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  • Ultimate Colossus, Classic Abomination, Dumb Dragon Man
  • Random encounter
  • No BFR, win by KO, incapacitation, or death
  • Battlefield: uninhabited seaside town
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In a free for all? I'd probably say Ult.Colossus but can be swayed

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Colossus should win handily.

Click Here for Ultimate Colossus Feats. 5th Character Down.

Or for those to lazy.



Last Guy I like to mention is Colossus. This guy is a beast and equal IMO with Ultimate Thing and Ultimate Hulk. He is many times stronger than his 616 counterpart as well more ruthless. Truth to colossus power is the drug called Banshee that he used to gain super strength. Without it, he could barely lift his arms in Metal Form. another unique thing about Peter is he faces problems from not only being a mutant, but being gay as well.


1) Peter holds a Jet!

2) Peter overpowers Magnetos Magnetic Power!

3) Rips up Nuclear Blast Door.

4) Throws up a easy 60+ tons of Sentinel.

5) Stops dead Thousands of Ton of Train and Momentum!

6) Rips up a large piece of earth.

One of his best showings is he does not need to breath in his Metal from and lift this 6,000 ton Sub from the Ocean depths to the nearest beach.


Peters Durability is also insane.

1) 50 MPH Car, doesnt even budge Colossus.

2) Laser Beams just bounce off.

3) Lava? No Problem.

4) North Star Blast that send Wolverine to Maine merely knocks Peter down.

5) after knocking Thor around for 15 minuets, Hawkeye uses a Nuke Arrow to KO Peter. Nuff said.


Out of everyone who fought Proteus, it was colossus who took Davide down. Killed him in fact.

Colossus really shines here. He simply goes to town on Russian Super Soldiers.

Shaman is a mutant on Banshee. His Defense completely holds Cyclopes and Havok's blasts. Peter smashes thru like nothing.

Wolverine blitzes Colossus and tore Peter's heart out. As Peter shows us, he does not need Internal Organs in Organic steel mode, then Peter teaches wolverine a lesson in Strength! Ouch.