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And one DC character...

Anyway! We probably already know how powerful and extremely huge V'Ger is. Let's say all of these characters take turns standing, or actually in better words; floating 100,000 miles away from V'Ger. Everything in its way it absorbs and these guys are no exception! They are in its path. But can they survive?

Now, that question has been answered

Now let's say that V'ger allows them to battle against it... Can this group have a chance at winning as a team against this humongous Solar System Sized Entity?

The group will be fighting against it, but they are each 100,000 miles away from eachother so they can't really communicate effectively save for the strongest telepaths.

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Hmm..... I say team wins. Although I may be wrong...?

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Team wins. Onslaught sets up mind links, Galactus teleports them to a conference room. Thanos is a non-factor, he isnt motivated, he will die (ok maybe he will just tp to his planet).

First, the cannon fooder is sent in. Sentry, Juggy,Hulk, Thor etc. Then, Ego and Galactus proceed to engage while Iron Man, Doom and Banner make an anti VGer gun. ~works every time~

If Thanos was motivated, he could solo.

What is storm doing there when the team already has Thor? One weatherman isnt enough?

Also, Galactus---> Ultimate Nullifier? We know Thanos doesnt carry the IG/cosmic cube like a purse, but Galactus carries the UN. Allowed to use?

VGer attacks seem at best city blasting attacks. It has nothing on Planet/Galaxy busting people.

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no clue

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I see the neigh omnipotent as the likes of Galactus able to survive a single energy attack from V'Ger, but so much as a full volley of them would surely drain what ever neigh omnipotence he has.

As for everyone else, they all parish at the might of V'Ger

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I don't think it can kill Juggernaut.

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@johnnyz256 said:

@_gaff_: I figured you'd realize it was the Celestial when I posted a picture of the same! Are you knowledeable in Star Trek?

Do you know what Vger's exo aura made out of?

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@alberto_weskardo: I do not know much of anything about V'Ger. Perhaps memory-alpha.org would be of assistance.