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i have no idea so wuts ur opinion.

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because it would channel all the Abilities and venom attacks

MOON KING is but strong that VENOM

MOON KING knows how to fight in the space this gives him advantage

the victory is for MOON KING

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venom would whoop moonknights ass. just fight him right at sunup

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I think Venom would win. Unless Moonknight has sonics, I don't see him winning. Venom would easily over power him and defeat him. He's stronger and has his symbiote which is like fighting 2 people in itself. Venom would win. (BTW he's becoming awfully popular in these battles)

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Venom eats Moon Knight's spleen.

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Haha. Venom.

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Donnieman v5.1 says:

"Venom eats Moon Knight's spleen."

splee? wut r u smoking? he go strait for the adrenalin glands.

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Venom wins easy. moon knight dosnt have any powers anymore he just has his normal skills.

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Moon Knight kindle already beat Venom by trolling (Boredly trolling a 5 Year bump)

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.... Why bump this it is obvious who the winner is.

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@KMART4455 said:

.... Why bump this it is obvious who the winner is.


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