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Sylar who has the powers of Telekinesis, Enhanced Hearing, Shape Shifting

Hei has his mask,knives,wire,and his Trench Coat

Spike Spiegel: 2 Custom Jericho 941's, 3 Remote Detonators, 3 Fragmentation Grenades, Throwing Knives, Thomson Center Contender with 6 bullets, Trench Coat, Cigarettes, Comm Piece

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: NIcholas's Cross, Comm Piece, Cigarettes



Since poor Sherlock miss out on the Theme Park fun he will get another chance ;). Both your teams are here for the good time. By good time I mean Sherlock settling a score with Floopay. There will be kids and parents in the way. Try to control yourselves.

In Character


Death or KO


Mob of Angry Parents: You are able to get the 50 parents there to throw their lives away for your cause in the name of the children.

Big kid at the playground: You been playing on the playground here too much. Your team all has Dare Devil Agility.

Quick Pass: You get the power to Teleport Nightcrawler style to any Ride (and only the ride entrances) on the Picture.

Anybody who needs votes please ask at the end of your debates. Give shout outs for votes.

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Mob of Angry Parents for me.

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@CadenceV2: @Floopay:

Im so tempted to get the same thing.Think of the hilarity of that 2 mobs of parents going at it while we watch

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@Sherlock said:

@CadenceV2: @Floopay:

Im so tempted to get the same thing.Think of the hilarity of that 2 mobs of parents going at it while we watch

Agreed. Can you say Cannon Fodder?

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Your guy is the K-9 Unit vs the Mob. lol. Sit back and watch.

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@Floopay said:

@Sherlock said:

@CadenceV2: @Floopay:

Im so tempted to get the same thing.Think of the hilarity of that 2 mobs of parents going at it while we watch

Agreed. Can you say Cannon Fodder?

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Better believe it.That many people will be quite a pain to get through

OK so basic strategy.Me parents go and attack Floopays and just by and large get in the way.

Sylar via his TK will likely be able to keep the mob off of him without much issue.Hei is very agile and has his wires to get off the ground and away from angry parents.

Hei and Sylar when confronting Nick and Spike have huge advantages.Hei can easily 1 shot either of them with his electricity.

Sylar if he get them with his TK there is literally nothing they can do to prevent him from cutting their heads off via TK

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Lots of kids and parents in the way. There are also going to be a lot of people carrying a lot of different pieces of baggage and items here. This should make my team able to blend in pretty well. They'll take a sniper approach to your team.

Hei is skilled, and Sylar will be hard to find, but my team will have each other covered. And Spike will fortify their hiding places by passing off at least 1 remote detonator to Nick, and 1 remote trigger to a different devices. This means Spike will, at all times, be carrying around a powerful explosive device on his person. Because of my teams stealth approach, and because my team will be sticking to enclosed spaces, your team will be forced to confront my team on within an enclosed area. With comm devices always active, that means if Sylar gets the jump on my team, they will have an explosive device covering them for the other team mate to set off.

Essentially, if someone on my team gets confronted and pinned down, the other team mate will set off an explosive device that will either kill whoever is confronting them, or take them off guard.

Nicholas has a huge advantage in fire power here, the guy can literally cut through stone structures with his gun, and has a rocket launcher, and several pistols stored within his device. As far as his marksmanship goes, the guy can pin Vash the Stampede down with his marksmanship, and even get close enough to leave Vash no means of surviving the next shot (Trigun: Badlands Rumble). Dodging his shots is going to be quite the task.

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@Floopay: Im not so sure blending in is going to work so well here.There are 100 crazy people half of which are trying to kill you.Walking through them you risk being trampled to death.Thats entirely why my team is going to avoid them

Im sorry but i find it hard to believe that either Spike or Nick will allow themselves to be blown up for the greater good of the team.I know i wouldnt.Also if Sylar gets them he doesnt have to let them say anything to the other one

1 large problem i see you running into here is finding an enclosed area that is still a vantage point.I dont see any on the map.In order to do any sniping hiding in a building where you cant see my team isnt the way to go

Sylar has the ability to really fvck up your teams day as shown here.Most popular tactic,using TK immobilize people and then cut there heads off.Obviously hes not limited to that since he shown to do it froma distance as well as using projectile weapons.Lets not forget his shapeshifting either.He can blend into this crowd better than anyone.Your guys will likely see him as just another civvie going to war with each other.That makes this almost too easy.If he really felt like it he could charade as one of your characters as well

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One thing about Sylar's TK trick, is he's never done it from more than a few meters away.

