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Location: New York City. Inside a Bank.

For your first mission the evil teams will have to prove to be able to be the most classical thing that an evil team does: steal and kill.

On the other hand, the good team will have to protect and to arrest.

In fact the missions for each teams are the followings:

- The Evil Team will have to go inside a bank and steal the diamonds inside it.They have planned this attack for a week because they knew that there would have been a group of superheroes or at least a group of armed soldiers to protect the bank.

And guess what, they will find both. There are five soldiers equipped with a gun inside the bank and your team will have to go past them to steal the diamonds and then escape. All of your team needs is to escape before the good team arrests them and they will have to kill any witness. The diamonds are contained inside a force field that will take twenty minutes to be turned off, so your team won't be able to just teleport inside the bank and then teleport away, but they will have to wait twenty minutes before they can do so.

- The Good team will have to stay inside the bank, protect the diamonds and arrest the evil team. They were told by an informant about the members of the Evil team and what they wanted to do but they didn't have time to create a plan. They are helped by five soldiers with guns but they will also have to protect the soldiers from the evil team and to prevent any killing. They won't kill their enemies because, y'know, heroes don't kill and they have to prevent killings, or at least let only one soldier survive.

To sum up, the objectives are these:

- Evil Team:

1. Steal the diamonds and survive against the Good team for twenty minutes.

2. Kill all the soldiers and try to kill the superheroes(killing the heroes is optional).

- Good Team:

1. Arrest the Evil Team before they escape by incapacitation or KO.

2. Make sure that at least one soldier survives.

The soldiers have only got a gun and a special armor which gives them some enhanced durability, enough to take one superhuman hit and to take some bullets. You can't bring them in another dimension or stuff like this, you can't even leave the place for another dimension(it's considered self-BFR).

For each team there will be these rules and perks:

- Evil Team:

1. Prep-time. During their prep-time they can do everything they would do in character, but they can't do things such as build or bring a Cosmic Cube or stuff like that. They've got a day of prep-time.

2. Morals off. Your team has got no morals and it's willing to kill the other.

3. No knowledge: your team doesn't know who their enemies are.

4. If there's any bad blood in your team it will come into play.

- Good Team:

1. Full knowledge. Your team has got full knowledge about your enemies. They know their skills and powers and they also know their backgrounds and weakness.

2. Team chemistry. Your team cooperates perfectly.

3. Morals on and no bloodlusted, so they won't be likely to kill or use brute strenght.

4. No prep-time, so your team won't have time to create a tactic or to bring objects with them.

The best debater will be chosen by votes. You can also chose not to accomplish a mission and to focus on the other, but the voters may judge badly because of this.

- NO BFR or insta-kill stuff;

- You can't leave the place;

- Each team starts inside the bank with a distance of 200 metres. Yes, the bank is quite big, and there are also some civilians inside(it's optional for the teams to kill them or to protect them, but if you want to show that your team is very evil or very good then do that lol);

@jwalser3 's team:

Street Leveler: Katana(Pre52)

Bruiser: The Thing

Magic user:Raven(Pre52)

Energy manipulator: Cyclops

Wildcard: The Creeper

@cadencev2 's team:

SL: T-Infinity

Bruiser: Violator

Psy Magic: Randal Flagg

Energy: Spawn (Second Metamorphis)

Wild Card: T-1000

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@mr_ingenuity: Of course I get matched up with a T-1000. Great. But I'll get to this later tonight.

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@cadencev2: Let me open this up later tonight. Around 9-10ish.

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@cadencev2: I guess you should start out. I've been busy as hell. My apologies.

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Have at it.

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This should be good

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Well, I will post my post.

Randal Flagg, Spawn, and Violator mind rape your team. T-1000 coats them to death in Liquid Metal. T-I cuts them in half with Plasma Blades.


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@cadencev2: Okay. I'll start this off, finally!

First off. T-Infinity, IMO way OP for this tournament, at least to be classed as a street level fighter. Seeing how half your team is nothing but walking tanks, this will be tough.


