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fight in a street alley who wins

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Bourne is superior in every level. He had an entire net of spys around the world behind his back, and he still managed to escape and travel from country to country at ease. He even raced through the streets of - was it Switcherland ? - in an ancient  mini couper, he hunted down and killed the killer of his love, while also being shot...Now, imagine Bourne, at Vincent's shoes: he would have killed every single one of the targets without any sweat - and he certainly wouldn't have been beat by a d**n taxi driver. Even Jamie Foxx.
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Well, I don't think it's certain at any level. We know that both Vincent and Jason were Delta Force operators as well as CIA SAD/SOG Paramilitary Operations Officers. Vincent is also older and therefore has been in the game much longer. Continuing onward, yes Mr. Bourne evaded multiple governments/agencies across the globe, yet we can't use that comparison because Vincent hasn't be in that same situation so as far as we know he could do just as well. They both adapt and improvise to survive and get the job done, a point Vincent reiterates many times over. We also haven't seen his off road, advanced driving skills either so we having nothing to compare. Lastly Vincent didn't break a sweat on ANY of his targets, He took down everybody with ease. As for Max killing him it was as a result of one flaw, and that is Vincent's use of the Mozambique Drill, Which is from holster, fire two perfectly grouped shots to the sternum/chest followed immediately by a centered head shot. This move was his Modus Operandi, and he had perfected it! However because of this his perfect shots didn't go through the doors of the MTA rail car. Vincent, is cold, calculating and cunning. He is a perfect marksman and amazing at hand to hand combat. He has all of the same skills JB has as they are both products of the same military path and both are from the exact same group. In the end we can't realistically compare the two because we haven't seen Vincent in the same scenarios utilizing his full combat capabilities. Lastly let me emphasize, without accurate data from both characters we can't compare them, so for all we know Vincent could do anything Jason Bourne could.

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i have to say though vincent getting killed by max was to do with plot i mean a military trained hitman gets killed by a cabby who has never fired a gun before?! plot stupidity i mean vincent was firing perfect shots through the whole movie but was missing agains't max i enjoyed both bournes quadrilogy and vincents movie collatarel i mean this is a pretty even match though both showed brutal skill but h2h goes to bourne just by a ballhair