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For those of you that don't know, Ult. Cap is actually super-human (able to lift 2 tons I believe). Fight starts in the paleontology section of a museum (dinosaur bones). Slade has unbreakable sword, Cap has his shield.
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ult captain america for me.

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ult. cap would shoot him.

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the human Juggernaut says:

"ult. cap would shoot him."

But didn't deathstroke beat a green latern before.

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Deathroke would kill cap. in under a minute

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Sorry to add to the simple answers Super-Buster, I know you like a good argument, but I'm gonna say Ultimate Cap would win fairly easily unless Deathstroke gets the drop on him. His defenses are too good, and Ultimate Cap can be pretty ruthless, not to mention a great tactician.

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Well this thread was a failure...

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Super-Buster said:
"Well this thread was a failure..."
I think it's closer than anyone has said. Ult Cap is superhuman, so is Deathstroke. Ult Cap is a pretty good strategist, that's how Deathstroke makes his money. Unbreakable shield and unbreakable sword.  You could look at those things individually and see who comes out ahead. They're both superhuman but does one have a better body than the other? They're both tacticians but is one better? Is one a more skilled fighter? I personally think Deathstroke wins. Oh and there as already a thread for this.