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Namor would win. Invincible is strong. But he has loss to lesser Opposition on Multiple Occasions...
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Namor wins

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OOOOH good fight. I know Namor is hella strong and has the control of waters and what not, not mention he broke out of restraints made to hold the most powerful meta humans [Ult Thor/Hulk?] like nothing, but dont forget that Invincible has been getting stronger [the 400 ton mark] and is tough enough to survive a nuclear explosion in the face like its nothing. Further more he can survive in space, we dont know that Ultimate Namor can do that [doubtful fishboy can]. So even if its just grabbing him then flying into space and watching him suffocate i think Invincible takes this.

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Can you tell me something about Namor's powers. Cause Im not sure that I know them all. Thanks.

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@Andras: What weaknesses did Ultimate Namor ?

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Invincible, he'd take the fight into space and I don't think Namor can even go that high? and namor would be way to full of pride not to go after him.

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At the time the thread was made, Namor would probably beat Invincible. But post Vultrimite War, I think Mark's got this.

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@King Saturn said:

Namor would win. Invincible is strong. But he has loss to lesser Opposition on Multiple Occasions...
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Ultimate Namor FTW.

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What are ultimate Namors powers ? I think Invincible would wreck 616 Namor so I'll go with him.

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I think the main difference was that Ultimate Namor had large-scale hydrokinesis, but his strength and speed were still roughly the same as 616. I don't anticipate the hydrokinesis as being much of an issue. Mark is comfortably faster and stronger, and should be considerably more durable as well.

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Mark is faster and stronger so I'll give him the win

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Ultimate Namor

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Ultimate Namor wins this IMO, he took down the Ultimate FF pretty easily. Only reason he stopped was because Sue gave him a kiss. One of my favorite Ultimate Characters