1)

Prince Nuada “HB2:GA” (1)

Hit Girl “movie“(1)

Rorschach (1)

Rorschach “movie” (1)

Bane “movie” (1)

Batman “TDK” (1)

Ty Lee (1)

Aragron (1)

Jason Bourne (1)

John Rambo (1)

Black Widow “MCU” (1)

Black Canary “Arrow” (1)

John Matrix (1)


All made out of standard materials. nothing with special properties that could not be created IRL.

You need only buy the Gun Mod once and you can modify all of your weapons as much as you want with standard mods.

With grenades you get 5 grenades per purchase using 1 point. You can mix and match the grenade type among those given.


Any non-sniper rifle (1)

Any shotgun (1)

Any pistol x2 (1)

Any sniper rifle (2)

Hunting knife (1)

Machete (1)

Bouncing betty (1)

Bear Trap x5 (1)

Crossbow (1)

Riot Shield (1)

Any standard sword (1)

Any Bow/Arrows (1)

Any Throwing weapon (1)

Any Gun Mods "Ex. Laser Sight, Extended Mag, Silencer, etc" (1)

Any Grenade x5 "Frag, EMP, Flashbang,Smoke, Nova Gas, etc" (1)

Standard Kevlar Body Armor (1)


Hidden Blade “Assassins Creed” (1)

Gauntlets “Shredder” (1)

Escrima Sticks “Nightwing” (1)

Bo Staff “Gambit” (1)

Billy Clubs “Daredevil”(1)

Dual Dao Blades “Zuko” (1)

Hook Swords “Jet” (1)

Katana “Leonardo”(1)

Nun-chuks “Michaelangelo”(1)

Bullwhip “Catwoman” (1)

Shurikens “Storm Shadow” (1)

Chain Whip “Ninja Assassin”(1)

Kukri (1)

Brass Knuckles (1)

Fully Sealed breathing Filtration Mask (1)

Standard Kevlar Body Armor (1)

Any grenade x5 (1)




Video Game Valu-Meal I - Crysis Nanosuit, Grappling Beam, and the ability to generate and throw fireballs. (17)

Sinister Six-pack - Pumpkin Bombs, Razor Bats, Traditional Scorpion Suit, Doctor Octopus’ Arms, Rhino’s Durability, Mysterio’s smokescreen cloak. (14)

Halo Again - Mark IV Mjolnir Armor, Standard Battle Rifle, M6C Handgun (14)

Boba's Boom-box - Boba Fett's full standard armor/helmet/jetpack (10)

First Person Shooter - Lancer Assault Rifle, Energy Sword, Juggernaut Suit (8)

Thorin Son of Thrain - Dwarven smiths enchant 1 piece of your gear to be indestructible. CANNOT be your entire suit. (6)

Ecthelion's Ghost- Elven craftsmen enchant 1 of your blades to pierce anything. "Does not apply to adamantium, vibranium, or other similarly "indestructible" materials". (6)

Advanced Optics Contacts - Grant Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, 10x zoom, target acquisition, and motion detection (6)

Bucky’s Broom Closet - Bucky’s Cybernetic Arm, Captain America’s Shield, AK-47, SHIELD Special Handgun (Gun Mods: Silencer & 1 magazine of Explosive rounds). (6)

Heal this. - 1 Clip of 26 Carbonadium bullets and Muramasa blade (6)

Moon Knight's Mantle - Custom Carbonadium Armor, Crescent Darts, Adamantium Bo staff (6)

Spidey’s Suitcase - Webshooters x2, Spider-Tracers, Unlimited Web fluid (5)

Arkham Additives - Mr. Freeze's Freeze Gun, Scarecrow Gas Grenades, Acid Flower, and Joker Venom Grenades (5)

Star Wars Storage Unit - Custom Stormtrooper Helmet/Armor, Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster, Chewie’s Bowcaster (5)

Storm Shadow’s Sock Drawer - Onihashi Blade, Compound bow/arrows, shurikens, smoke pellets, vial of blue-ringed octopus toxin. (4)

Snake-Eyes’ Safe - Onihashi Blade, Uzi, Frag Grenades/Flash-bangs, throwing knives, kabar, Timber “wolf” (4)

SHIELD’s Shoebox - Night Night Pistol, Night Night Rifle, Agent Ward’s Skill Set (4)

Hawkeye’s Hotel Room - Hawkeye’s Bow/ Unlimited Trick Arrows (4)

Green Arrow’s Goodies - Green Arrow’s Bow/Unlimited Trick Arrows (4)

Legolas’ Locker - Galadhrim Bow/Unlimited Elven Arrows, Elven long knives x2, Elven Cloak (3)

Punisher’s Playpen - M-4 w/ grenade launcher, Custom Colt 1911 x2, Claymores, Butterfly Knives (3)

Catman’s Closet - Metal Claw Gauntlets, Catarangs, Utility Belt, Rasputin “Tiger” (1)


Video Game Valu-Meal II - Hylian Shield, Blades of Chaos, Fallout 3 Power Armor (17)

