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  1. Morals On & In Character(Unless Specified, There Will Be Changes In Morals From Round To Round)
  2. Team Work Counts A Lot , Old Relationships & Rivalries Count A Lot
  3. Teammates Will Not Attack Each Other (Unless Specified) But Won't Necessarily Follow Orders or Get Along
  4. No BFR & Can Only Teleport Yourself & Your Personal Gear
  5. No Time Travel
  6. No Mind or Soul Rape or Controlling Opponents -All Other Soul/Mind Attacks Count
  7. NO Reality Warping-Breaking The 4th Wall & All PIS or Plot Powers Are Off
  8. Any Luck Powers Will Be At Low-Mid Levels
  9. Any Toon Force Is At Very Low Levels
  10. Naruto Type Copies Or Clones Will Be Kept At 3 & Will Count As Pets
  11. Speeds Will Be Kept Under Super Sonic
  12. Win By Death/KO/or Mission Completion
  13. Double Elimination(Must Lose 2 Matches To Be Out Of The Tournament)
  14. Voters Must Have 500 Posts Or More
  15. If I Feel That Voters Are Simply Voting For Their Friends-I Reserve The Right To Overrule A Bogus Vote,
  16. I Will Ref The Matches.
  17. Jokes/Sarcasm/One Liners/Puns Are All Acceptable.
  18. If You Feel Someone Is Low Balling Or High Balling A Character-Then Call Them Out.
  19. Any Personal Insults Will Result In An Automatic Loss Of A Match.
  20. Participants Have 5 Days To Post A Debate, 6th Day Voting Starts, 7th Day (Central Time Zone) Midnight Voting Ends
  21. All Marvel Characters Are At Their Standard Levels Unless Specified Otherwise.
  22. All DC Characters Are New 52/Pre 52 Feats With Pre 52 Morals & Mind Set.
  23. Characters Will Start Off With No Knowledge Of Opponents They Have Not Encountered Before.


  • Each Round of Matches Will Present Different Challenges, Missions, & Battlefields
  • Opponents Will Be Chosen At Random Through Random.Org


  • Battlefields Will Vary
  • Each Battlefield Will Be Assumed To Be 10 Miles In Length-Width-Depth-Height
  • You Can NEVER Teleport Closer Than 50 Yards To An Enemy Base
  • Once Inside You May Use Teleporting Powers-But Cannot Leave By Teleporting

The Draft;

  • Each Participant Will Draft At Least 3 Characters From a Pool of Choosable Characters & Character Combos.
  • 7 Round Draft NFL Style
  • Draft Positions For Each Round Will Be Chosen At Random With Random.Org
  • Some Character Selections Are Obviously Better Than Others, So Draft Wisely
  • The Draft Will Take Place Soon After All of The Slots Are Filled
  • If You Can Not Make The Time Of The Draft Then Have A Representative Do It For You(Please PM Me To Notify)
  • Possible Date & Times For The Draft Will Be Discussed In The Forum
  • ***Draft Picks Can Be Used To Draft Weapons, Gear, Vehicles, Henchmen, & Pets(You Cannot Draft Perks Or Abilities)***
  • All leftovers will be available in the Character Store.


  • Characters Will Consist of Comic Book, Movie & TV, Video Game, &Anime Characters
  • All EU(Expanded Universe) Feats Will Count For Movie/TV & Video Game Characters
  • All Animated & Manga Feats Count

Buying Gear & Perks & Characters;

  • All Characters NOW will start out with STANDARD GEAR(Unless Specified)
  • All Explosives MUST BE BOUGHT or DRAFTED
  • You Will Be Given 50 Points To Purchase Gear & Perks & Other Goodies
  • All Characters Available After The Draft Will Be Up For Sale
  • Purchasing Hours: 11am-9pm(Central Time) First Come First Severed Basis
  • *** Webshooters that do not come from the store will only have 2 packs of Web Fluid**** Buy more in the store****
  • All Guns That Come With Your "Standard Gear" Will Be Assumed To Have 20 Shots...Buy More Ammo In The Store

