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I got in an arguement about this awhile back and had some annoying guy so pissed he walked away. I was happy just to piss the guy off.

I personally think Vampire Hunter D would win.

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depends what doctor...

i'm not that up on vampire hunter d so can vou give me a rundown of his strengths and weaknesses please


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Half human and half vampire. He has hieghtened stregnth and speed. He can glide by manipulating his cape with his mind. He has some powerful telekenesis. He has over powered another elder vampire's telekensis and pinned him to a wall with a broken sword. D has a symbiotic creature in the palm of his left hand that can devour spells ann even brought him back to life once. D is a skilled swordsman and can turn vampiric to increase his powers. You can take any Doctor you want and tell why you picked them and if they could win, then how.

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ok, D's weaknesses?



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D can be killed in the same way any vampire can be killed. He probably has the same weaknesses as vampire as far as wooden stakes and such goes. If in the sun too long he get's sun fatigue and has to bury himself to get out of the light and regenerate his strength. D occassionally get's the lust for blood too, but has controlled himself so far. I like the books too, and they get more into his weaknesses than the movies.

He's the one with the hat and black clothes.
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ok... in theory any doctor could take him down, but they wouldn't...

any of the doctors, being time lordsm could step inbetween the seconds of time and stake him before he moved...

they wouldn't though because he is a life form, as such any of the doctors would be very reluctant to kill him...

in fact in all the doctors, only one has actually ever used a gun to kill someone...


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How does the stepping between time thing work? Does all time stop for them, or do they slow time down?

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time can actually stop for them...

they can step inbetween the seconds of time and move freely around...

very wierd habbit, the doctor has only used it a few times, the master was quite happy using it to kill people and cause mayhem and destruction...

seems the latest doctors 9 and 10 have only been able to use this power to a degree and only for short periods.


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So they warp time to do what they want.

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pretty much yeah lol

nice to know the time lords are / were good guys :)

in fact the time lords were so powerfull, i mean in raw power not strength, at they're height they could have givven the guardians of OA a run for they're money...

how do you fight someone that can go back and smother you while you sleep as a child?

or go back in time and erase your entire planet from excistence?


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Nevermind that the fact that any of the Doctors could go back in time in kill any of Vampire Hunter D's ancestors...(wasn't he a child of Dracula?) but they wouldn't.
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ok, i've come a very long way in my Dr Who knowledge since this battle was first posted, and without a doubt i can now say that The Doctor, any Doctor, would quite happily kill D without hesitation or thought about the timeline...

here is my reasoning...

a few milennia back (Time Lord Timeline), the Time Lords of Gallifrey fought the Great Vampire Wars, most of this was shown in the books State of Decay, Vampire Science, and the E-Space saga...

Here's the quote from Gallifrey One (Leading Dr Who site on the net)

The Great Vampires suddenly appeared in the universe, causing mass destruction and chaos. The Time Lords hunted these creatures down in a long and bloody war, it was stated by Rassilon that The Great Vampires were such a threat that any Time Lord must take any action to destroy these creatures, even at the cost of his own life. The Time Lords even created their own warships to use in this great universal war, using these "bowships" to pierce their hearts. Though the Time Lords won, they incurred heavy casualties, and even then the leader of the Vampires escaped into E-Space.

Now, we know The Doctor is more than capable of taking down D using Time Lord technology, and more to the point he is duty bound by oath to Rassilon to do so no matter what the cost, to his own life or to the time line....

to put it bluntly, D is screwed...

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Doctor Who should win here

David Tennant is the man !
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Hmmm as for now what i saw of D he was staked a few times and not one time was any near fatal for him and he hasn t any sunlight weeknes too but just gets heat syndrom every 5 years but idk why the battle should take place at that exact moment and even he shown one time that he has no weeaknes to water as other vampire and dhampirs/dunpeals, so idk, the prob is i don t even know who Doctor Who is so i won t say that anyone would win but he couldn t kill D with thoes normal vampire killing methods.
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Come on Guys ? Doctor Who ? come on you Know He will stomp this 

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@GL Bertron
That is for the movie, but in the novels the guy has no pro with dealing with nukes so. And in the manga he was staked a few times and he lived, and sunlight doesn't do him anything, and in the manga he also displayed that he has no problem with water too so he has pretty much no vampire weakneses.