Arkham Additives 2.0 - Scarebeast's ability to emit fear toxin from his body, Poison Ivy's Control of plants, Killer Croc's durability (15)

Wraith’s Rucksack - Wraith Suit “G.I.Joe” (12)

Black Panther’s Backpack - Custom Vibranium Suit, Anti-Metal Claws, Energy Daggers (10)

Deathstroke’s Drawers - Prometheum Sword, Armor, Explosive Disks (10)

JedI Gym Bag - Lightsaber, Rebreather, JedI tunic/cloak (8)

Kraven’s Kandy Store - Adamantium Spear, Vibranium Hunting Knife, Vibranium weave nets and bolas, blowguns/darts, various herbs and poisons. (7)

Knives in a gunfight - Warpath’s Vibranium Knives x2, Ebony Blade (8)

Predator’s Pockets - Custom Predator Helmet, Wrist Blades, Cloaking Device (7)

Frodo’s Footlocker - Sting, Custom Mithril Shirt, the One ring. “Ring grants complete invisibility, but also creates excruciating pain in the wearer. Wearer will pass out from pain after 7 seconds for normal humans, 10 seconds for enhanced humans, 12 seconds for superhumans.” (6)

Amon’s Armoire - Electrified Gauntlets x2, Electrified Kali Sticks x2, Electrified Bolas (5)

Super Ninja - All movement “footsteps, rustling clothing, breathing, etc” is silent (5)

Batman’s Belt Rack - Custom Batman Suit, Grapnel Gun, Batarangs, Utility Belt, and everything found within. (5)

Cold-blooded - Invisible to thermal imaging and immune to heat and fire/heat based damage. (3)

Dark Knight's Dresser - TDK Batman Suit, Explosive Gun, Batarangs (2)

Participation List :




ThexX ?




Cadence V2




Trophy Room

Fetts - 1

Survival Board

Esquire - 0/1 (.000)

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I know it's a lot of reading but come on guys...it's not that hard :P

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Instead of limiting the options even though they are plentiful you should have both prey and hunter choose on a classtype and let them pick there own people.

Street Level (Ex: Batman)

Street Level+ (Ex: Spiderman)

Medium Tier (Ex: Alex Mercer)

Medium Tier+ (Ex: Iron Man)

High Tier (Ex: Superman)

High Tier+ (Ex: H/P Doomsday)

I'd limit it there as anything above High Tier+ usually ends up being a stomp for one side.

Edit: Looking this over, Your idea is much better.

#4 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

High Street Level is really the upper limit of what I wanted this thread to be.

If someone wants to cover higher level characters with their own that is fine.

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@lunacyde: defiantly interested sign me up need some time to resurch though

#7 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome, btw I plan on cleaning up the format when I can get on an actual computer.

#8 Posted by Cjdavis103 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio

@lunacyde: Can I enter multiple builds ( one hunter, one prey) or just one

#9 Edited by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

The way it works is that once a week I randomly draw two names from the list. One is assigned randomly as a hunter and one is assigned as prey. So you can keep your builds for both, but you can only enter whichever one you end up being drawn for. Eventually you may end up drawn for both who knows.

#10 Posted by Cjdavis103 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio
#11 Posted by Wyldsong (5167 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks good, and if it is still going on after January 8th (the test I have been furiously studying for), I'll play along=)

#12 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@wyldsong: I'll add you after. If everything goes as I believe it will this should become a weekly staple for months to come.

#13 Posted by Cjdavis103 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio

@lunacyde: After doing some looking around I have noticed that this is skewed in favor of the prey do you mind adding some more options for the hunters ?

#14 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

Ill certainly look into it although to a certain degree I wanted to give the prey an edge in certain areas.

#15 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

Although there is still a good deal of balancing to do with the templates I encourage anyone interested in this concept to sign upo, I am currently working on the kinks.

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@lunacyde: Nicely done, hope more people dig the idea. Please sign me in..

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@lunacyde: With gear can we put attachments on guns (ex. Silencers, Sights, & Etc.)

Also in gear I think you should add different types of grenades (ex. Frag, Smoke, EMP, Flash-Bang, & etc.)

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@lunacyde: I assume for the Halo suit it comes with a "it will not kill you" bonus feature? any normal human in it would be killed outer wise

#19 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@lunacyde: I assume for the Halo suit it comes with a "it will not kill you" bonus feature? any normal human in it would be killed outer wise

Obviously. I am well aware that it requires a great deal of surgical modification, training, etc to wear Spartan Armor. For the purpose of the thread you are to assume everyone can wear it without adverse effects.

Note: This is the Mark IV armor which is the first prototype actually used in combat. It lacks many of the features of later models including shielding.

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@lunacyde: Is there a default location or does it change for each match?

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@thexx said:

@lunacyde: With gear can we put attachments on guns (ex. Silencers, Sights, & Etc.)

Also in gear I think you should add different types of grenades (ex. Frag, Smoke, EMP, Flash-Bang, & etc.)

