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Darklord vs Datrini1331

Round 1:


This battle takes place in a city desert and is not limited to out the outside but the inside(Closest pyramid) also which includes things such as; explosives enough to blow up city, 3 technological shields as durable as adamantium but only last 1 minute, and 2 teleporters that can only be used twice within battle.

These weapons can only be aquired during the battle so it cannot be taken up within prep time.


  • Only canon feats allowed
  • No BFR
  • Win by Death, KO, or Incaptitation
  • Both teams bloodlusted
  • Standard Equipment
  • Both teams get 1 hour prep and has basic knowledge of each other. So there's no knowing their enemies weakness automatically unless ofcourse they actually do know their enemies weakness.
  • No throwing insults at eachother and fighting over petty things. If there's a problem Wardemon and Oceanmaster would come and try to regulate anything.
  • Starts off 500 meters apart
  • No Hax Items such as HOTU, IG, Worlogog, etc....
  • If someone doesn't reply within 3 days they forefit and voting starts

Team @thedarklordpandamonium

  • Magus of the technarchy
  • Aptom
  • Crusader Skrull
  • Shaman Nate
  • Kid Zoom


Team @dratini1331

  • Gideon Jura, Post-Zendikar
  • Jace Beleren, as Guildpact
  • Liliana Vess, with Veil
  • Venser, Mirrodin Block
  • Teferi
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This should be good

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btw, the fifth member of my team isn't 'kthxbai'. That was me ending my post. It's Kid Amazo.


Anyhow as for prep:

Character Info:

Nate Gray, or 'X-Man': The most powerful of the marvel telepaths and the paradoxical clone of Cable, he has psionic power greater than that of Dark Phoenix and is a cosmic level telepath.

Abilities - Telepathy

- Telekinesis

- Psychometry

- Precognition

- Cross-dimensional travel

Tap into the enormous psychic resources of the astral plane in order to manipulate matter and energy, manifesting hard-psi to:

- levitate and direct physical objects

- fire mental force bolts

- cause violent explosive reactions in matter

- fly through the air

- shield himself and others from attack

- increase the physical power of his blows

- flow his molecules through another solid object to become intangible

and soft-psi to:

- scan for brain wave patterns

- project and manipulate thoughts

- intuitively translate new languages

- forge psi-links to travel in astral form

- generate realistic illusions out of psi-plasm

- establish mental defenses against new psionic attacks

- give substance to astral energy to solidify psychic forms or forge protective psi-armor


Shaman Nate Grey:

Powers and Feats:

*Can Fly (X-Man #63)

*"Telekinetically moved some of the chemicals in your brain around, shut down a few secretors." (X-Man #63)

*Can "see power signatures" ("Don't try to talk. My name's Nate Grey. I saw the power flow from whatever killed your friend in the elevator. If you could see things as I do... well, to me, it lit up half of Manhattan.") (X-Man #63)

*A powerful telekine, with 67 previous kills, attacks him with a full out attack, and Nate takes no damage, then shuts him down, blasting him a lethal psibolt then leaves him lying back in cracked concrete which was cracked as a result of the blast (X-Man #63)

*In X-Man #64, the narration describes Nate Grey as the following: "Mutant. Telepath. Shaman. Intermediary between powers. The Guardian of reality's door."

*Can break through telepathic blocks effortlessly -- "Don't get me wrong. Your telepathic blocks are excellent. But you've never met anyone like me before." (X-Man #64)

*The "Gauntlet", a group of powerful mutants, said that "the power you radiate is unbelievable." (X-Man #64)

*His power is so great that telepathic blocks are almost nothing to him -- "If I pushed your blocks any harder, I'd turn you into vegetables. I don't want to do that." (X-Man #64)

*His telekinetic and telepathic shielding stopped a downspiral monster from reaching him and the "Gauntlet" (X-Man #64)

*Crushed an entire house down on the creature (X-Man #64)

*Can fairly easily pick out 12 minds amongst 10 million people (he strained in X-Man #65 because he'd just come out of a big battle)

