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If everyone in fiction faced each other in boxing matches, who would get the title belt?

All rules of boxing apply: no weapons, no hits below the belt, etc. Eyebeams, mind control, and other exotic attacks etc are similarly illegal, but passive powers like mind-reading, turning invisible, and so forth are ok. Super-strength and speed are fine of course; flying is ok as you stay above the ring and under the roof. No re-writing history to change the rules of boxing or anything like that.

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Rasslor wins. He won this contest before, and powers were on.

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Asrua rolf stomps if Omnipotents and Nigh Omnipotents are excluded.

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Does Asura have an answer for intangibility?

I think Zoom would do well; he could win by judges decision/points even if he can't KO.

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I'm biased, but, I'll post it anyway:

There just isn't anyone else who can keep it classy quite like Dudley, so he wins in my books.

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The One Above All

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taskmaster, easiliy

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A level 99 Hitmonchan