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Ultimate Loki

Vs SS4 Goku

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Real Name

Loki Odinson

Current Alias



God of Mischief, Lord of Chaos, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Gunnar Golmen


Odin (father, deceased);

Farbauti (mother);

Thor (paternal half-brother);

Balder (paternal half-brother, deceased);

Mammoth (maternal half-brother);

Modi (nephew);


Formerly Liberators; E.D.I.; Warriors Three





Secret Identity



Marital Status



God of mischief; posed as scientist





6' 0"


180 lbs (82 kg)







Loki hails from Asgard, and otherdimensonial realm inhabitied by the beings known to Earth as the Norse gods. He is the son of Odin and half-brother to Thor.



Created by

Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch

First appearance

Appearance of Death

Ultimates 2 #1

(February, 2005)

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2

(November, 2011)




Half-brother to Thor and son of Odin. What little of Loki's past can only be gleamed from brief statements by Thor and himself. Hailing form Asgard, Loki was born to the Norse god-king Odin. Growing up in Asgard, Loki became known as the god of mischief for his pranks and trickster nature. As time went on he became increasingly jealous of the favoritism his father Odin showed to Thor. Loki's resentment caused him to use his powers over reality to make Thor's life as difficult as possible, but he always stopped short of outright killing Thor due to fear of their father. Over the centuries Thor battled Loki several times and was always able to stop his schemes or undo the damage he did. Eventually Loki went too far and was imprisoned in the Room Without Doors by Odin three hundred years ago.

Ultimate Comics: Thor elaborates Loki's backstory. Loki is the son of Odin and the giantess Laufey, who procreated him as part of an attempted peace settlement between Asgard and Jotunheim. Loki fought alongside Thor and Balder during a centuries-long war against the frost giants, but due to his chaotic nature betrayed Asgard by stealing the sacred Norn Stones (relic extensions of Odin's power) and killing his half-brother Balder with his favoured bow. Banished from Asgard, Loki (going under the disguise of Nazi supervillain Baron Zemo) waged an attack on the kingdom eons later, in 1939, with a coalition army of Frost Giants and Nazi soldiers augmented by the Norn Stones, killing every Asgardian in sight. Loki attempted a battle with Odin, only to be forced into the Room Without Doors while Asgard was destroyed.

Following the failed Chitauri invasion of the world, Loki escaped his prison and made his way to Earth to take revenge against Thor. He conspired with the Liberators to destroy the Ultimates and start World War III per his role as god of mischief. Using his powers over reality, Thor created the identity of Gunnar Golmen, the Norwegian super-soldier program and Thor's past life as Thorlief to make Thor appear insane and turn the Ultimates against him. He also used his powers to frame Captain America for the murder of Hawkeye's family. His plans culminated in the invasion of the United States, where he participated as one of the leaders. Throughout this, he hesitated from using his powers openly, since doing so would enable his father to find him.

Despite the careful planning of the Liberators and Loki, the Ultimates were able to turn the tables and kill most of the Liberators and their soldiers. Faced with little alternative, Loki decided to take matters into his own hands to destroy the Ultimates himself. Before he could, the Scarlet Witch used her probability-powers to summon Loki's brother Thor.

Faced with his angry brother, Loki attempted to trap him in an illusion, but for unknown reasons, according to Thor, Loki's powers had begun to weaken. After surviving uninjured a direct assault from Thor, Loki decided to simply kill Thor and all the Ultimates by summoning an army of Asgardian monsters, while battling Thor himself. At this point, Loki had lost all fear of Odin and was on the verge of killing Thor before Odin intervened. Odin sent an army of warriors of Asgard to battle the monsters and removed most of Loki's powers, making him vulnerable to Thor's hammer. Without his powers, Loki pleaded with Thor and ranted how he had been merely jealous of Thor and wanted to see him fail. He also pointed out the absurdness of his manipulations and the humor in humans failing to realize it. Thor, not impressed, summoned a huge lighting bolt and banished Loki back to Asgard for punishment from Odin.

Loki later somehow escaped Odin's clutches and launched another attack against Thor. He empowered several mortal agents and came to Earth with an army of trolls. His goal was to antagonize Thor to the point where Thor would lose control and destroy the Earth. He nearly succeeded when he killed Valkyrie, Thor's mortal girlfriend whom Loki had empowered. Hela, tired of Loki's games, restores Valkryie to life as a real valkyrie and she killed Loki. Loki was sent to Hel, but immedietly began plotting his escape.

Loki either escaped or was at some point revived by Odin when Asgard came to Earth. During the attack of the Children of Tomorrow, Loki died along every Asgardian, except Thor, who is now also the Vahalla, being able to see his ghost and the other Asgardians'.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Loki is a teleporter.

Loki originally had the ability to "shuffle time and space" as described by Thor. He can retcon history into anything he desires by either creating events that never happened, such as his mortal identity, or erasing events as if they never happened. He could create copies of himself and summon armies of monsters.

In later stories, Loki's powers were retconned to be similar to traditional sorcery. He specialized in creating illusions. He was far more vulnerable to injury.

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since Loki is a world level Reality warper with the Norn stones as well he could stomp. Not to mention his Uber Mental illusions.

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Remember: Thor mentioned in their fight that Loki's powers for an unknown reason had weakened. Various comments made by Loki throughout Ultimates 2 implied Odin prevented Loki from using his full power and killing Thor.

If Loki is unbound, you are done for.

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@CadenceV2: also he can also shuffle time and space. Imagine he has full permission by odin, Goku has zero chance.

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Loki stomps.

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Postpone the Goku threads till March 30th.

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@XImpossibruX: The new Movie?

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Loki stomps

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Loki Stomps with the fury of a Thousand Stomps

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@XImpossibruX said:

Postpone the Goku threads till March 30th.