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Defenders #1

classic warpath before downgrade he can fly and he has vibranium knifes

current namor no no phoenix powers he has been out of water for an hour

each have 1 hour prep fight takes place on a soccer stadium

Generation Hope # 15


classic warpath no knifes

current namor 50 percent power

fight takes place busy streets of New York lots of cars

no prep both bloodlusted

no flight for both


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Gotta go with Namor round 1, putting Namor at 50% for round 2, not sure how that would work out for him, not so great probably.

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Namor both rounds.

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@jeanroygrant said:

Namor both rounds.


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Anyone else?

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Warpath hasn't done anything that puts him on Namor's level. He is neither stronger nor faster than Namor, either. 

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I'm pretty sure Namor would rip James a new one no matter what the circumstances are.

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Namor one-shots both rounds.

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Warpath is out of his league here.

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This is spite in favor of Namor