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Vampire hunter D vs Batman & Robin

They are both fully equipped, Batman has all his little gadgets including his motorcycle and his companion Robin. Vampire Hunter D has his cybernetic horse, sword and of course his parasite friend. They meet in a desolate town and have to fight eachother to the death, no preparation time at all. Who will kill who?

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D. What can Batman do to him? D has killed multiple vampire as easy as Batman beats street gangs. Werewolves also.

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D obliterates Batman easily.

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D has a lot of weaknesses that Batman could use to his advantage. Flash grenades or maybe sleeping gas or similar tools could be use to confuse or daze D. Also keep in mind that Batman has Robin and they are both at their most powerful. D also is by nature quite passive, but yeah you're probably right D would decapitate them both.

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D is taking this.

Really need to watch that movie again

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Vampire D in a slaughterfest.

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D s%$ts on Batman and his entire rogue gallery.