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The Immortal Cave Man Vandal Savage from DC comics fights The Ancient Vampire Kars from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Two immortals fight for superiority over all mortal creatures of earth. We're going to make this 3 rounds.

Round One: Prehistoric Savage a few dozen years after gaining self awareness. Prehistoric Kars has reached maturity at the dawn mankind and has just donned the stone mask. Fight takes place in a rocky area near a large cave system at sundown. Both have 1 day of prep with access to the most basic of ancient weaponry. Winner by death or KO. Beheading applies.

Round Two: Vandal Savage in the year 1939 of the current DC time line. Both have 2 months of prep. Kars 2 months after being awakened from the pillar. They agree to meet in a snowy forest near a shear cliff at sundown. Winner by death or KO.

Round Three: The Mark of Cain controlling Savage and wielding the Spear of Destiny. Kars after becoming the perfect being with the stone mask. Both have transformed 10 minutes ago to comprehend their new forms. The fight takes place on a volcanic island. First one who can no longer move loses.

Shake it up.