Sylar may have enhanced hearing, but he's going against someone who is enhanced in every capacity. His body is tougher, which is why he can take more bullets than your average person, all his sensory functions are enhanced, and he even has a slight healing factor. Allowing him to recover from what would be fatal injuries in only a few days (though can still be killed with a fatal blow)

His marksmanship is insane

Taught to fight in all conditions, even when injured:

He is, after all, a top agent in the "Eye of Michael", an organization of assassins

Nicholas's Weapon, the Punisher

Not only does this gun of his have the ability to rip through stone, but also carries a host of explosives within it (I think 3 rockets)

His weapon is also incredibly durable, tanking steel shredding shots, and rocket blasts. He often uses it to protect himself

But his greatest strength is probably his movement reading. If Hei fights Nicholas, then it'll only be a matter of time before Nicholas will be able to predict his movements and abilities:

Wolfwood can travel, fight, and even shoot in completely darkness because of his enhanced senses. Trying to sneak up on him, even while shapeshifted, is going to be a tall order. And one bullet from his gun is going to be enough.

Walks into a trap while doing this, but still pretty impressive

Enhanced hearing, that's how he can locate his target in the dark

Note: I skipped a bunch of scans between some of these posts, just to sort of weed out irrelevent data.

This is just Wolfwood, then I have Spike on top of that.

Spike can't be discounted. Against Hei, he probably couldn't win h2h, but he is more than skilled enough to gain some distance and avoid getting hit too much.

Spike vs. Asimov

Asimov is high on a drug they call Bloody Eye. It enhances his perception to super human levels, and it seems to increase his strength and abilities to peak human levels.

This video has a lot of good feats for Spike. It shows off his sleight of hand, it shows off his martial arts style, and it shows off his ability to handle multiple opponents at once.

As you can see, Spike is about a bullet timer. What I mean by that, is he knows when to take cover, and he can usually take cover before the bullets are fired. He's not so fast that he's untaggable by a bullet, but he's pretty good at moving fast enough to get behind something before the bullets really start flying, and keeping ahead of somebodies aim.

Also really shows off his aim at 0:50.

Spike shoots Wen

Wen is a child in form, but realistically he's an immortal. I forget how old he is, but he's pretty much unkillable. Spike crafts a special bullet designed to kill him, and from a pretty decent distance, is able to shoot him dead center of his forehead. This is done with Spike's Contender, which is a pretty decent weapon as far as accurate is concerned, and is more suited for longer ranged attacks. Wen could have easily ended Spike, I have no doubts on that, and I won't debate that. But with his huberis, he though himself unkillable, and that Spike wouldn't be able to kill him. This is more of a feat for his distance shot than anything.

Jump to 3:30-4:15 - You can watch the rest, but it's hard to enjoy out of context.

Spike...don't call him Vicious

Spike is tracked down by a group of armed thugs, and he man handles them like nobodies business. This is pretty smart on his part. He knows he can't really outrun them forever, so he instead leads them into an alley way, where their numbers can be used against them. He then proceeds to beat the crap out of them...

This is an all around good feat for him, shows off his strength, martial arts, speed, reflexes, dodging ability, etc.

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I haven't forgotten this iv just been really busy as if late.Ill try to get to it soon

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@Floopay: @Sherlock: Time for Votes guys. You can add a closer to your debate then call in shout outs.

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Open for Votes and need Votes badly

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Floopay. It was pretty even but Floopay's last paragraph sealed in the win.

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Despite my uber love for Sylar, going with Floopay. His last paragraph sealed it, else it was very very close.

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Going with Sherlock.

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@Killemall said:

Despite my uber love for Sylar, going with Floopay. His last paragraph sealed it, else it was very very close.

Sylar = Badass. Nicholas is also a pretty big badass...but Sylar is still amazingly awesome. My only regret is we never got to see a good Sylar vs. Peter fight, at full power.

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