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The X-men have the fallowing: 
Battle takes place in a Half-way destroyed city 
No Morals 
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Hrm, While, I don't think they'll be able to destroy Ultron, I think that crew has more than enough options to be able to restrain/capture/neutralize him.

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@jeanlucpicard: Whic version of Ultron?
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@goldenshot80 said:
" @jeanlucpicard: Whic version of Ultron? "

^ this is key some versions its a good battle others it's complete spite.
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I guess for starters I'll lean in favor of Ultron. 
I feel like he can take any in this group out. Yet in reverse ... I'm just not sure what they can do to stop him. 
While they are being destroyed one by one ... the odds of them finding a way to bring him down are going to decrease even more so. 
I'll stick with this for now unless someone can come up with some reasonable ways this group can penetrate his defense and take him down. 
Perhaps if Storm can find an opening to effect him internally, the odds could start to go in favor of the team ... but I'm not fully convinced that's possible. 
Waiting to hear more feedback and curious to see what others have to say. 

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without magneto this team can't make it.

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@Lance Bastro said:
" without magneto this team can't make it. "
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How do the avengers stop him? Isn't there some 'secret' kill switch somewhere?
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@weaponx said:
" How do the avengers stop him? Isn't there some 'secret' kill switch somewhere? "
they call magneto to stop him annomynously and pay him later.
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I was thinking of this earlier this week, lol. Anyway, with this line up, I don't think the X-Men can handle him. Pretty sure Ultron 17 still had adamantium casing for armor in which case Gambit and Colossus are going to have issues hurting it directly (can Gambits' new power upgrades enable him to charge up adamantium?), and I'm not sure if Wolverine can really fight a being with genius-level intelligence and super speed. the Avengers usually had Scarlet Witch to bypass Ultrons' defenses - this lineup only has two very high level energy manipulators, but I don't think that Storm and Cyclops could destroy Ultron before it outsmarted and then killed them.  
Ultron should be able to win.

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X-men have it in them to take him down/disable. Cyclops is the key. His planning and battle strategy experience will go a long way. Colossus can probably launch him and storm can battle field remove him? its an intriguing battle.
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Indeed an interesting battle. If Marvel made a rated 17+ animated movie of this I would def buy it....

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i am not sure if the team could win this. maybe if they had kitty.

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I don't know much about Ultron. Is he vulnerable to EMP's? Can he fly? Is he fast enough to speed blitz anyone?  

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Ultron stomp.

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even the avengers who have really smart characters struggle to defeat him.

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Xmen... Storm should be able to shut him down internally by removing his power similar to how she shut down the Kree spaceship when she was a FF member

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Ultron wins this for me. Ultron always manages to single-handedly be a handful for the avengers and this team doesn't come close to matching any avengers lineup.

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Ultron stomps this lineup.