Duly noted.

Sorry, to better answer your question....I just added a gun Mod option for 1 point. For that one point you can then modify your guns with any of the standard modifications (Ex. Laser Sights, better scope, Extended mags, suppressors, any kind of paint job you wish, etc.)

For the grenades I made it so that you can get 5 grenades whatever type you want for 1 point. For more grenades you will have to spend another point and so on. Feel free to mix and match though.

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@cjdavis103: Locations will always be different every week. The location will not be posted until both competitors have sent me their finalized combatants.

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@lunacyde: One Last thing the Bucky’s Broom closet - (Bucky’s Cybernetic Arm, Captain America’s Shield, AK-47, Tokarev Pistol 6.) Should be this instead (Bucky’s Cybernetic Arm, Captain America’s Shield, SHIELD Special Handgun Gun Mods: Silencer & 1 magazine of Explosive rounds).

#25 Posted by Cjdavis103 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio


Just a suggestion but I would recommend a no blitz rule for the prey they know where the hunter is going to be so in theory they could stand inches from where the hunter will be and stab as the hunter teleports in

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@lunacyde: It's been too long since someone has done a scenario-type thread. Put me on the list, please!

#27 Edited by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@cjdavis103: absolutely, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you very much.

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Due to low turnout so far I am going to participate in the first debate against you and hopefully we can raise some more interest for upcoming weeks. Instead of pming me your character as normally would be done PM it to HigorM instead, that way I cannot possibly have an advantage. Also you may pick whether you want to be hunter or prey.

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@lunacyde: Alight lets get this show on the road then!

#30 Edited by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@cjdavis103: I will post the battle thread tomorrow morning.

Did you want hunter or prey?

#31 Posted by Cjdavis103 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio
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@lunacyde: This is awesome and you're awesome for making it. Sign me up.

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Battle of the week is posted!

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@lunacyde I'd totally be interested in this!

Also, I have a question. In "Boba's Box", would the armor include the gauntlets?

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Awesome fellas. I will add you all to the list and post it in the OP. I have a few tweaks to make to the OP, so any questions or suggestions are welcome, just like Fetts'. i am going to try and tweak it all as we go to be more specific and balanced.

The two competitors for next weeks battle will be drawn tomorrow.

Please participate by reading this weeks match and voting here. You will find a hyperlink to the actual debate in this thread. Please read the debate before voting.


To answer your question Fetts, yes the gauntlets would be included., unless I am missing something that makes them too good? Upon further review though I am thinking I am going to have to up the points for that choice. Also, I think I will add Boba as a skill set as well.

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@lunacyde: I have an idea maybe add a hunting partner section for the hunters?

#41 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@lunacyde: I have an idea maybe add a hunting partner section for the hunters?

I'm all ears, PM me about it. We'll work out details or see if it's a feasible idea. Even if it's not a regular weekly thing we can have special themed weeks where we implement it. I want to personally thank you for a fun and challenging debate and let you know even though I won the votes it was just a practice match and won't effect your standings. I hope to see you debate some other guys in the future.

Now for the results of the random drawing for this weeks combatants!...

Hunter - @fetts

Prey - @esquire

You have from now until 11:59 AM Wednesday morning to PM me your finalized character. If you are too busy to participate this week please pm me and let me know ASAP.

I will be making minor adjustments to the point system and options available later tonight after my soccer game so keep your eyes peeled for the changes.

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Sign me in please, this is great!

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Sorry I let this go guys, don't worry I am not letting this just go by the wayside! been busy and too tired to take care of all of this with starting a new job and all, but we will have another match this upcoming week, until then try and decipher my clue to the special theme of next week's match-up.

Next week is going to have a special theme. The clue for next weeks theme is Orion, Pollux and Castor

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Here it is! Finally a new week for an exciting new match-up, and a new theme for this weeks battle.

The clue Orion, Pollux and Castor obviously relates to stars/constellations. Orion is the hunter. Pollux and Castor are the two main stars that make up the constellation Gemini (the twins). Therefore this week there are going to be TWO hunters. The catch is that the two hunters' body OR skill templates must be two characters that correspond in some intimate and meaningful way. They could be best friends, siblings, parent/children, lovers, etc. Examples could be Batman and Nightwing, Wolverine and X-23, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, Bucky and Black Widow, David and Cassandra Cain, so on and so forth.

To make up for having to face two hunters the prey will get an additional 10 points to spend on their character. Spend wisely, you never know what combination the enemy will use, or what environment you will be facing. Hunters you will want to PM each other and coordinate your character builds.

This weeks contestants are.......






Let me know ASAP if any of you aren't available this week. If not start your builds and PM them to me by wednesday.

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@lunacyde: Dark is out i am going to need a new teammate

#47 Posted by Lunacyde (17966 posts) - - Show Bio

@cjdavis103: already on it. Pierpat was the next name drawn. You can let him know, I can't tag from my phone.

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@lunacyde Dude what happened to this? This was pretty dang cool!