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easy win for Ultron

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I love apocalypse, but I don't see him getting past ultrons armor. He's much too fast and can easily avoid en Saba nur. He too has technopathy and could take control of apocalypse celestial tech and use it against him.

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@proto3296: Ultron cannot hurt Apocalypse either, his Celestial armour has withstood both Black Bolt most powerful scream and Cypclop's most powerful optic blast, at the same time; and he didn't even have a scratch.

Celestial armour is so invunerable to damage that even when Odin, Zeus and Vishnu created a Galaxy buster attack, it didn't even leave a scratch on a Celestial.

Apocalypse is soo underatted, I guarantee if he was remade and put in the Dc universe, he will get ratted properly.

Apocalypse can control matter, reattach and deatach limbs to use as weapons.

Apocalypse can control every molecule his body, and can be completely intangible, and dodge attacks, just by controlling his molecules.

Apocalypse overpowered Jean Grey and Proffesor Xavier in a telepathic duel at the same time, after fighting the X-men, and is immune to telepathy.

Apocalypse can increase his strength to as powerful as he wants, through celestial technology; as shown when he made Hulk a horseman, Hulk was able to amp his strength to his pleasing, and became so strong that he managed to stop the Juggernauts charge(alternate universe or not), we assume that they were around equal in terms of power levels to there 616 counter parts.

Apocalypse's healing factor is better than Wolverine's and is on par with Lobo, as Apocalypse was able to regenerate completely from a pool of blood in seconds.

Apocalypse can also summon force fields if he needs to.

Ultron as powerful of a team buster and a threat to the Avengers, Apocalypse is way superior, even if he is lacking the good feats recently.

Ultron cannot hurt of kill him.

Apocalypse May or may not be able to find a way to penetrate his primary Admantium, but if Hulk with Celestial armour can stop the virtually unstoppable charge of the Juggernaut, Apocalypse may be able to amp his strength to a level were he can damage Ultron physically.

Even Hulk as Nul Breaker of Worlds was soo strong that he could break his hammer in his hands, which is forged from the same type of stuff as Mjnoir; by Serpent; and just as Hulk can be strong enough through anger amping, so can Apocalypse through amping without the need to get angery.

Apocalypse 10/10.

His Celestial armour will mean he can't get hurt, he can regen instantly, can reattach and deatach body part, and can go intangible.

He can't be touched, hurt or die by anything Ultron is capable of.

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Apocalypse can and has been hurt before.

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Voltron wins..lol

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apoc wins this should now be a thread