*Can at will leave the universe and travel anywhere on the Spiral (first appeared in X-Man #64-65 -- he disappears effortlessly in X-Man #65)

*Can survive in space and on planets with little to no air to breathe (X-Man #65)

*Can blast craters into ground (X-Man #65)

*Can catch boulders telekinetically and blast them into nothing (X-Man #66)

*While talking to a woman in the middle of New York, he telekinetically grabbed ten individuals throughout New York, raised them up into the sky, and blew them all up (X-Man #66)

*Transported a woman into one of the downward spirals, where she was trapped with the Downward Spiral creatures. (X-Man #66)

*Crushed an entire city, Quito, Ecuador, in just a few minutes, while in his sleep -- this is an example of his power levels BEFORE he was even Shaman, this is X-Man prior to becoming Shaman (X-Man #67)

*In X-Man #68, Nate learns from "Maddie" "what he is, what all Nate Greys have been on every Earth. The Ultimate Telekine, designed with a doomsday weapon for a mind. The climax of the evolution of weapons." (X-Man #68)

*Incinerated a woman with his mind until nothing remained (X-Man #68)

*Flew out of orbit, and then back into orbit at an extreme velocity, without taking any damage (X-Man #68)

*Nate is the first "truly functional Nate Grey" (X-Man #69)

*Learns how to use his telekinesis for damping pain centers in the brain, stimulating healing, neutralizing unbalanced body chemistry (X-Man #69)

*Can make the dead talk again ("It's a matter of tweaking the right neurons in the dead brain, of holding the vocal cords together and letting them vibrate. The trick is to facilitate it without pumping your own thoughts out a dead man's mouth.") (X-Man #69)

*Has the ability to make all of Asia die with a single, huge, blast (X-Man #70)

*Destroyed an entire mechanized futuristic city with a huge single blast (X-Man #70)

*Can create portals beneath him and disappear in them, while transporting passengers (X-Man #71)

*Took a full blast from Quabri, a being who killed Thor with such a blast, and didn't even stop or take any knockback from it (X-Man #72)

*Survived a few more blasts from Quabri, becoming unconscious, but that's still a good feat considering just moments later Quabri destroyed the entire planet (X-Man #72)

*On a planet with acid sea and acid air, Nate managed to put a shield around them to make them survive, even after he and two others landed in the acid sea -- it took a lot of effort, but "it takes most of my concentration to telekinetically filter enough oxygen from the air to breathe" (X-Man #73)

*Healed a fractured being from an upper spiral, putting three beings back together into one, who was on the same level of power as Quabri (X-Man #73)

*Effortlessly transported himself and the other being with power like Quabri's onto the spiral (X-Man #73)

*Transported himself to the highest place on the Spiral (X-Man #74)

*Can easily make one forget everything about their life, their existence, even if they're a powerful being from a different elevation in the spiral (X-Man #74)

*Caused an entire neighborhood to not see him ("I'm telepathically recircuiting everyone's mind. So they won't know I'm here. I don't want to scare them. But mutant minds are hard wired differently from Homo Sapien minds. Bypassing them demands special focus. A mutant might see me." (X-Man #75)

edit - I want to add that as X-Man (Prior to becoming a Shaman) He was able to augment his strength and durability to around class 85 and more.

X-Man can easily communicate over vast distances (the other side of the world literally, with Peter once without strain).

Was controlled by Madelyne to destroy a city in his sleep with a mere "thumbs down".

That Madelyne, later revealed to be Queen Jean, stated that Nate Grey was the ultimate mutant telekine on every Earth.

Nate is able to destroy the entirety of Asia with a miniature sun.

He's powerful enough to shatter the moon itself with a TK enhanced blow, as demonstrated in a realistic dream hynotized by a Techno-Gnome.

Able to teleport, even before Shaman.

Able to shunt others to other places in the Spiral, as Shaman X-Man.

Able to connect a Silver City dweller's mind across her fractured selves across the multiverse.

Nate implies that he was created to destroy worlds.

