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Battle takes place in New York.

Morals on

H2H only

K.o or Death wins

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This is the Hulk that got thrashed senseless by Supreme Power Zarda, so I'm gonna say Thor wins.

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Unless I'm very much mistaken, Ultimate Hulk is weaker than normal Hulk. Thor, on the other hand, is ridiculously strong. Even without Mjolnir, he'll still have his belt of strength. This Hulk may be a savage, but he's no Asgardian.

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Ult Hulk has literally no chance at all. He's going up against someone who is much stronger, tougher, faster, more skilled, with a powerset longer than my arm, and immeasurably more high-end feats. Even if Thor was holding back severely, Hulk wouldn't have a chance, if Thor is playing for keeps as is standard battle forum rules, Hulk gets demolished, if Thor wants Hulk dead no matter the cost, well then Ult Hulk will be forever known as "the smoking, charred stain on the ground that is the centerpiece of a crater larger than most nations formerly known as the Ultimate Hulk" after that.

@Bane_of_sith said:

I think hulk could take Thor H2H,,if this is the hulk that ripped apart and ate abomination he's a true monster

Ultimate Abomination was a wuss and a disgrace to Emil Blonsky. I was so disappointed by Ultimate Abomination that I refuse to acknowledge him as such, I prefer the term "big chinese lizard guy" because he was an utter waste of a character and an insult to anyone who liked the 616 character. Also, Thor fought and demolished 616 Abomination who's likely far stronger than his 1610 counterpart. The battle lasted all of three panels, they met, they talked, then Thor swung Mjolnir once and Bommy was OHKO'd and thrown off panel.

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616 Thor

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Ultimate Hulk got beat up by Captain America, so I've heard. Thor wins.

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Ultimate hulk was bested by cap Buff said

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Thor stomps.

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@mrtrevorguy said:

Ultimate hulk was bested by cap Buff said

In Hulk's defense, he got back up and kicked Cap to the curb. But he still isn't anywhere near Thor's level.

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Thor easily.

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I could put up a argument proving Hulk is a Thousand toner but wont bother as it is clear no one wants to give Ult. Hulk a chance at all.

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616 Thor rips off Hulks head