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Jack Hawksmoor


  • Ultron has his adamantium body
  • Morals are on
  • win by KO/death/incapacitation
  • random encounter


  • Begin 500 feat apart
  • Both begin visible
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

****For more info on jack hawksmoor go to the Jack Hawksmoor Capability Thread ****

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Ultron uses his encephalo-beam.

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jack cant attack him head on because ultron will scan him and then disintegrate him. Jack can definitelt win if he uses city-matter and building to his advantage.

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I believe wanted someone to make this thread so I should probably call him out.

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@The_Soverighn said:



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If this version of Ultron doesn't have flight, Jack can probably phase him into the city for an incapacitation victory. Or he could try using the city's power grid to overload the robot. If all else fails, he can wear the city and try to punch Ultron out, seeing as his strength is supposedly in the quadrillions of tons at that point. Without knowing the capabilities of this specific Ultron model, I'm hard-pressed to make a definitive argument for either side.