Able to literally resurrect the certain deceased; Madelyne was give a new body, and AOA Gwen Stacy was given form, despite the AOA timeline being fully divered into Earth-238.

Nate Grey is as powerful as the Dark Phoenix. But his body can't handle such power, and he risks burning himself out if he overexerts himself. Of course, Shaman X-Man doesn't care about these limitations.

Is descended from Alpha, the First Mutant (the AOA equivalent to the Phoenix). Manifested a Phoenix effect later when flying in space.

Able to create psi-forms that exist independantly of his mind, as he did for the new arm for his friend.

It's implied that his powers at his peak would literally remake reality, although this could be a narrative hyperbole.

Able to manifest psi-armour that enhances his strength and durability.

All I can think of for now (it is over 75 issues of memory, so I can't remember everything on the spot).

Note, Shaman X-Man is more passive than "Jesus" Cable, but if pushed, he's more willing to kill

My personal favorite: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/474/xman040205cw.jpg/?sa=0

^ This is him, not defying the Earth's gravitational field, but fixing it on two creatures! The force needed to do this is enough to blow up an entire SOLAR SYSTEM, and he's just a tad tired!

Not exactly the easiest to punch: http://imageshack.us/a/img211/492/a64191qh.jpg

DIMENSION JUMP!: http://imageshack.us/a/img50/1064/a065145th.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img50/3724/a065154ku.jpg and http://imageshack.us/a/img50/4605/a065169ti.jpg

Power Incarnate: http://s78.photobucket.com/user/Rewmac/media/Scans/Random/X-Man_025_p06.jpg.html

Magus of the Technarchy: A Techno-Organic Being and thus immune to telepathy, incredibly strong and capable of duplicating and interfacing with any technological artifact. He also imparts the Techno-Organic Virus by touch, which basically owns anyone who doesn't have matter manipulation and turns them into a vegetable whose energy Magus can absorb.

Draining people of energy



Magus rips apart a star that was 'a thousand times bigger than the sun'.


Now Magus is a "technorganic" being, with the ability to shapeshift and alter his size, and his size varies depending on how much power he has (the bigger he is, the stronger he is). His handbook profile lists his maximum height as 45 million miles (0.5 AUs):

Of course the diameter of the sun is 1,391,000 km and half an au is 72,420,480 km, so if we go by his handbook profile (he was the same size as the sun and max powered in that scan) then the star he ripped apart wasn't a thousand times the sun of the sun, but...*shrugs* MEH. Ripping a star apart is still pretty hardcore.

Now half an AU is actually 46,477,900 miles, so obviously the handbook writers were approximating here with one of the values, so to be conservative, I'll take the lesser one (45 million miles, or 72,420,480 km).

In the fourth panel, you can see Magus' outline as he beings to rip the star apart. Via pixel scaling, the combined width of the two halves of the star is 137,548,003.8 km. Of course, only about a hundred times the size of the sun instead of like a thousand, buuut close enough.

The volume of this star would thus be 1.362578394e24 km^3.

As its appearance is yellow and similar to our sun, I figure I can assign it the same density. That would make the mass of this star

1.918511139e36 kg.

Now due to the size and the fact that Warlock seemingly didn't get the idea to get the hell out of dodge until the star fragment had crossed most of the distance to the planet he was on, the throw was almost certainly FTL, so I'm not going to bother calculating it. I'll just calc the initial star-ripping part.

Inputting the star's radius and density into the gravity calculator, we get a surface gravity of 2766.32 gs.

Inputting this and the diameter into the planetary parameters calculator, we get a GBE of 2.152e51j. However, this is too high. An interesting passage in the wikipedia article on Gravitational Binding Energy states:

This is 80% greater than the energy required to separate to infinity the two hemispheres of the spherical mass.

This seems to aptly describe what Magus did.

So 2.152e51j / 1.8 = 1.195555556e51 joules, or

285,744,635,600,000,000 yottatons. (10^42 is a yottaton)

So yeah, pretty hardcore. And he did this as easily as if he was opening a door. The energy needed to blow up the earth is about 2^32 joules. The amount of energy Magus used was roughly 6^18 times more than this, enough to blow up about a hundred solar systems.