Team Rosters;

  • -All Team Rosters Will Be Made Up of At Least 3 Characters, No More Than 10
  • -During Matches You Can Not Use More Than 6 Characters, No limits on Henchmen
  • -During Any Match You Can Not Use More Than 3 Pets & Vehicles, That Means Vehicles & Pets Count As The Same Thing
  • -You May Not Have More Than 3 Pets/Vehicles On Your Roster
  • -Each Match You Must Appoint A Team Leader & Leadership Counts A Lot

Trades & Deals;

  • -Players May Make Trades & Deals With One Another, Please Do So Through PM, You Can Trade Up Into The Draft, Trade Points, Whatever You Want To Do, During PM's Please Tag Me Into Any Trade Deals,
  • - ALL TRADES MUST BE APPROVED BY ME , This Is To Prevent Any Form of Cheating

Character Selection & Combo Pool ;

  • -(Once A Character or Combo Is Selected They Are Gone From The Pool & Will Be Slashed Out),After The Draft Is Over You Will Be Given The Option To Buy Characters or Combos With Points
  • -All Purchases & Drafts Are Final(Unless You Made An Honest Mistake)

Charter Selection Pool: After The Draft Character Selections (Cost 10 Points)


  1. Afro Samurai(Comes With His Sword)
  2. Nemesis T Type(Resident Evil)
  3. Commander Shepard(Mass Effects, No Heavy Weapons)
  4. Classic Spawn
  5. Batman Beyond
  6. Night Thrasher
  7. Luke Cage(Pre AvX) 50 Ton Strength
  8. (Pre 52 Only) (50 Ton) Solomon Grundy
  9. Kakashi Hatake(Pre Naruto Time Skip, No Summoning)
  10. Maverick(Agent Zero)
  11. Gaara(Chunin Exam Level, No Demon Transformation)
  12. Mugen & Jin (Samurai Champloo)
  13. Toph Beifong(Avatar)
  14. Katara (Avatar)
  15. Poison Ivy(All Plants Will Count As Pets)

***New One Of A Kind Weapons(Limited In Supply) (10 Points)***

(All Bombs Are Small & Handheld)

  1. Teleport Bomb: Teleports all organic life forms 1 Mile into the air, 20 Yard Radius, Remote Detonator & Timer
  2. Machine Bomb: Turns off all Machines for 1 Hour, 20 Yard Radius, Time Bomb
  3. 5 Senses Bomb: Turns Off The 5 Senses of all organic life forms for 1 Hour, Remote Detonator, 20 Yard Radius
  4. Lava Trap: 50 Yard Circular Radius, 100 Yards Deep, Filled With Lava to the 50 Yard Mark, Chameleon Camouflage
  5. Quick Sand Trap: 50 Yard Circular Radius, Suction Power of 10 Tons, Once laid it cannot be moved, Appears As Normal Sand, 100 Yards Deep
  6. Giant Glue Trap: Size of an NFL Football Field(123 Yards Long, 53 Yards Wide), 5 inches of Vibranium, Chameleon Camouflage, Glue is 30 Tons In Strength, Glue is Low Level Toxic(Will Cause Migraines & Stomach Flu)
  7. River Moat: A Moat Filled With Hydrochloric Acid , 1 Mile Long & 50 Yards Wide & 50 Yards Deep, Once It Has Been Laid Cannot Be Moved
  8. Electric Fence: 2,500 Volts Of Electricity(Electric Chair Level), 1 Mile Long Adamantium Chain Link Fence & 50 Feet High


