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galactus well-fed, and for those who don't know Unicron doesn't need to eat
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helllloooooooooooooooooooo!!!!.what's wrong, did every viner suddenly lose the ability to  express opinion, atleast give me a name.

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@rapest_of_super_heros said:
"helllloooooooooooooooooooo!!!!.what's wrong, did every viner suddenly lose the ability to  express opinion, atleast give me a name. "

Calm down this stuff happens all the time, erm, Galactus wins
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this has been done before... 
any way Big G wins...

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@jasraj: I didn't mean the hello as a scream but as an echo you know like a cave 
no it hasn't, unless the search is broken
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WOW thats alot of links!!!!!
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This almost as done as the killer croc vs lizard threads

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 Unicron Vs. Galactus  

  this fight would be killer I would have to say 
would win
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@erik said:
I would live to see Galactus playing music live.  lol
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Does anyone have any Unicron feats because it's impossible to make a decision like this without facts.

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The planet robot vs the guy who eats planets. What do u think?

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@TheSpiritStalker: Well I've read that back in his comic origins he was like the original dark/death opposite of light/life in the Transformers continuity.  Sort of like the Darkness/Angelus relationship (Unicron/Primus) maybe...?     
Beware though, as it is a
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i say comic Unicron every other Unicron would lose though

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Unicorn wins it's purrty :3

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Comic Unicron/Unicron Trilogy Unicron curbstomps actually now that I think about It Unicron would only need a little portion of his power to beat Galactus Unicron would just toy with Galactus for a while and then put some effort into the fight and when Galactus is about to die Unicron thinks Galactus would make a good servant and turn him into one of his most useful heralds the Unicron i am talking about is one that can destroy a Multiverse with a portion of his power while Galactus at his best is Universal probably could destroy a couple Universes on his best day Galactus is WAY out of his league here unless it's the pathetically weak G1 Movie Unicron that version of Unicron loses horribly

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Unicron would win

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I'll have to go with Galactus. Comic writers like to up their cosmic bad guy threats by having them mess up a low powered or starved Galactus. But full powered and well-fed, the dude in the big purple helmet is SERIOUS bad news.

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