He can also scan entire galaxies. Kind of like what Warlock does here:


Except not really as much of a scrub.

Also immune to power-stealing, that's nice.


This is warlock transforming, because I couldn't find any scans of Magus unleashing a fleet of stars as large as a solar system from his fingertip.


This is Warlock telling Centurion that he could save him with the energy he has (which is like nothing at this point, maybe 1/10 of the lifeglow he got from one person) from death. Magus would just be like 'oh, you're dead? alright lemme bring you back, one sec'.


Crusader Skrull: A Skrull with the Cosmic Ring, a fragment of the Cosmic Cube with the same power.

Shapeshifting is relatively generic, but his strength is reality warping. As I mentioned, the fragment has the same power -but how? Well, the Cosmic Ring's story starts with the fight of Super Adaptoid vs Kubik. Super Adaptoid has a fragment of a Cosmic Cube later revealed to be the Cosmic Ring, and Kubik is...well, a Cosmic Cube. Now according to Mephisto:


Kubik restrains his power. (don't talk about Molecule Man and Beyonder, they're way away from Cosmic Cubes as far as I know) So he's slightly less powerful than a Cosmic Cube, but only because there are things he won't do. That's why they might say they're dust next to celestials or eternity, because they put limits on themselves. But when those limitations are taken away, well...yeah.

Super Adaptoid basically runs around until Kubik gets within range of him, then takes Kubik's power and removes him from the universe. Later, Super Adaptoid's systems are shut down...somehow, and Kubik is brought back online. This time Kubik attacks first, and removes the fragment from Super Adaptoid. This shows that the Cosmic Ring was equal to Kubik, who is more or less a standard cosmic cube being.

Anyhow, after that the Cosmic Ring comes to earth and it falls into the hands of Ringmaster, who uses it to kill a few heroes via heart attack (not much imagination, this one) and then shoot them out of cannons (nice). Of course, he gets beaten by Punisher who surprise stabs him from outside of the ring's sphere of influence, but really Punisher is like Batman -a plot device and master of PIS and plot armor. Curtis Doyle, 'Freedom Ring' then gets the ring, and uses it to basically just enhance himself so he has super-strength and speed and yada yada yada. Anyhow, he gets killed when Iron Maniac's armor explodes, expanding the distance between his brain and the cosmic ring to fifteen feet and then slicing off his finger.

Kid Amazo copies powers.

Kid Amazo is directly stated as more advanced than the Amazo who copied the Worlogog, a cosmic artifact that warps reality and time. Even with half of the Worlogog's power, that Amazo was nigh-omnipotent. He copies with DNA, and on a conceptual level.

Amazo and Kid Amazo are newer models than the one that copied the gog.

Kid Amazo has the exact same absorption cells, these are what allow Amazo to do what he does. It was even stated within the comic that he had the same abilities as Amazo bar also having the minds of the JLS. This made him use the powers better, as he had their minds -basically directly superior to Amazo, NBD.

And here's the prep

-Crusader Skrull will stop time.

-Magus will, as a member of the Technarchy, make copies of Crusader Skrull's Cosmic Ring. He has the ability to interface with any object that can be built -as Cosmic Cubes have been built numerous times, he can obviously replicate the Cosmic Ring, which is just a fragment of a Cosmic Cube. At this point he will do exactly what the Goddess did, and merge these Cosmic Ring fragments together into a Cosmic Cube just as the Goddess did Cosmic Cubes into a Cosmic Egg. As she had no powers beforehand, gaining them all from the Cosmic Egg, this is easily done. Unfortunately, we are limited to a level above your level of reality warping, with our maximum being the Cosmic Egg, the most powerful artifact in existence and capable of creating a new multiverse. But tl;dr Magus spams Cosmic Cubes. As shown by the Super Adaptoid vs Kubik fight where Super Adaptoid had the Cosmic Ring and Kubik was a Cosmic Cube where Super Adaptoid beat Kubik, the Cosmic Ring is equal in power to a standard Cosmic Cube.

