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X-force includes Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex (misdirection enabled), Archangel, X-23, Domino

Spider-team includes Spiderman (peter parker), Scarlet Spider (kaine), Venom (eddy), Lizard (Current TP enabled), Black Tarantula

Just a nasty bloody fights with some of my favorite characters (and domino lol)

Deadpool, Domino, and Fantomex all have unlimited ammo with average weapons, fantomex has his pistols, deadpool (2 uzi's, an A-1 full auto shot gun, grenades, and katanas), Domino gets 2 dessert eagles and an UMP 45 machine gun and barret 50 cal sniper. Fantomex gets twin dessert eagles, a katana and grenades but NO EVE.

Can team stabby stabby bang bang take the spider power houses?

No prep the fight in down town new york with lots of over turned vehicles as cover etc.

Round 1. TP for lizard Misdirect for Fantomex

Round 2. Neither get those powers


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Fantomex solos

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@mavfan626: lol yup yeah most def Uncanny X force

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Round One- Fantomex Solo's

Round Two- X-Force loses horribly.

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@laflux: How does Fantomex's power's work exactly, may I ask?

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Can't Spidey counter misdirection with spider sense to an extent? also can't Lizard also mess with the X-team via TP even with misdirection? Sorry, I don't know a ton about fantomex's full capabilities I've just read a few stories with him in it.

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@laflux said:

Round One- Fantomex Solo's

Round Two- X-Force loses horribly.

Assuming spider-sense doesn't counter misdirection then this is the answer.