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In character

Random encounter

Supes finds ultron in a remote forrest. This is phalanx. DEBATE

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Well this awkward.

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I think it's been done before.

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Superman takes this. his super speed would be the X factor.

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Superman wouldn't hold back like he would against a living enemy after he's figured out Ultron is just a machine. Considering how much Ultron likes to jobber about how weak the human race is, it wouldn't take Supes long to figure that out. With that in mind, Supes would likely toss him into the sun.

Superman 9/10, unless I'm missing something.

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Superman has faced worse than what Ultron can dish out pleaasee

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Superman throws him into to the sun.

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1.They fight in character, Superman doesn't start his fights like that.

2.Ultron can send his consciousness to other body, tech, etc.

3.Ultron took full punishment from Thor, Wonder Man and other Avengers without being hurt in lesser state.

4.Phalanx will control Superman in seconds. He has no defence against it. PHalanx can rebuilt Ultron. Phalanx Ultron either - survived supernova in its epicenter or send his consciousness to other part of galaxy to new body.

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So Superman (in PIS style) destroys every piece of tech in Earth then throws him to the sun?

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The X-factor would be Ultrons, adamantium laced body suit; if it is primary Admantium, and his way superior intellect.

Ultrons, having the combined intelligence of Hank Pym, Reed Richards, and Tony Stark; not to mention he is able to take over Ai,

Like he did to the Phalanx race .

Superman speed will be a define the factor to consider, however Ultron IMO is too durable to damage.

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The fight is long and dragged out but ends with Superman's speed being his lifeline and Supes chucks Ultron into the sun.

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This is in character, I don't think supes is just going to kill him right away.