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Ogami Rei: Has to keep his ring ON (this limits his powers), Fully Rested, Standard outfit.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: The Punisher (His Cross), 3 Healing Vials.

Night Cralwer: 2 Sabers

Hawkeye: standard equipment, 3 Taser Arrows, and 3 Pym Particle Arrows



Well the closing battles are upon us. And what better way for contestants to settle down by giving thanks for being this far. Too bad there prayers are answered by the competitors looking for a easy win.

In Character

People are in church and will be panicking


KO or Death


Smite Them Almighty Smiter!: You call upon God to strike out with lightning. The Stain Glass will strike out at the enemy every 10 seconds.

The Lord's Flock: You are the Shepherd with 40 Sinners looking for forgiveness who become your Sheep to be herd and attack the enemy with.

Great Crusade: You call upon 5 knights in Steel Armour with Swords.

Divine Protection: You gain a Holy Cross for one member that grants Divine Protection or as some will see it Luck! Every 4 out of 5 Attacks will always miss regardless how well aimed.

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Divine Protection: Ogami Rei

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Divine Protection: Hawkeye.

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@Floopay: I know nothing of those characters, so I'll let you start.

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@Strafe Prower:

As always I'll start with an overview

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Weapon - The Punisher


  • 3 Rockets (Ammunition)
  • 8 Pistols
  • Armor Piercing HIgh Caliber Rounds (Ammunition)
3 Healing Viles - Amplify his healing factor and strength/durability briefly, but cause heavy strain on his body. Like a super form of steroids.
Superhuman Stats - His stats are superhuman all around. Including strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. This allows him to survive shots that would kill a normal person. However, they are not too far above peak human levels.
Superhuman Senses - All his senses are enhanced in a similar fashion, well above those of your average human being.
Healing Factor - He has a minor healing factor, allowing him to recover from what would kill or take a normal person weeks to recover in just a day or two.
Superb Marksman - Wolfwood is trained to fire under all conditions, even when mortally wounded his fire is pinpoint accurate.
Supreme Analyst - Wolfwood is trained to learn an opponents movements and fighting style. In a prolonged fight he can go so far as to predict his opponents actions long before they make them by simply learning their style of fighting.

Ogami Rei (with ring, cannot be removed)

Athletic Human - Ogami is about as well fit as someone of his size who engages in regular physical exercise can be.

Trained Martial Artist - Ogami is a well trained hand to hand fighter, as well as an extremely well trained swordsman.

Extreme Reflexes - Ogami is able to dodge and react to gunfire from short range.

Fire Projection - Ogami can create blue fire out of his hands, meaning very very hot. This does not have any concussive effect, and doesn't have extreme range (I think his best instance of range was maybe 3 meters?). However, at full force it can melt bullets before they reach his face, and destroy steel. Once a person has been touched by his flame, the only way to stop it is by severing the portion lit on fire or by burning to death.

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@Strafe Prower: Your Turn :)

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This should be fun :)

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@Strafe Prower:

Alright, sorry for the delay


As stated earlier, his power generates immense amounts of heat, but no concussive force. However, the amount of heat it puts off is enough to melt bullets in an instant. He's used it before to block bullets.

Can incinerate a man in an instant

And he's not afraid to do so, especially if someone is attacking him

He's dealt with swarms of people wielding different weapons, guns, swords, etc. None of it is very effective against his blue flame

He also is an accomplished swordsman, and has even deflected arrows before with a sword, and this was during an ambush.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

His body is tougher, which is why he can take more bullets than your average person, all his sensory functions are enhanced, and he even has a slight healing factor. Allowing him to recover from what would be fatal injuries in only a few days (though can still be killed with a fatal blow)

His marksmanship is insane

Taught to fight in all conditions, even when injured:

He is, after all, a top agent in the "Eye of Michael", an organization of assassins

Nicholas's Weapon, the Punisher

Not only does this gun of his have the ability to rip through stone, but also carries a host of explosives within it (I think 3 rockets)

His weapon is also incredibly durable, tanking steel shredding shots, and rocket blasts. He often uses it to protect himself

But his greatest strength is probably his movement reading. If Hei fights Nicholas, then it'll only be a matter of time before Nicholas will be able to predict his movements and abilities:

Wolfwood can travel, fight, and even shoot in completely darkness because of his enhanced senses. Trying to sneak up on him, even while shapeshifted, is going to be a tall order. And one bullet from his gun is going to be enough.

Walks into a trap while doing this, but still pretty impressive

Enhanced hearing, that's how he can locate his target in the dark

Note: I skipped a bunch of scans between some of these posts, just to sort of weed out irrelevent data.


Wolfwood can open with a rocket in Hawkeye's direction, followed by keeping on the defensive and learning your teams movement patterns. His weapon and enhanced stats will allow him to block most attacks put in his direction, and once he learns your team's attack patterns (which shouldn't take too long) then he'll take a heavy offensive. He'll be shooting and providing cover for Ogami during this time, so that's no problem, as well as taking shots at your team with both the punisher and keep his pistols ready.

Over and above this he has healing vials in case he takes any damage.

Ogami will run between cover, as well as track Night Crawler's movements. If Night Crawler even attempts to attack Ogami, Ogami's flame should keep him well protected, and can even score a kill against Night Crawler.

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@Floopay: I'll get a post up today

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@Strafe Prower: @Floopay: Im putting a 2 day Deadline on this before opening to Votes.

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@CadenceV2: @Floopay: I'm going to bow out of this tourney. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time on my hands anymore, so Floopay wins!

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@Strafe Prower: you did a good job this far. wins