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if all five of them fought prof x in a mind battle could they beat him?

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I don't think so, I think he'd be hurtin' afterwards, but he'd win.

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i think Pro X would win hes a more powerful telepath

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I hate to say it, but I think Prof. X would win aswell.

But if it wasn't just a mind battle, this girls would win, four of them could engage him in mind battle to buy enough time for the 5th one to run over and knock him out, even though it's pretty sad, hitting a man in a wheel chair, I bet you Esme would!lol

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Professor X would win, but only because he is far more skilled. C'mon, the Cuckoos hosted the Phoenix Force! They have more raw power, but X has the skills.

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Actually, Prof X is the world great living telepath not only in skill, but in sheer power. The guy once harnessed the mental energy of the entire planet to ward off an alien attack. Even as the Five-in-One, the Cuckoos were never up to that.

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I think Xavier would beat them. But in the future the cuckoos would definitly beat him. Come on the Phoenix even said they were very powerfull the phoenix didnt tell Xavier that.

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Hardly, the Charles even harnessed the Phoenix himself back when he was with the Starjammers as "Bald Phoenix." The Cuckoos are strong, but they're not as skilled as Emma and nowhere as skilled or powerful as Xavier. Xavier is the strongest by far. He could take them out not only by blowing them away, but by skillfully handicapping them.