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Who could defeat this monster? As a child, he battled in the WW2. Fought against armies of vampires and humans alike as nothing more then a child. He has the reputation and has been known as "The Angel of Death." The harbinger of death. Possibly peak human, dodged bullets from an army within a confined space of corridors as nothing more then a decrepit old man. Has the strength to wipe out vampires and ghouls alike easily. However after betraying his master, he transformed and got the powers of a vampire for an incredible price. 

His strength alone, he could turn sky scrapers to dust, dodge bullets that could blow a couple of meters sized hole on metals and went head to head against Alucard at his full power. Truly an "Angel of Death". Who can take on this powerhouse an survive it with a proportionally epic battle? 


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this guy looks cool enough
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Wisppeons said:
this guy looks cool enough"
oldmagic said:
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 what about this guy?
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mithos from tales of symphonia

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Anyone else?

And Mithos would lose.
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Fou-Lu from Breath of Fire 4 ;)

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Lol how smart, it's not crumbstomp and alucard would win for sure