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#51 Posted by czarny_samael666 (17181 posts) - - Show Bio

@medulaoblaganda said:

thor and and a 100 percentage gladiator's confidence wins because gladiator is more aggressive than superman, and he is not afraid to kill, he tends not to hold back is power. Thor usually hold back alot on earth. thor will godblast bizarro's ass. and please dont tell bizarro will survive that blast. lol. gladiator on the other hand will definitely beat ultra man. gladiator with full confidence is practically invincible. gladiator will never give up is confidence.

Ultra man has no morals he doesn't mine to kill, he doesn't hold back. Thor won't godblast it's not in character to just godblast a enemy he has never seen, plus it takes a long time to charge it up. What are gladiator feats that put him above ultra man.

And he also barely have needed feats IIRC.

Thor's lightnings took down Surfer, Hulk and Gorr. Are You sure Ultraman has feats of resistance to energy projection better than these ones?

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@czarny_samael666: gladiator too has no morals and he doesnt mind killing too. gladiator doesnt hold back too. thor is a very durable person to the core. thor taking celestial blast aint a joke. ultra would die if he takes that blast. if the fight is going to far, thor would go to warrior madness mode which increases is strength 10 fold. ok i will show gladiator feats that put ultra man down. and you show me yours.

he shattered a planet with is bare hands. show me ultra man shattering a planet with is bare hands.

read that!! lol

he fought the phoenix five during AVX

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Am I missing something? I thought Bizarro was too incompetent to use his powers effectively. How would he help in this fight?

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Thor looks like a caveman in the picture.

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Team 2

#56 Posted by AsgardianXeno929 (1121 posts) - - Show Bio

I want Thor to take Bizarro to Asgard to fix him of his backwards mind, teleport to our universe, take me to his, and then let me be part of a 3 man team with them (after getting Silver Surfer-like powers from Galactus of course).

On topic though, I think Gladiator Kills Ultraman while Thor and Bizarro become friends :P

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I know these scans, but I wouldn't use ones that are based on opinion of his son...

Anyway - I was talking aoubt Ultraman IMO lack of feats, not Kallark.

If You're Gladiator's fan, You need to read Quasar 54 with these fight between Gladiator and Hyperion, were both shown planet level strength and nanosecond reaction speed (right to left):

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@czarny_samael666: yeah because is son have witness is father doing such things. mr fantastic even said the same thing. gladiator is not an easy opponent to take down. he is not stupid. he is very intelligent. he will so mess ultra man up. ultra man aint as smart as gladiator. ultra man doesnt have any feat to back to put down gladiator. bizarro doenst have any feat to knock out thor also. damn i love thor's marvel now feat. the battle between him and gorr was just insane and it makes lots of sense. warrior madness thor mode!! oh boy i think ultra man is done or bizarro is done. warrior madness thor will increase is strength 10 folds.

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Thor and gladiator stomps due feasts