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Um....there Is no way that miles can win this.

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Don't really see Miles getting through her healing factor. He probably gets gutted.

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His only option is to hope his Venom blasts knock her out or use his fists and try not to get stabbed

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@dondave: I think Morales is fast enough to do a Venom Blast on her, and it was powerful to take out 616 Parker, who has shown incredible resistance to electrical attacks.

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His venom blast also took out the Ultimate Venom and (I think after a few tries? can't remember exactly) the Ultimate Stature as well.

Miles' camouflage probably won't help due to her other senses.

He could conceivably web her down so she can't move her arms to free herself.

She's obviously a way more experienced fighter, but he's done surprisingly well against his villains so far. He's beaten the Rhino, Prowler, Scorpion, lots of bad guys in a war-like situation. He's way faster than her, and way stronger than her.

Her main advantage will be tactical knowledge. Assuming morals on, since it's not noted in the OP, she's somewhat curtailed in what she's going to do with him, while he has a decent chance at temporary KO, and then incapacitation, or just straight-up incapacitation.

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X-23 8/10.

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Haven't read much of Miles but unless he's done anything impressive in his recent Venom encounter X-23 should take this handily.

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the 2nd death of ultimate spider man

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Miles still isn't that experienced yet, X-23 was bred to be a perfect assassin with prodigious fighting skills while she was a fetus, her healing factor will allow her to tank Miles blows, and she can eventually get a stab or two in with her claws, then it'll be over for Miles.

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@wolverine08: I dunno Miles Morales's Venom Blast took out Ultimate Venom who have a good healing factor.

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Miles wins easy.


While at the moment Miles does not have the same strength feats as Peter he does have couple of ton strength.

1-2) KOes Giant woman with a punch to the face.

3) Lifts a heavy frame Cop Car over his head with ease.

Speed and Agility

Miles is Proven as Agile and as Peter as well.

1) Miles moving to fast to be hit by multiple trained Hydra, Hydra who are professionally train by Nick Fury himself.

2) Miles dodges the very highly train SHIELD, and you can see moves as fast as the bullets are traveling.

3) Moves faster than the accurate Targeting Computers and fire power of these Warmachine Suits.


Miles Durability as a 13 year old is nothing short of incredible.

1) Miles takes kicks from Batroc who can crush Concrete Roads with his leg power.

2-3) Miles takes a vicious slam from Giant woman that only stuns him. Giant Woman has shown to lify easy 60+ tons, so winding her hand back and slamming Miles with all her strength is a major feat.

4-5) Miles tanks a large Explosion at point blank range.

6) Miles tanks another Large Explosion in his face.

7) Scorpion has Super Human Strength and Durability. As seen he can crush super hard concrete floors with his fist and leave craters. He punches Miles in the face and it just causes Miles to see stars for a second.


Miles like Peter does not skimp of the Web Spam.

Miles web spamming SHIELD troops while dodging bullets.

Spider Sense

Just like Peter, Miles has a Spider Sense to warn of general danger.

1-2) Warns him of the Cops ready to shoot.

3-4) This is to show it even works on other Spider man powered people, like Spider Woman who is a near exact clone of Peter.


This Spider man has a new power in Stealth. A useful ability he uses in Combat.

1) Goes Invisible on Cops.

2-3) Goes Invisible on 616 Peter, then uses it for a sneak attack.

4) Uses it on Prowler to get some space and counter attack.

Venom Sting

This is the best power a Spider Man character can ask for. Works by utilizing a undentified energy generated by Miles body that causes immense pain. It has KOed super Human durable beings with a touch. however it also has a second delay reaction at times. This Venom Sting works on anything whether Organic or Non Organic.

1) Blows up a Lego set.

2) Conductive through webbing. This larger Venom sting also KOed 616 Peter for hours.

3) KOes the Super Durable Mutant Omega Red.

4) Destroys the Mech Suit Rhino.

5) KOes the Super Durable and High Pain Tolerance Scorpion.

6-7) One shots Venom.


Miles very first battle against Electro. Who in this battle was spanking the Ultimates.

His second battle is with Omega Red. Same mutant who gave a season Peter a hard time every time.

Beats the Ringer while learning his own limits still.

This is the battle of Prowler and Scorpion, just to show how skilled Prowler is and how Super Human Scorpion is. After this battle Prowler decides to enlist Miles help. He then gets in a scuffle with Miles to test his nephew out. Miles stats were way too much.

Miles fights the Super Human Scorpion and his little King Pin empire. Once he realize the Durability, Venom Sting.

Here Miles proves that he will do what it takes to put someone down, even his Uncle the Prowler who is the greatest Thief in America and proven quite the skilled fighter with the Tinkerers best toys.

The whole fight of the Mainstream peter vs Miles. In this both are holding back, however it is a great showing of Miels advantage of his added powers in both Invisibility and Venom sting that allow Miles to beat the way more skilled Mainstream Spider Man.

Miles and the mainstream Peter team up against Mysterio who turns out to be mechanical suits operated by the Mainstream Mysterio the whole time.

Miles second encounter with Mysterio. Mysterio was pulled into the Ultimate universe and it was Miles who proceed to beat the snot out of him while everyone else was suffering from illusions.

After this the Divided We Fall and United We Stand event happens.

