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Everyone is bloodlusted, no morals once soever, standard gear.

Location: Avatar Universe (Let's assume the nations/kingdoms are bonded together)


Flash Thompson
Harley Quinn
Gorilla Grodd (No TP)
Daken (No Pheromones/Healing Factor)
Winter Soldier
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what is bloodlusted?

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@anoldman said:

what is bloodlusted?

Going for the kill.

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Taskmaster pretty handily

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I could see Taskmaster, Venom and Bucky being the last 3 standing. Taskmaster ending up as a victor by throwing his opponents over the top rope.

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Venom stomps. The only reason Taskmaster won the fight in SA was because he utilized a weakness. None of the people here have the equipment to stop Flash. Though I have no idea what Grodd is capable of physically, if it's the average speed and strength of a gorilla he loses badly.

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Grodd has class 50-75 level strength as well as super senses and agility that allow him to fight the Flash.

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Gorilla Grodd.

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Gorilla Grodd or Flash Thompson.

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Possibly Grodd. Add: I find this character one of the most annoying..