-Kid Amazo will copy the powers of the Cosmic Cube; he has the same power-copying abilities as his father does, thus he'll copy the power of the Cosmic Cube just as Amazo copied the power of the Worlogog. Aptom will also then copy Kid Amazo's DNA, also having the power of the Cosmic Cube. Kid Amazo will also copy Shaman Nate's telepathy.

-Aptom will clone himself to infinity, something he does on kind of a regular basis, and then absorb all of those powers.

TL;DR, we have

-X-Man Telepathy x infinity

-Strength to move a million planets x infinity

-Power copying x infinity

-Cosmic Cube reality warping (will post feats if you need me to) x infinity

And then I win because yeah. *wink*

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I spent the majority of my last 2 hours at work searching for "kthxbai"...

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infinite cosmic cubes? that's not broken.

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Thanks for pointing that out.


HAX Items aren't allowed. The cosmic cube falls under that...


Because there are cosmic cube beings in this tournament and the Cosmic Cube was several magnitudes of power under all the items you listed. Moreover I'm not just fetching the cosmic cube, I'm duplicating it. I'd like to think that me using 4 people for infinite cosmic cubes out of my 5 is permissible and shows good planning.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: I can't get access to some of your scans (let alone put any up) right now, so you'll have to wait for me to get home =( Sorry. This is a really nice setup as well! Nice synergy with the characters! I may just get demolished here, but I'm gonna put up a good fight (I hope) as soon as I can.

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@wardemon32: Alright! so here we go! I you've brought in some crazy stuff, and I I'll try my best to match it! Also, how are we dealing with this if the cosmic cube is illegal, @oceanmaster21@wardemon32? Does paladin get a repick since he planned around that?

Any-whose-it, time for character information ^.^:

Since you started with your telepath, I'll start with mine, Jace Beleren, Embassy of the Guildpact.

Jace is considered the best "Mind Mage" of the post-Mending era. His telepathy has been shown to be a bit different from your average characters' as well, being able to track other being's via their psychic footprints and being able to crush other powerful mages, including those that have significant levels of negation magic like Tezzeret and bringing the Infinite Consortium's Ravnica branch to it's knees.

This is also where Jace gained his manablade, a blade of .. well, mana. It's designed to cut off a mage's, or any other being's, connection to inner energes, but primarily of the mystical kind. It has very little relevence here though, but it is there. The one edge (pun definitely intended) it has it that it's extremely sharp, and capable of cutting through almost anything.

The whole Ravnica part also has to do with a slight secondary ability granted to Jace, the Guildpact. As the living embassy, Jace has the ability to enforce peace on a plane via a magic pact created by the 10 guilds of Ravnica. Essentially, this immediately turns Morals On for all characters (not that mine have any ;) ), and disregards the bloodlust for the entire plane/dimension. This also gives him a huge amount of Mana.

The down side here? He's lost once before to a Cosmic level telepath, but that was a god level character in Nicol Bolas. Jace may not be up to the same standard as nate, but he is still a fairly powerful and dangerous telepath.

Next up, we have the mage on the war path for justice Gideon Jura. Gideon is a nigh un-killable warrior who hails from an unknown plane, which he may or may not have ended up clearing of life. Quite possibly one of the greatest battle-mages in fiction, he is capable of massively destructive attacks and is notable for being able to live through nearly anything, including several encounters with different eldrazi.

Then we have Liliana, the shadowmage and mistress of the dead. With her newly found power from the Veil, Liliana has shown to be incredibly potent, and has so far slain two different powerful demons (both of whom were multidemensional terrors). Her augmented magic has given her almost complete control over life and death and has ascended to near the power of Lady Death. She can force any of the dead back to life to serve her. She also has an exorbitant amount of black mana due to the Veil, making a very potent telepathic threat along side Jace.

In my fourth spot, I have Venser, the Sojourner. A very capable master of artifice and magic, he is also a master of teleportation, allowing him to teleport several miles, with a companion, even to places he has yet to see. His control over artifice is extremely potent, which I believe you will find to be rather disheartening to your plan, as the cosmic cube also falls under said category.