Miles vs Batroc, a being with legit Super Strength and Agility.

Miles comes across a battle between Cap and Rhino. He intervenes and quickly ends the battle.

Miles battles for his life when Hydra sneak attacks the Ultimates home base. Proving himself capable to Cap he becomes part of the Ultimate Team.

Miles is part of the massive final battle of SHIELD and the Ultimate vs Modi and Hydra. Miles saves Captain America by destroying a group of Warmachines, but gets knocked far away from the main battle. Trying to make his way back, he comes across a Giant Woman who is loyal to Hydra. Already tired and fatigue, he battles the SHIELD train traitor and comes out on top.

Miles faces one of Peters greatest foes, Venom.

So in the end Miles has Webbing which can tie X-23 up or the one touch win Venom Sting for the KO.

Miles wins easy. GG

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@cadencev2: While I do agree that Mile's abilities are impressive, your points operate under the assumption that Miles is faster than X-23. I would say that their speed is about the same. X has also been shown to outmaneuver targeting systems and not only dodge bullets but cut through them while they are in the air.

I have also gone through the supporting evidence you have linked to show Miles's overall fighting ability. They are impressive, but nowhere near X-23's level. He has taken out some very powerful villains, true. But according to your evidence, most of his victories were due to his powers (agility, Venom Sting, etc) and basic S.H.I.E.L.D. training. While he may have taken down a multitude of Hydra personnel, it doesn't counteract the fact that X-23 has taken down entire Hydra bases by herself as well as other powerful enemies. X-23 also has the benefit of extensive espionage and strategy training.

The few powers that Miles has over X-23 are his webs, Venom Sting, invisibility, and spidey sense. Being familiar with X's fighting style I can say that:

  1. She would not get close enough to activate his spidey sense and/or would not make herself known until it is too late for Miles.
  2. Invisibility doesn't work with X. Her supersensory smell and hearing counteract it.
  3. I honestly doubt that he would be able to pin all of X-23's limbs with his webs before she is able to free herself. I am assuming that adamantium has the ability to cut through the high-density spider-fiber that Miles produces.
  4. If X-23 were going in to kill or apprehend Miles, she would have done her research before hand and learned of his Venom Sting (which I assume would be in either S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database or the Avenger's database) and would be careful not to let him touch her.

So, while it is possible that he could take down X-23, I would find it a highly unlikely outcome considering X-23's training and experience. At the very least, it would not be an easy victory for him.

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@bigroundthing: Miles still has the best ways winning IMO.

Skill goes to X-23 hands down and speed are roughly same. She would stab him, cut him, ect before the fight is over. However the over all abilities are in Miles favor.

  • Webbing. He has Web Spam people and can do so again. X-23 has no counter for this.
  • Venom Sting. Should she get close to cut and stab, then Miles can end the fight with a touch.
  • Invisibility. This is not useless, it is still very useful in fact. Sure she can smell and hear him. However she has no clue were his Vital Organs are or how close his hands are to her face for a Venom Sting. She can only reasonably at best determin his location via senses.
  • Spider Sense. Still helpful to keep X-23 ninjaing Miles.
  • Strength. Always helpful as he cannot be physically overpowered by her.
  • Durability. X-23 issuperior here of course, however Miles been through major explosions with shrapnel and come out of it very much fine. He can take the pain of a few slashes.

IMO Miles has the superior tool set even if he is lacking skill.

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@cadencev2: I still believe it would depend on whether or not she is planning to kill him. If she is, the few cuts she will manage to land will all be lethal or debilitating. It's kind of hard to walk off a slashed achilles tendon.

I am curious to how fast his webbing gets shot out. If it were to go as fast as bullets, then I believe she would have the ability to dodge it and/or slash through the webs before they inhibit her.

The Venom Sting would be his greatest advantage, mostly because X-23 is a close-range fighter. I wonder if Miles can deliver the sting through any weapon penetrating his skin (from the scans above it looked to have electrical properties). That would turn X-23's claws against her, ensuring his victory.

It's hard to say how effective invisibility would be, mainly because the one canon instance I know of where X-23 has taken down an invisible enemy, she was hopped up by her trigger scent. However, the scent did not coat his entire person and she was still able to deduce his whereabouts enough to be able to stab him directly in the eyes, killing him instantly. (I really wish I had scans of this, the scene is so cool.)

Also, super-hearing allows her to pinpoint his heartbeat/heart, which is an unfortunately noisy vital organ.

So, yes I agree, he does have the superior tool set. Though I am wondering if he has enough strategic experience to utilize it to his advantage, especially against someone as ruthless and precise as X-23.

(This is all assuming that she plans to kill him. If she isn't then Miles would definitely win.)

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ends in bed and x-23 will be the man lol but she should be able to handle him without much effort shes put down bigger and badder miles is the least powerful spiderman from what ive seen

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X-23 wins. Miles one high end feat with spider-man is something she basically replicated in there fight anyways so thats not a big deal. She has enhanced senses to counter cloaking, and Miles still hasn't done well against a skilled fighter as of yet too my knowledge. Her healing factor will help.

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That was the biggest scan spam I have seen cadence do lol.

x-23 too skilled for someone not on pete's level.

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I love miles as much as the next guy but x-23 takes this. Miles literally won't survive this.