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Fight takes place in San Francisco. Morals off. Death for the win. Classic Versions. No Prep.

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Ultron destroys them.

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Mismatch.....Exception being if Colossus has Juggernaut/Phoenix power

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Can Anybody Tell me if Ultron has ever been beaten without somebody having prep against him?

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@TDK_1997 said:

Ultron destroys them.

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@Gritterr: Well during Secret Wars, The Human Torch went Nova and managed to fry something inside of Ultron, and that took him out. I'm not to well versed on Ultron though, so that may have been a bit PIS-y. I mean if it's so easy to just destroy something important in his insides, then why don't The Avengers just do that every time they fight him?

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@venomoushatred1001 said:

@TDK_1997 said:

Ultron destroys them.


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Without prep I believe the team loses. Wolverine can't cut him and storm's lightning can only do so much but I can see the bolts at least slowing him down. Adamantium is still a metal and a good conductor of electricity. Unfortunately classic Colossus gets taken down after a little run. Modern Colossus(no jugs) fully trying, would give Ultron pause and maybe even hurt him but Colossus's support isn't enough.

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ultron wins. these x-men don't have enough firepower to put him down.

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Pym's abomination.

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@TDK_1997 said:

Ultron destroys them.

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