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Tournament Rules:

§ All parties involved in a debate must state they are ready for voting before votes are taken into consideration. Meaning anyone who votes prior to this point will be discounted.

§ Personal attack are prohibited. At any point, if you insult your fellow debater(s), and they feel personally insulted, I will ask you apologize for the jest. I'm not talking about joking around, or meaningless jabs at one another, I'm talking about over the line insulting and ridicule. If someone is offended, either apologize, or under the even someone really crosses a line, they will be flagged and kicked out of the tournament.

§ Feats must be backed up with scans, or at the very least sourced. For example, if you know something happened and what issue it's from, but don't have the scan, just source the issue. If you can find the scan, great. However, if you are just pulling information off a wiki, and can't find what issue it's actually from, then as far as I'm concerned it is irrelevant. Even sourcing the Story Arc would be fine.

§ Follow the character rules, battle rules, and the scenarios given.

§ As always, respect each other.

Now that that's out of the way.

Team Donovan Montgomery

Street+: Blue (Ted Kord) Beetle

City: Booster Gold

Planetary: Wonder Man

Cosmic:Captain Atom.

Team Mr_Ingenuity

Street+: New 52 Static Shock

City: Bruce Banner (w/o hulk)

Planetary: Nate Grey (Not Shaman)

Cosmic: Photon Genis-Vell

Battle Conditions:

  1. Prep - Yes, 3 Days. All characters are available for prep, and may acquire one object, outside of their standard gear, that they have used before. Each Team may additionally create one item that one of their characters has either created before or has intimate knowledge of how to create. Get basic knowledge with 12 hours remaining, can only be used for strategic prep.
  2. Morals Off
  3. Bloodlust On
  4. BFR Disabled
  5. Standard Equipment
  6. Location: Combatants start at the corners of the island.


To Me, my Archer! - Add either Hawkeye or Green Arrow to your team, unlimited razor and 5 explosive arrows available.

Replicator - Copy one piece of gear from any of your team members and give it to a different team member.

This is SPARTA! - 50 Spartans from 300 will spawn 50 feet from your opponent's spawn point and will immediately attack your opponent.

Clairavoyance - Your team has full knowledge of the opponent's team for all three days of prep, and can use it for all purposes, not just strategy.

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Will post after work. Thank you Esquire for posting.

p.s. Merry Christmas to all :)

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@Mr_Ingenuity: Sorry, busy holiday and drawing a blank at the moment.........working on it still :/

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@Donovan Montgomery:

No hurry :)