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The teams were chosen randomly, as well as the location.

Team CadenceV2

1. DKR Batman;

2. Spider Woman;

3. Man-Thing.

Team CalebHara

1. Batman(Pre-52);

2. Iron-Fist;

3. Aquaman(new 52).

Location: Amazonic Forest.

They start at 5 kilometres from each other. They can use every resource in the location and they can use the environment to hide or in any other way they want.

The teams have got 5 minutes of preparation time, they know what is the location, but they know only what abilities the other team has(for example, they will know that Iron Fist has got chi-powers, Aquaman has got powers related to sea-life and water, Batman is a great martial artist etc.).

Win by death, KO or incapacitation.

Morals on, in character.

@cadencev2@calebhara let's start this battle :)

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Looking at the opponents I would say pretty evenly match.

DKR Batman is very skilled, super human stats, and does not hold back as much. Against Pre Crisis it can go either way.

Spider Woman is a superb Martial Artist and the New avengers 1 (that I use which is Skrull Queen) is even better.

Man Thing IMO would beat Aquaman 10 out of 10 times. More on that later.

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Grabs popcorn, lol i like reading these topics sometimes

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Dammit, i got Cadence in the first round. Oh well, ill try my best. Do you want to start this or should i? @cadencev2

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this is the first time ive seen DKR batman in a debate, this should be good.

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@cadencev2: ok, give me a little time so that i can get my scans together.

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ok, here it goes:

Aquaman could very well be the MVP of my team, and of this entire fight. He has the ability to put any one of your team down using telepathy before they can get in close to use physical attacks. Your team has very little defense against any of Arthurs TP, meaning that he could potentially put your entire team down via. Telepathic attacks.

He can give seizures to anyone on your team, like he did to the speedster, of the Hyperclan. This would leave most of your team in no condition to fight. (Im not sure if this would be considered an incap or KO)

Or hit them with psi bolts/ mind raping attacks that would also effectively put most of your teammates out of the battle. Here he hits vixen with a psi bolts, and mind rapes Tiamat.

In a physical fight, Aquaman could take out anyone on your team, except maybe man-thing. He is simply too durable, and too strong, with enough speed to get his hits in on anyone that is on your team. He could one-shot Bruce, and probably put Spiderwoman down in one hit as well.

In a fight with Despero, he was able to punch him so hard the he flew out of the water and was temporarily incapacitated. He got up and fought Arthur and MMH in a TP battle after that, but he is a team buster, who has been able to take multiple hits from Superman level beings.

He was also able to knock down Superman himself in one punch. Nobody on your team has durability any where close to the likes of Superman. I don’t think Spiderwoman, or Bruce has any chance of tanking a hit from Arthur.

His durability is simply too much for Spiderwoman, or Bruce to put him down. Man-thing is your only hope of putting Arthur down. He is the only one strong enough to do so.

He took multiple hits from Lobo, who has been able to hurt Superman with physical blows. Lobo is stronger than anyone on your team, so I don’t think that even man-ting could put him down in a few strikes.

There have been many instances where Arthur has taken hits from class 100’s and was able to shrug them off. Your team has no immediate way of putting Arthur down, while Arthur has ways of putting your entire team down. He can one-shot both Spiderwoman and Bruce, easily putting them out of the battle. He can beat man-thing via. Telepathy putting him your heaviest hitter out of the battle. He potentially take your whole team out before they can make their first move on my team, especially with telepathy.

Iron Fist has the ability to take out either Bruce, or Spiderwoman in one hit. He has one-shotted the helicarrier, punched through Spiderman (who has taken hits from Hulk, Juggernaut and Phoenix force Colossus) and he has even one shotted a drunken Hercules. Spiderwoman and Bruce simply don’t have the durability to take any hits from Danny.

His speed is more than sufficient enough for him to get his hits in too. He has “micro second, faster than lighting reflexes. He effortlessly dodges bullets, and has even dodged a lighting attack from fat cobra.

I don’t even think I need to get into Danny’s fighting ability and martial knowledge yet. But this, combined with his speed and striking power allow him to put down your two lightweights in one or two strikes. He will get his hits in, and when that happens, it will be devastating.

Finally, I think that my Bruce will be more effective than your Bruce. Especially in a battle of Meta-Humans. Pre-52 Bruce simply has more feats than TDKR Bruce involving dealing with meta-human threats. While your Bruce has a chance against… my Bruce, mine can potentially hold his own against Spiderwoman or TDKR Batman. Bruce also acts as the strategist and leader of my team. Pre 52 Bruce also has more feats in terms of being a strategist and a tactician. (Wayyyyyy too much “Bruce” for one paragraph)

His gear plays a huge part in this battle. And he has lots of gear that can incap almost any member of your team. Hell, with gear like this, he could even do some damage to man-thing.

So, in summary

  • Aquaman could potentially beat your entire team telepathically
  • Arthur can take anyone on your team
  • Danny can onne-shot both of your light weights
  • Bruce, and his gear should be a problem for your whole team

Hope this was a decent start :/ your move.

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I want to say I had this whole long Argument typed out. it was deleted :(

I also in too many matches. So I will let ya have this win. I just dont have time anymore lol. MT would solo your team BTW.

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@cadencev2: good thing you forfeit, that was really the only way i would win this :/ I know that MT would solo, i tried to undersell him in my post, but from what i have read, he is like the Swamp Thing of Marvel, i was questioning why the OP put him in the tourney in the first place.

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@calebhara: Yeah he is more High Tier on the level with Hell lords and everything.

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@calebhara: This is new 52 Aquaman(I haven't stated it in this OP, but it was stated in the signs up thread, anyway I'll edit the OP).

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@veitha: He forfeit due to the fact that he was in wayy too many matches at the time.

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Honestly despite CadenceV2 throwing of the match, I thought you did a solid job.

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@laflux: Thanks man, i appreciate that. But to be honest, he would have killed me, i have seen what he can do in terms of debating on CV, Im'm just starting out. That, and the OP let him have man-thing for some reason, who is probably the MVP of this whole tourney by a long shot.

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