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Captain America (Steve Rogers): Standard Suit, Cap Shield, Colt 1911 (Laser sight, Compensator)

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier): Winter Soldier Suit, Cybernetic Arm, AK-74u Carbine (Holographic Sight, Laser Sight, Tactical Grip, Silencer), SHIELD Special Handgun (Silenced, can equip Explosives Rounds), 3 Smoke grenades, 3 Frag grenades, & 2 Tactical Combat Knives

Kakashi: Throwing Stars, Kunai Knives, Paper Bombs

Kiba: Throwing Stars, Kunai Knives, Paper Bombs, Special Pills, Akamaru



Water. the Life Giver of any Desert. How nice it is to to take the day of wandering across dunes and sand to this relaxing Oasis. until another group of ***holes that stole you woman at the club last night are on the shore with ya. Payback time.

Both Start 50 feet away on the water shore.

Holding Back


KO (or bloody Incap) ONLY! No (Key word here) Instant Death Attacks! Your character will hold back to stay at the resort another day longer without outright killing.


Phasers On Stun: All your Bladed weapons will have a Taser effect to them. All your Guns have Rubber Bullets.

Ladies Man: You get 6 angry 120 pound ladies on your team.

Police Police: You B***h out and call for cops. After 1 minuet a Shotgun Armed Cop arrive with no Morals for your team.

Anybody who needs votes please ask at the end of your debates. Give shout outs for votes. First to reach 5 votes wins! If cannot reach 5 Votes then I will call it.

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@CadenceV2: Does Kiba and Kakashi have their ninjustu and genjutsu.

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@ThexX: Good question. Im assuming ITDB intended so. For their special abilities.

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@CadenceV2:I see a problem their because of the rules you posted.

Can have powers! Powers are limited to effect of street level however cannot involve Pheromones, BFRing powers, Mind Rape (mind reading and communication only is allowed), Wolverine Level Healing (Minor Healing below wolverine is allowed), TK over a Ton, or destructive power (Beams, Electricity, ect...) that surpasses a Stick of Dynamite.

Genjustsu is a type of mind rape. (Here is link for the definition of it.)


Also here is a definition of Ninjutsu.


This is What Kakashi can do. This is not street level in my opinion. (But since you are OP it is your call.)


Kakashi primarily relies on his mastery of ninjutsu, of which he has a vast arsenal due to his Sharingan; being noted to have copied over a thousand techniques, the number has continuously been growing through his many battles. With this arsenal, he can attack or defend against his opponents in numerous manners. He can also enhance his physical tools, channellinglightning-natured chakra through them. Kakashi is also able to summon a pack of ninja hounds to aid him in battle, and for other purposes such as tracking down individuals.

Nature TransformationEdit

In addition to the sheer number of techniques he is purported to know, he is also proficient in several nature transformations. He has a natural affinity forLightning Release, which he mastered before even becoming a jōnin. It became so advanced that it is an attribute enemy ninja identify him by. His prowess with Water Release techniques is such that he can match specialists like Zabuza Momochi and perform them without a nearby water source. He has used Earth Release techniques, able to move fast and unnoticed underground or produce large and intricate earthen walls rather quickly. He has also shown considerable skill in Fire Release techniques,and he is otherwise at least knowledgeable enough to train others in Wind Release.

When Kakashi learned how to use the Rasengan, he attempted to infuse it with lightning-chakra as it was originally intended to be combined with element chakra, but ultimately failed. However, he used the same theoretical principle to create the Chidori, which he later refines the Chidori into the far stronger Lightning Cutter. He can also enlist the aid of a shadow clone, to create a lightning chain able to cut through even a jinchūriki's chakra arms in a "Version 2" state. He can also create a lightning-infused clone, and hound via his manipulation of lightning-chakra.


While used less often, he has also shown skill in genjutsu, which he can use as a set-up for stronger attacks. His skill in its usage is able to easily deceive most opponents with well-timed diversions, giving his opponents little chance to counter. During the bell test for Team 7, Kakashi was able to use low-level techniques to easily subdue a keen-minded and natural genjutsu-type like Sakura. Against high-level genjutsu such as the Temple of Nirvana Technique, he has advanced knowledge of their working, and is able to dispel genjutsu as well.


Kakashi's most distinguishing ability is his Sharingan, a gift from his friendObito Uchiha, as its ability to have him to copy nearly any technique used against him gave him the moniker Copy Ninja Kakashi (コピー忍者のカカシ,Kopī Ninja no Kakashi) while seeing through any deception, give hypnotic suggestions, perform genjutsu, and predict his opponent's movements or knock them out. This was seen in action twice, once against Zabuza Momochi and then against on Root members sent to watch Naruto. This eye also give Kakashi a heightened visual perception to his surroundings. This allows Kakashi to overcome the normal tunnel-effect caused from extreme speeds, also allowing him to use his Lightning Cutter to its fullest while still able to see his opponents clearly.

