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There are multiple versions or rounds to this fight. Warrior's Madness Thor without anything extra (including Mjolnir)/ with Mjolnir/ with belt of strength/ with the best suit of Asgardian armor that is below the Destroyer possible (the one he wore when Hela cursed him with true immortality and brittle bones, possibly?) vs Worldbreaker Hulk without anything extra/ with Banner tech armor/ with the sword he wielded as the Green Scar. Who wins, and does the change in equipment alter the outcome?

Note: This is in some quantum time loop that rebuilds the planet almost instantly between destruction and if BFRd slingshots an opponent back to the planet.

Also note, this fight has not been done before.

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Hulk smacks him with his own hammer again

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Omg... I can't imagine WBH with a power gem... That would be the most ridiculous moment on Marvel history... Anyway, WBH stomps him with his own Hammer, he has already proven he's worthy so... If not... Stomps him anyway.

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Hulk this time

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Hulk takes it.

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@bwanasimba: No worries, i got it from the first look, i was just thinking outloud about how would it be if WBH is given a Power Gem... Its like giving him a RL ring lol... Its pretty clear in the OP. *high five*

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Hulk winning a fight is this real life 0.o

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Thor slaughters, the combination of Mjolnir, Warrior Madness and the Strength Belt is pure brutality.

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@takuu said:

Hulk winning a fight is this real life 0.o

I know right? Im going to buy beer and a green cake to celebrate the first of hundred wins in the vine...

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Thor without WM or the belt could win...

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If I'm understanding the thread parameters correctly, unarmed Worldbreaker Hulk gets the nod from me against unarmed Warrior Madness Thor until I'm swayed.

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