Finally, we have teferi!

A master of time Magic, Teferi has the ability to generate Slow and Fast "TIme Bubbles". Think of these a sort of Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the fast ones, and, well, the reverse for the slow ones. The faster bubbles can grant a greatly extended time within the given two hours. Teferi was also personally trained by Urza, one of the greatest Artificiers, only being trumped by Yawgmoth (the father of machines) himself. Teferi, however, is not quite that good, so I'll be using Venser for most of my removal.

Teferi is also a master of Temporal "Phasing". This allows him to temporarily suspend your members in time for short stints in time (several hours). It effectively is a way of forcing you to fight a man down for the entirety.

Furthermore, everyone of them can summon any of their allies via their magic opening portals to this plane. This means that any Monster, Artifact, or powerful enchantment they prep for can be used at any time.


I, like you, also enjoy my additional stoppage time, so I'll start by using Teferi to give myself some extended Prep time! Too bad I can't use it to really plan for the cubes, right?

Well, Jace just happens to also have Clairvoyance ^.^ This means I get to foresee your plans and begin my prep. The first advantage this provides me is that my walkers can now prep specifically for this play. You see, they have access to any plane, and any knowledge! With the ability to use the additional time, they can spend the time learning spells specifically garnered towards your strategy.

The first spells I choose to abuse? Omniscience for infinite mana, and any time spell to further extend my prep time and receive more fun objects. My next move is to utilize Jace's Ravnican contacts to grab a Pithing Needle!

The pithing needle is a powerful type of artifact that is specifically tailored to one thing, eliminating the usage of the most common of enemy weapons (in this case, the cosmic cube is getting a tad overridden and it's abilities are negated). If that's not enough, my 3 different Blue affiliated walkers can all prep for the cube abilities via utilizing several of the powerful artifact crushing, or stealing spells at their disposal. Teferi and Jace could easily learn spells along the lines of "Trickbind" which shuts down the cube, while Venser can simply erase it from existence via, quite literally "revoke existence", which he can teach directly to gideon.

Teferi allows me to speed the casting of all of my summoning spells to literally, instant speed.

I then locate your team via clairvoyance.

My Plan:

My first move, Gideon and venser Teleport immediately to your team, catching them by likely surprise. I take the chance to Deactivate your all powerful team via Venser and the Needle! Gideon immediately goes for Nate Grey to kill him! Venser has the advantage of being to teleport right on top of nate and end allow gideon to end him in less than a second. I then use Liliana Vess to go Mordekaiser on him and ressurect him from the dead, except totally on my side. After that, I immediately fall back to regroup my forces.

From here, it's a simple matter for Gideon and Venser to take down the Cyborg/Android and Jace and your ressurected Nate to Mentally shut down anyone they can. Liliana goes for the insta-kill and Teferi can phase out or slow down your most dangerous members to make them completely irrelevant for a small while. Then, It's 9 v 1 after I resurrect the rest of your team, and have them all kill you.


I counter the cube with powerhouse artifacts of my own, steal yo dudes, and crush your team thanks to targeted magic from my prep times.

I gave it my best shot, but that may not be enough! Good team man! Also, is it Kid Zoom or Kid Amazo?

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Pretty sure that if other people are using cosmic cube beings, I'm allowed to bring in cosmic cubes considering my team is based around that and they're not exactly super-haxxy-instawin.

Jace is literally nothing before the mutant with the most raw telepathic power in the marvel multiverse. As you said he already lost to Bolas.

Gideon being capable of massively destructive attacks is nice. Not quite as nice, admittedly, as an infinite number of clones with the power to destroy solar systems, but nice.

Since we both have people who can bring people back from the dead, shall we just say this is a non-entity?

Venser is nice, but I don't have any Cosmic Cubes as they'll all be absorbed -Kid Amazo absorbs one much like Thanos did, then Aptom copies his DNA. It's a power now, not an artifact. And even if you can shut down my Cosmic Cubes (...somehow), you're still up against an army of Dark Phoenix and solar-system-busters, mate. You'd have to show that one of your teammates can at least destroy a solar system before you could even touch me.

