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Teams and locations were chosen randomly.

Juicebooks' team:

1. Taskmaster;

2. Wolverine;

3. Sandman.

DireDrill's team:

1. Elektra;

2. Moonstone;

3. Poison Ivy.

Location: Bora Bora.

They start at 5 kilometres from each other. They can use every resource in the location and they can use the environment to hide or in any other way they want.

The teams have got 5 minutes of preparation time, they know what is the location, but they know only what abilities the other team has(for example, they will know that Wolverine has got healing factor, Poison Ivy has got powers related to plant-life, Elektra is a great martial artist etc.).

Win by death, KO or incapacitation.

Morals on, in character.

@juiceboks @diredrill let's start this battle :)

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We start off on a heavily forested Island which is much to your detriment. Poison Ivy immediately grabs each of your team members and moves them to her. Using her Pheromones she commands them to fight each other to the death.

Sandman might be immune to this form of attack being Sand but that is where Elektra comes in. She hits him with a psionic attack and knocks him out. Moonstone can keep him busy by toying with him if needbe.

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Well we do start off 5 km away from each other so I really dont see PI immediately grabbing each of my team members as if theyre 5 feet away. Even if she tried, Wolverines speed and claws should make quick work of her vines and similar with TM's sword and skills. With Wolverines superhuman sense of smell he should be able to snuff out atleast two of your members as he has had numerous encounters with them. Sandman can make his way towards the beach to travel across the coastline. Or he could just dissipate as a sand mist and travel inconspicuously across the island until he finds one of your teammates. Where in he can suffocate, blind or just outright smash them.

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@diredrill: @juiceboks: bump. I want to finish this round this week, so I wish to open votes soon.

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Poison Ivy generally loathes men, especially the kind of men that Taskmaster and Wolverine are. She'll smell the beer on their breath and immediately assume criminal cavemen and then grab them up. Her vines are constructing and huge, they will eventually entangle both of them regardless of how well they are fighting. Sandman is an idiot and he is a bruiser. Poison Ivy would grab him too if she could but he'll be noticed just like Wolverine and Taskmaster and then Elektra will find him with her telepathic abilities and tell Moonstone who they are dealing with. Moonstone then creates a sustained blast of light that will blind everyone. Elektra and Poison Ivy will close their eyes and use their other senses. Elektra should be able to use her psionic abilities to take him out. If that does not work Elektra can direct Moonstone's energy blasts to glass him.