  1. Spiderman(Parker)
  2. Moon Knight
  3. Misty Knight
  4. Kate Bishop & Patriot
  5. Power Man(Alvarez)
  6. Iron Fist
  7. Pixie(She comes with Soul Dagger)
  8. Black Panther
  9. Ultimate Captain America
  10. Winter Solider
  11. Taskmaster & Kidpool
  12. Cyclops
  13. Gambit
  14. Punisher
  15. Dare Devil & Kingpin
  16. Elektra, Domino
  17. Black Cat(Bad Luck On)
  18. Deadpool
  19. Wolverine
  20. Ultimate Spiderman(Miles)
  21. (The Scorpion/Chameleon)
  22. Bullseye
  23. Black Suit Spiderman(Parker)
  24. US Agent
  25. Captain America
  26. Paladin
  27. Hellcat
  28. Nick Fury(3 Shield Agents)
  29. Ultimate Nick Fury(3 Shield Agents)
  30. Black Widow
  31. The Gorgon(No Special Swords)
  32. Sabertooth
  33. X-23
  34. Daken
  35. Blade
  36. Hobgoblin(Kingsley)
  37. Green Goblin(Norman)
  38. Typhoid Mary
  39. M(Monet St. Croix)
  40. Tombstone
  41. Silver Sable
  42. Nightcrawler & Mystique
  43. White Tiger(Ayala)
  44. Falcon
  45. Spider Woman(Jessica Drew)
  46. Spider Girl(Mayday Parker)
  47. Spider Girl(Corazon)
  48. Jubilee
  49. Beast
  50. Dark Beast
  51. Doctor Nemesis
  52. Longshot
  53. Rocket Raccoon
  54. Hawkeye
  55. Jessica Jones
  56. Mockingbird
  57. Mr. Fantastic
  58. Agent Venom
  59. Valkyrie(Brunnhilde)
  60. Colleen Wing
  61. Blazing Skull
  62. Union Jack
  63. Baron Zemo(No Moonstone)
  64. Ghost(Morley)
  65. Madame Hydra
  66. Morbius
  67. Werewolf By Night(Half Moon)
  68. The Vulture
  69. Kraven The Hunter
  70. Blackout(Roarke)
  71. (The Red Skull & Bob Agent of Hydra)
  72. Baron Von Struker
  73. Grim Reaper
  74. Silver Fox
  75. Silver Samurai
  76. Boom-Boom
  77. Caliban(Apocalypse Upgrades)
  78. Ghost Rider 2099
  79. Archangel
  80. Herr Kleiser
  81. Omega Red
  82. Prodigy(David Alleyne)
  83. Coat of Arms
  84. Banshee
  85. Superior Spiderman
  86. The Punisher
  87. Doctor Octopus
  88. Shang Chi
  89. Ultimate Spiderwoman
  90. Scarlet Spider(Kaine)
  91. Ben Riley(Either Costume)


  1. Batman(Unlimited Ammo Utility Belt)
  2. Nightwing
  3. Redhood(Todd)
  4. Batgirl(Cain)
  5. Lady Shiva
  6. (Mr. Freeze/Penguin)
  7. (Scarebeast/Joker)
  8. Bane(Gets His Batsuit) & Talon(Cobb)
  9. Batwoman(Kane) Unlimited Ammo Utility Belt
  10. Spoiler(Stephanie Brown) & Misfit
  11. Huntress(Bertinelli) & Catwoman
  12. Catman
  13. Wildcat
  14. Harley Quinn(5 Joker Hyenas)
  15. Two Face(10 Average Thugs)
  16. Green Arrow
  17. Arsenal
  18. Deadshot(All of His Guns Are Automatically Unlimited Ammo)
  19. Killer Croc
  20. The Question
  21. Ra's & Talia Al Ghul
  22. Female Copperhead
  23. Batgirl(Barbra) & Red Robin(Drake)
  24. Clayface
  25. Warhawk(Rex Stewart 20 Toner)
  26. Vandal Savage
  27. Batwing(Both Versions Feats Counts)
  28. Deathstroke(No Sword or Bo Staff)
  29. Firefly
  30. Bronze Tiger
  31. Johannah Hex
  32. Black Canary
  33. The Creeper
  34. Damian Wayne (Robin)
  35. Rose Wilson

