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Both have 1 day of prep

Barman is in his prime so Begins and Dark Knight

Fight in rounds Round 1 Batman is in his Begins suit and V is in his Armor from the end of the movie

Round 2 Batman is in his flexible kevlar plate suit while V is in his regular suit with out the armo

Remember prep both rounds

Fight takes place in an abandoned construction site at night both rounds

Win by death or Ko

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I'll probably say V both rounds takes it 8/10.

His hand-to-hand was far superior in my opinion. I'm not sure the prep would change much, too.

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The only movie in the trilogy where Bruce showed combat ability sufficient enough to take on V is in Batman Begins. He goes from taking out a dozen armed thugs single-handedly, to barley being able to keep up with three in TDK.

Unless Bruce can bring the Tumbler or the Bat i would take V in both rounds.

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V both rounds (9/10)

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V both rounds batman had trouble with a dog

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V both rounds, 8/10.

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Can V use his prep during round two to retrieve his breastplate.....? As well as backup ammo...

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Idk why but I feel like people forget about the scene where Batman takes down the entire swat team. Or when he takes down all the ninjas in the League of Assasins. Idk

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with prep, batman gets the batcycle or the bat tank and then it's over. (no batwing since this isn't DKR)

otherwise he loses in h2h.

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rofl Nolan took one of the best and made him trash. I would pick a plastic bag over that batman.