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SUBJECT: Okay so most would look at this for one second and say "DUH deadpool can't die!" but I have three points of controversy when I think about it.  
1.) THE SCENARIO: Now I realize Venom has weaknesses and if armed with a sonic blaster plus the element of surprise, Deadpool could behead Eddie (NOT Mac Gargan! This isn't about him!) and besides my debatable way of stopping Deadpool, (My third point) Venom can't actually kill Wade, but if this battle ever appeared in a comic, it probably wouldn't result in either of their deaths so I'm talking more about defeat in a fight, rather than a death match.  
2.) BEATABLE: Deadpool in essence, is a regenerating ninja; he has awesome reflexes and utilizes weapon expertise. You know who else has Deadpool's ninja-like abilities? Spider-Man! And aside from times where Spidey used Venom's flame and sonic weaknesses against him, (and one other defeat in which Venom temporarily lost his mind and Spider-Man crashed him into the ground) He gets annihilated by Venom's alike powers plus superior strength and aggresion, so why couldn't  he punch out Deadpool?! Plus, both anti-heroes can put up with a lot damage without giving out so Venom could also deal his hits and anybody who knows Venom, knows weapons (unless sonic) don't do anything to him, leaving Wilson's armed combat training useless.  
3.) THE SYMBIOTE'S POSSIBLE ADVANTAGE: Venom (Eddie) in essence, is a freakin' buff guy in an alien "Symbiote" with a shadow of Spider-Man's powers plus the powers of near invulnerability, shape-shifting and (which most don't realize) a healing factor! Think about it, both Venom and Deadpool had (and still have) cancer before they got their powers and both 'regenerators' (Deadpool's experimental and not unlimited healing factor and Venom's living suit) not only stave off the cancer, but regenerate wounds. Everyone knows Deadpool heals wounds, but (trust me, I've read every comic) so can Eddie! Now here's the sleeper and the most debatable of all, and keep in mind, it's an open question, NOT a fact.; Can the Symbiote go in and cancel out Wade's factor?! the Symbiote has in the past gone into Venom's victim's bodies and killed them with its Venomous (ha) properties and can break down to a molecular level! there was a time when Venom transfered half his costume through a telephone line and fought Carnage through a TV! And as far as his weaknesses go, after so much experience with the suit, Brock eventually could handle sonics and fire really well as opposed to his image of completely freaking out and detaching from the suit. (It takes a lot more than just his known weaknesses to completely separate and be rendered unconscious and/or killed).  
IN CLOSING: I know it's not fair to me to say Venom can kill Deadpool based on a plausible hunch, but take away the 'Symbiote killing him from the inside' thing, and my points still make this: Deadpool- ninja-like reflexes and increased strength, teleportation and healing factor VS. Venom- All of Spider-Man's powers plus even more strength, shapeshifting and healing factor. It just seems to me like Venom stands more of a chance through analysis than most would think. I'm not being bias either and I love both characters and I'm also not saying I'm 100% right, so I don't wanna start a war here, but I just wanna hear what you guys think!

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No one wants to read a wall of post... That looks absolutely terrible to read. 

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There. all fixed

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Uh, what?

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@Nefarious: It wasn't split into paragraphs earlier
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@MuckV: Yeah, but this is a bit over the top.
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Been done, general consensus was that Venom(classic) wins. 

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nice! but are you talking defeat or kill?

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@InnerVenom123: Nearly every version of Venom wins.
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@Mistress_Crusher: True, but the battle was made specifically of Classic VS DP, shoulda specified. Gargan and Fortunato die, of course. 
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win, but in other topics, did he kill him?

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@InnerVenom123: Yep.But everyone else,including Flash,murders him.
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@MuckV: Welcome to the Vine. Venom wins.
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Been done. Venom owns. Keep it short, kid.

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Venom takes it.
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Well I didn't just write all of that cuz I'm bored, You guys are makin' it sound like a slaughter! I already went into this thinking Venom might win, and I'm not saying he wouldn't, but what do people on the Deadpool spectrum say? And if no one thinks he could win, HOW and WHY would Venom win?

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Venom. And he eats Deadpool's head! YUM!  
Let's see Wade rejuvenate from that! :P
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@Super_SoldierXII said:
Venom. And he eats Deadpool's head! YUM!  Let's see Wade rejuvenate from that! :P
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In suicide kings the punisher blew deadpools head off and he heals from it. Not to mention volume 8 operation anialation when hulk obliterated him into a billion pieces and he healed from that

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Venom wins.

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@crabtree said:

Venom wins.

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Doesn't deadpool have sonic AND fire weapons to deal with venom? I'm just trying to make any arguement for our screwed friend Deadpool here :/