Video Game:

  1. Master Chief(Covenant Weapons Only)
  2. Solid Snake
  3. Sniper Wolf(20 Wolfdogs)
  4. Raiden(Metal Gear)
  5. (Camy/Fei Long)
  6. (Johnny Cage & Striker)
  7. (Sonya & Kano)
  8. (E. Honda & Chung Li)
  9. (Dee Jay & Guile)
  10. Goro
  11. Reptile
  12. (Kitana & Mileena)
  13. Nightwolf
  14. (Rain & Smoke)
  15. Ryu
  16. M. Bison
  17. Ken
  18. Blanka & Zangief
  19. Fire Mario & Fire Lugi & Bullet Bill
  20. (Agent 47 & Laura Croft)
  21. Max Payne & Leon Kennedy
  22. Ezio
  23. Micheal Jackson Moonwalker(Immunity From Magic & Chi Like Attacks)
  24. Albert Wesker
  25. Sam Fisher

Movies & TV:

  1. Robocop & Rambo
  2. ED 209
  3. John Connor & Marcus Wright(Terminator Salvation)
  4. T-800(Arnold Good Guy Terminator)
  5. T-1000
  6. T-X Terminator
  7. Terminator Cameron
  8. (Angel &
  9. Wesley Whendom Pryce)
  10. (Spike & Principal Wood)
  11. (Buffy &
  12. Giles)
  13. (Faith & Dawn)
  14. (Willow & Tara) Season 5 Levels)
  15. (Charles Gunn & Lindsey McDonald With Demon Powers)
  16. Bill Compton
  17. (Sookie & Jason Stackhouse)
  18. Eric Northman
  19. Lafayette(Demon & Witch Powers) & Sam Merlotte
  20. (Arrow & Diggle)
  21. Spock & Kirk (New Movie Versions)
  22. Khan & Sulu (New Movie Versions)
  23. Red & Green Ranger (Jason & Tommy) (NO ZORDS)
  24. Sam & Dean Winchester(Demon Powers On-Only Works On Demon Like Creatures) Legolas & Aragorn (Lord of The Rings)
  25. Samurai Jack (2003 TV) (He Comes With A Titanium Sword)
  26. Donatello & Shredder (2003 TV)
  27. Splinter & Casey Jones (2003 TV)
  28. Jason
  29. Leather Face
  30. Micheal Myers
  31. Rick & Shane
  32. The Governor & Michonne
  33. The Thing(John Carpenter)
  34. Spiderman(Tobey) & Spiderman(Garfield) (Unlimited Webs)
  35. Barakapool (Xmen Origins: Wolverine)
  36. Batman(Keaton) & Batman(Bale)
  37. Catwoman(Pfeiffer) & Joker(Heath)
  38. Hit Girl & Kick Ass
  39. Mother Russia
  40. Alien Queen & Ripley
  41. The Transporter & IP Man
  42. Selene & Micheal Corvin (Underworld)
  43. Dexter & Hannibal(TV)
  44. Jeepers Creepers
  45. Teeth Girl(Can Seduce Any Human Male & Chomp)
  46. Desperado(Can Not Be Killed By Man Made Weapons-But Still Hurt)
  47. Ethan Hunt(Cruise)
  48. The One(Evil Jet Li)
  49. Movie Bruce Lee
  50. James Bond(Bond Can Seduce & Distract Any Female Hero)
  51. Jason Bourne
  52. Movie Jackie Chan(Human Characters & Kung Fu Movies Only)
  53. Martin Riggs & Dirty Harry
  54. Black Mamba aka The Bride(Kill Bill)
  55. John Mclane & Action Jackson
  56. Sho Nuff
  57. Léon: The Professional & Nikita Mears(New TV Show)
  58. Brisco County Jr(Entire Team Gets 25% Luck)
  59. Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  60. Gargoyles: Goliath
  61. Gargoyles: Demona
  62. Gargoyles: David Xanatos(Cyber Suit On)
  63. Ultraviolet: Violet Song
  64. Sherlock Holmes(Cumberbatch) Can See Through Any Form of Stealth, Disguise, or Illusion)
  65. Beowulf


