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Battle here. Pre Fear Colossus. Current Thing. Current Cage. Current Ultimate Hulk.

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Current Ult Hulk Savage or Smart?

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@laflux: Current Ult. Hulk which should be Savage again.

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@CadenceV2: can 616 Hulk take them on at the same time

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@CadenceV2 said:

I'd favor Hulk. Time is only gonna favor him. Ptior has struggled with Savage Hulk at Base before, Cage is a bit of as non factor. Depends on what Grimm can do, but I believe that Ult Grimm is stronger than 616 and lost to Ult Hulk as well.

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Both Ben and Peter could give Ult Hulk a good fight on their own...together they can probably take him. Cage doesn't add a whole lot.

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For those unfamiliar with Ultimate Hulk.

Ultimate Hulk easily beats the Ultimates Team.

Ultimate Hulk easily amps up to kill the Equally powerful Abomination. Equal as Loki Reality Warping and Magic made him so.

Hulk beats thru a city of Alpha Level Mutants known as the People. It wasn't till he fought the Omega level Xorn that he lost.

This is Ultimate Hulk easily beating 2 sets of Squdron Supreme and the Ultimates at the same time. Both Hyperions, Power Princess, and Dr. Spectrums were at half power but still ridicuals strength and power at half power base on there feats. Ultimate Thor and Iron Man was still full power and lost as well.

In the end it took Ultimate Thing giving all he has to KO a Suffocating Hulk to win. and Ultimate Thing >>> 616 Thing! Scan 1 alone shows Ultimate Thing was measured 7 tons per square inch in his hands alone. That 4 foot by 3 foot hand. Thats 588 Tons in his hands alone. Not including his body. Tanks hits from Hyperion and Zarda with ease. Kos Zombie Hulk with one Haymaker.

As a added bonus Ultimate Hulk has his intelligence intact as well and he has the ability to adapt to ANY Situation that may harm him. A result of the Hulk Serum and Gamma Rays mixed with Captain America Blood.

Here he adapts easy to the most hostile and stressful conditions in out Solar System, Venus, and that was a comfort zone. Stark had him in harsher environment before that!

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No one else?

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@TheAcidSkull: The Battle where Thing one shot Zombie Hulk? Ultimate F4 #22 and the Battle with the 2 Squadron Supremes and Ultimates was Supreme Power #8

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@TheAcidSkull: That was the Marvel Verse Zombie Hulk from Marvel Zombies. Ult. Reed was tricked into teleporting there by Zombie Reed.

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Hulk takes the gold.

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Colossus, and the Thing could strategize while fighting, but there isn't really and weak points with the hulk that they could really exploit. Luke Cage is rather helpless in this fight. I see Ult, Hulk winning after Colossus and the Thing give him a rather good show. None can really do enough damage to defeat the hulk.

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Hulk wıns

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Hulk loses, have trouble with Cap, Thing and Power Princess means Ultimate Hulk is one of the weaker Hulks. The only people who give 616 Hulk a beatdown are Skyfathers like Zeus, Ultimates is a little shadow of the real Hulk

Team got this

Ultimate verse is generally weaker than 616 anyways

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@Charlie_Jade: Except even Classic Savage had troubles with Thing, Man Thing, Namor, and Tiger Shark. Heck a Blood Lusted Valkery pwn Classic Savage Hulk.

Try not to go on some rant that Ultimate Hulk lost to Power Princess (one shot deal and lowest showing of Ultimate Hulk lol) as well Ultimate Thing who outclasses 616 by miles! Not to mention Ultimate Thing had help from spider Man and invisible Woman who both were suffocating Ultimate Hulk.

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Colossus and Thing are capable fighters and Ben's in the 100 class now. The fact that Ult. Hulk could feel Ult. Cap's hits shows that Luke Cage could do some damage before ultimately being knocked out. Piotr and Ben could fight Ult. Hulk until he tires, which he tends to do, or work together from the start to overpower him.

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Ultimate hulk did pretty well against the ultimate's which IMO is far better team then this one. Luke cage is a non factor. I think ultimate hulk takes this all though I am no expert.

EDIT: Just noticed the scans.

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@TheAcidSkull: Colossus stated in the OP is not current.

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I vote for the Hulk.

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bens arm strength=7 tons per square inch!!!

ben realizes that he is always being taken for granted, and decides to shut everyone up ones and forever, goes into a military base and before you know it is hauling

at everyone he sees including civilians, and that's when the real monster comes out.