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Who would win you guess ?

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It could go either way.

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I really really wanna say wargreymon but i have a feeling that some one is gonna be like green lantern stops super novas or something like that....

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Wargreymon? From Digimon? Kool.

Could you tell me what this character has accomplished?

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Feats for Wargreymon?

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(black)Wargreymon was my favorite digimon, but he is a mountain buster at best(as I know) with a decent speed, but not a speedster. The lantern can defend against his attacks. Though I didn't see an attack from GL that would one shot him.

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@MUFC_92:Which War Greymon is this?

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... I fail to understand how literally EVERY other media and fan with a decent artistic streak can create a better looking and more realistic interpretation of the traditional Green Lantern costume than the actual Green Lantern movie had.