However, because Kakashi is not of Uchiha blood and cannot deactivate it, he uses a massive amount of chakra to utilise his Sharingan, keeping it covered when not in battle and taking extended bed rest from using it extensively. Because of this, Kakashi only relies on it when he feels it is an absolute necessity. Despite his handicap with the Sharingan, he is very skilled in using it; Itachi Uchiha, a true heir and master of the Sharingan, acknowledged Kakashi's proficiency with the Sharingan compared to most true Sharingan wielders.

When he first received the Sharingan it had only two tomoe. Some time after this, the traumatic loss of his dear friend Rin caused Kakashi's Sharingan to fully mature. In addition, Kakashi has extended the duration of time he can sustain using the Sharingan. In Part I, he could only handle using it for a short while in battle while suffering somewhat crippling effects such as severe fatigue. In Part II, he is seen using it for seemingly a day while testing Naruto and Sakura without any adverse effects.

Mangekyō SharinganEdit

Kakashi awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan after killing Rin, though seemed unaware of its awakening until years later. With it he can perform Kamui: a technique that creates a space-time barrier in the form of a swirling void that sucks any target he focuses his eye on to another dimension and also bring them back. Originally, Kakashi lacked proper control to hit his target properly. His skill later improved greatly, able to successfully warp small, fast-moving, or multiple targets in rapid succession as seen against Pain,and Sasuke Uchiha respectively. Even Obito Uchiha, a former ally and master of Kamui, openly acknowledged Kakashi's great skill with the technique. While battling Obito, Kakashi attempted to use Kamui to behead the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path: an object of significant size and mass, failing only because of Obito's intervention. His finesse allows him to safely warp chakra-based techniques, like the Rasengan, or even shadow clones without disrupting them, at such speed that Obito himself was fooled into believing Kakashi failed and dispelled the technique instead.While originally demonstrating only long-range use, Kakashi is also able to use Kamui at a short-range, even on targets as large as a full-sized tailed beast like Gyūki. Kakashi's new proficiency with Kamui is even able to teleport himself.

Kamui's chakra requirements are even greater than those of the standard Sharingan, such that initially he had to be hospitalised for a week after using it three times in one day. By his battle against Obito however, his mastery of this technique improved further, able to use it at least five times, three of which in quick succession (along with other chakra-taxing techniques like the Lightning Cutter) and still had enough strength left to act. Afterwards, though tired, he remarked that he retained enough chakra to use the technique a few more times, and only after the fourth use did he start experiencing the immediate side effects. He is also aware of other Mangekyō Sharingan techniques as well as the risks the dōjutsu poses to the user's eyesigh

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@ThexX: Glad you know this stuff. I don't lol.

@ImTheDamnBatman The Ninjustu stuff is fair enough. The Sharigan and Genjustu are no nos for this tourney. No using them. Since ThexX knows his stuff I will leave it to him to call out anything other than the Ninjustu.

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@CadenceV2: What about chidori. It is a ninjutsu attack but it's a destruction attack based on lighting.

(sorry to be a pain in @$$.)

Here is a definition for the chidori.


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@ThexX: After reading it it requires the Sharigan thinga majig to be effective. Otherwise it has the drawback of being sidestep easy enough. Cap and Buck should easily deal with it and Caps endurance more so could tank it as it is describe as can be fatal.

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I had no intention of using genjutsu, since this is pre time skip Kakashi, who doesn't even have feats with it. As for the sharingan, it's not as impressive pre-time skip as he made it out to be. It's basically a glorified Spider-Sense, detecting what an opponent will do half a second before they do it. Is that still too Over Powered? And yes, I did plan on using ninjutsu. most of the stuff he posted was post-time skip.

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Also i call the stun perk

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@ThexX: Well there is one benefit. Its against the rules to kill your guys. So alot of no killing attacks in your round here gives you the chance to fight. Truth is I watch early Naruto and the fact is there speed and durability is in the rules. As for the powers like I stated nothing more destructive than a Stick of Dynomite. The Water Dragon would be a clear breaking of the rule. If he starts breaking the rules I stated as a argument then he will be disqualified.

@ImTheDamnBatman: I trust you will keep it pre time skip?

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Of course, it wouldn't be fun to use anything post, that would make it too easy.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: I'll take Ladies Man perk.

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@CadenceV2: One more question do we start on the same side are on different sides of the lake.

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@ThexX: @ImTheDamnBatman: Same Side of the lake.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: @CadenceV2: I apologize but I am going to dropout. Got a lot of work coming up and won't have time.

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Dang! I was hoping you would make an argument, I'm best at countering. Well alright, good luck with your work.

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@ThexX: Its understandable. I been there.

@ImTheDamnBatman: .... WINNER......

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AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAH. On a side note, may I add an extra piece of equipment for next round that I forgot? It's just a smoke pellet.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: Rest Assured R2 will see any changes in equipment allowed.

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