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Posted by IndieComicsFTW (3252 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Ultimate Spider Men vs Weapon X Team (15 votes)

Ultimate Spider Men 53%
Weapon X 47%

Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morals and Peter Parker team up.

Weapon X best Wolverine and X-23 together again.

  • Battle takes place on a average New York City street with some cars, light post, and benches. Both teams start 50 feet apart.
  • All have Morals On and are In Character.
  • Random Battle with No Prep.
  • Standard Gear.
  • This is a best out of 10 battle. Who would take the Majority?
  • All Current or Last Seen Versions (Wolverine has Healing)

So what does the community say?

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I think the Ultimate spider-team can take this.