Also, unfortunately for you, the fact that I have Nate Grey means that you can't just one-shot me. (he happens to have TK shields that take blasts that would destroy planets) As does the fact that I have an infinite army of people who have absorbed the powers of the Cosmic Cube like Thanos -and guess what? I have time-stopping, too. I can wipe out entire universes with my Cube Clones; this team is unstoppable by anything other than a 'hax item'.

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Infinite cosmic cubes though? No-one has used cosmic cubes and if they did I'll tell them they can't use it. If they were going to use it they would have said "Thanos w/ Cosmic cube" or something along those lines. I did say "No Hax items" and gave examples. I mean having a small fraction(the ring) is OK but infinite cosmic cubes?

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wardemon32 said:@thedarklordpandamonium:

Infinite cosmic cubes though? No-one has used cosmic cubes and if they did I'll tell them they can't use it. If they were going to use it they would have said "Thanos w/ Cosmic cube" or something along those lines. I did say "No Hax items" and gave examples. I mean having a small fraction(the ring) is OK but infinite cosmic cubes?

Really? Perhaps you should ctrl+F common cosmic cube beings, because I only thought it was ok to use it after I saw Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds are in this tournament. Though you would allow Thanos with the cube? The hax items you listed are the Heart of the Universe, capable of killing the Living Tribunal, the Infinity Gauntlet, which makes the user more powerful than the Living Tribunal, and the Worlogog, which makes time its b*tch. As I already said, the Cosmic Cube is basically nothing against those; I was thinking really high-tier items.

If not infinite, do I need to have a limit? I mean I sort of put everything into this strategy after seeing people who had Kubik/Shaper of Worlds, and I'd say it just shows me being a boss and knowing exactly how to construct my team. As it is now, my team is unbeatable, which is how all my teams are made to be.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Who the heck has Shaper of Worlds? Point me their way so i can run the opposite direction.

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@thedarklordpandamonium Kubik is in this tournament!? The same Kubik that punked the Beyonder on his own turf? What!?

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@funsiized: I mean, when I was figurin out my strategy I was like 'I wonder if this is allowed' and saw those two and was like 'oh yeah it's allowed'.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: No, like, i don't see them on the Team list, even 'ctrl+f' and ddint find shaper or kubik

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@funsiized: really?


I suppose a limit would have to be enacted then. Bleh.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Pretty much T.T I think I lose cause I don't know how to get around the cubes... Jace isn't good enough t beat nate, and if I can't bring him back to my side I lose, and that's pretty much the gist of it ^.^ I'll totally concede to you good sir, that's just too awesome of planning for my team currently =P I also have to focus on some other things for a while so I wouldn't be able to respond that much anyways, so I'll just go ahead and withdraw. (Sorry for not debating, I'm just a little swamped right now.

@wardemon32@oceanmaster21 I'm fine with him using the cubes in this round, though you may need to look into it the next round.

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@dratini1331: dont worry we be making some changes to round 2

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@dratini1331: wait ur doing good are you sure u wanna withdraw u doing pretty good but i understand being swamped as well tho

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@oceanmaster21: Yea, I have to do work and get myself off of the internet for a while to focus so I may not have time to respond for the rest of the tourney. My schedule is little wonky right now =( Plus, I love his team ^.^

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@oceanmaster21: TY, It's mostly that I'm working and trying to make a game at the same time as school =/

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@dratini1331: ik how it is i go to college n work to so ik its ok goodluck

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@dratini1331: isok. Your team was very interesting; think this was the first time I've ever seen an MTG team.

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@wardemon32: for some reason i cany send u the link but dratini1331 concedded so thedarklotdpandoium wins

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Victory for @thedarklordpandamonium, All hail the great one! I mean, um, this wasn't fixed at all... (I've been getting some work done, but this site is so darned addictive)

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Thank you, thank you.

It was a tough fight, but my whole 'infinite army of cosmic cubes' won out in the end.