She'll have to use her stealth and speed to be a security system. The one she'll have to take out is Randell Flagg. I'd like to see Spawns durability, to see if she could cut/pierce his necroarmor.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how she'll get the drop on a physic. I'll get to that in alittle.

She was able to get the drop on Slade, I don't see why she couldn't get the drop on Spawn. And seeing how Spawn is your projectile class fighter, he shouldn't be a problem for Katana.

Deflecting Green Arrow's arrow at insane range.
Deflecting 3 light beams

So with her moving around the bank behind your team, she should get the drop on them.


His laugh will effect Randal, maybe Spawn and the Violater.

This laugh will bring your pyshic down. Being completely focused on the laugh, he won't be able to do anything TP related. Then Katana can slice him in two and focus on Spawn.

And the Creeper can quickly move around the bank dodging, and protecting the guards.

Nice durability feat as well.

Now again, Creeper and Katana should be able to take on Spawn and Randel.

The Thing

Now Ben will be in charge of taking on The Violater. Now creatures the size of Violater is nothing new to Ben.

One shotting a T-Rex

Plus tanking hits from people like Hulk, Thor, Destroyer, etc. Violater shouldn't be to hard to handle.

And yes I know the Destroyer gave up half way through the fight, but it's irrelevant because Ben was still taking punches from him before Galactus showed up.

So Ben and Cyclops would have to work to keep him out of the Bank.


Now Scott could help Ben out with the big boy, and Spawn, T-Infinity, and Spawn.

If they preach the bank, Scott can use trick shows to tag a majority, if not, all the members of your team.

And of course he should be able to bring down the Violater as well.

Now I know you're going to say he wouldn't do that in the bank

That's why Ben would have to move him out side.


Now I know I haven't said much about the T-1000. I'll admit, no one on my team(possible Cyclops) could bring him down. Well since all we have to do it detain the enemy Raven could easily put a force field around the T-1000.

Then it's her mind raping the rest of your team. Seeing how your physic member will be taken down by my Creeper/Katana combo.

Now this isn't my best, I always go second in these things. Lol. But hope to hear from you soon.

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I meant T-I as Wilc Card and T-1000 as Street level, but its whatever.

I will adress the Key points. The Laugh. Lets say it affects Violator, Spawn, and Randal.

T-I and T-1000 will notice. what will they do. Take Crapper Out.

T-I will blast Creeper, seeing he heals, T-1000 will coat him.

Thats it for Creeper.

Now mind rape time.


1-3) Spawns connected to all the pain and misery throughout earth.

4) Spawn with a touch of a eyelash transfers all his pain he been through to this girl.

5) Spawn uses his power to cause this woman killer to experience all the pain and suffering she caused her victims.

6) spawn cures insanity.

7-8) Spawn mentally implants in Wynn's mind that his skin was ripped off.

9-11) Spawn uses TP to send this kid into his own personnel Hell.


He is also Telepathic and can mind Dominate average beings in all of Manhattan!

Then Randal Flagg.

Scan 1: Mentally staggers another Telepath name Alain.

Scan 2 Mentally Staggers a very powerful Psychic name Sheemie.

Scan 3-4: Effortlessly reads Tick Tock Man's mind. The Wastelands

There goes the rest of your team. Leaving T-Inffinity to simply waltz around and slicey dicey your Team.

And that is really the plan.

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@cadencev2: Yo yo yo! I'll post my counter tomorrow. Work, and shows have been crazy lately. @veitha When is closing on Saturday?

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@jwalser3 said:

@cadencev2: Yo yo yo! I'll post my counter tomorrow. Work, and shows have been crazy lately. @veitha When is closing on Saturday?


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This is looking good

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@jwalser3: @cadencev2: are you guys ready to vote? Sorry if I missed some tags... I wanted to close this on Saturday but most of the battles weren't finished, but I'd like to end it as soon as we can.

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@veitha said:

@jwalser3: @cadencev2: are you guys ready to vote? Sorry if I missed some tags... I wanted to close this on Saturday but most of the battles weren't finished, but I'd like to end it as soon as we can.

I guess so.

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