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Okay this gonna be a 9 man Battle royal between different vampires in media.

Our Combants will be...

Marvel's Dracula,Edward Cullen,Alucard,Dio Brando,Alucard(Castlevania)Raizel,Klaus,Kaname, and Angel

  • No Prep
  • Win by Any means Necessary
  • All Bloodlusted...see what I did there
  • Pre.s Alucard

Fight Take Place in Gotham

No Sun for 5 Days.

Who Wins

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They all take turns stomping on Edward.

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Angel stomps.

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Marvel's Dracula

Edward Cullen: Dies pretty quickly

Alucard: Wins from What I've seen

Dio Brando: Might win from the hype I've heard..

Alucard(Castlevania): Don't know him.

Raizel: Don't know him.

Klaus: Doesn't belong here.

Kaname: Don't know him

Angel: Standard version Doesn't belong here..

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Comes down to Hellsing Alucard and Dio. Considering this is full out bloodlusted, do anything to win... probably stalemate. Alucard can't do anything to counter Dio's time freeze and FTL punches. However, Dio would need to unfreeze time and let Alucard reform each time so a new soul can take the place of the one he's just killed. After this has happened for a while Alucard would just turn intangible and stalemate him. Wait, does Dio have any resistance against mind control? Because if not, then Alucard gets the win.

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@princearagorn1: Alucard from castlevania is the son of dracula.You should play the game, is fun.Anyway my money is on Alucard.

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@princearagorn1: Dio Brando vs Alucard is a very good match indeed.

Brando can timestop, but only for like 10 seconds at a time, iirc.

He's got some more badass abilities, but I'm not super familiar with him.

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I thought this was all vampire royal.?

Why is there is a fairy involved...?