  1. Vash(Angel Arm Off)
  2. Kenshin & Yahiko
  3. Naruto Chunin Exam Levels(No Summoning)
  4. Zabuza(No Summoning)
  5. Neji Hyuga Chunin Exam Levels(No Summoning)
  6. Roy Mustang
  7. Edward Elric
  8. Alex Louis Armstrong
  9. Envy(Fullmetal)
  10. Greed Ling(Fullmetal)
  11. Wrath(Fullmetal)
  12. Captain Levi(Attack On Titan)
  13. Mikasa Ackerman(Attack On Titan)
  14. Eren Titan
  15. Female Titan(Annie Lionhart)
  16. Armored Titan
  17. Gene Star Wind & James Hawking(Outlaw Star)
  18. Aisha Clanclan(Outlaw Star)
  19. Twilight Suzuka(Outlaw Star)
  20. Tsukiumi(Sekirei)
  21. Kazehana(Sekirei)

Other Comics:

  1. Nemesis
  2. The Killer
  3. Luther Strode
  4. Quantum & Woody
  5. Jack The Ripper
  6. Aphrodite IX
  7. Ian Nottingham
  8. Donatello(TMNT COMICS)
  9. Raphael (TMNT COMICS)

Others: (Movie, TV Show, Comic Book, Hybrids)

***GI Joe Characters are Cartoon & Comic Version Feats***

  1. Zorro & Robinhood
  2. The Shadow &
  3. The Phantom
  4. Sin City: (Marv & Kevin)
  5. Indiana Jones & The Lone Ranger
  6. Judge Dredd
  7. Savage Dragon
  8. Conan & Red Sonja
  9. Ozymandias & Rorschach
  10. Zartan & Duke
  11. Baroness & Beach Head
  12. Sgt. Slaughter (Automatically Boosts Your Teams Morale & Fighting Spirit 100%)
  13. Boba Fett
  14. Storm Shadow
  15. Snake Eyes
  16. Han Solo & Chewbacca
  17. General Grevious
  18. Clone Captain Rex( 5 Standard Clone Troopers)
  19. Cad Bane
  20. Clone Commander Jet(5 Clone Flame Troopers)
  21. Clone Commander Gree(5 41st Elite Corp Troopers)
  22. Inspector Gadget, Penny, & Brain
  23. Dynomutt Dog Wonder & Blue Falcon
  24. Johnny Quest & Race Bannon
  25. Hawkgirl(DCAU)


  • Limited Supply Weapons & Gear Are Scratched Out After Purchased.
  • Only characters who actually would use such weapons are allowed to. Example: Bat-family member's wouldn't use guns outside of Jason Todd.
  • It is up to you to describe how lethal your gun or weapon is & understand you opponents weapons.
  • You cannot give Character Weapons To Henchmen/Fodder/Whatever or Vice Versus. Character Weapons are for Characters & Henchmen Weapons are For Henchmen.

Unlimited In Supply: Wooden Melee Weapons (Cost 1);

  • Baseball Bat
  • Boom A Rangs(5)
  • Round Shield

Unlimited In Supply: Titanium Melee Weapons (Cost 2);

  • Axe
  • Broadsword
  • Throwing Knives(5)
  • Round Shield

Unlimited In Supply (Cost 10):

  • Lightsabers(Only Experienced Swordsman Can Use Them) Lightsabers cannot cut through magical weapons-shields, or Adamantium. They may cut through Vibranium with mid level difficulty.

Unlimited In Supply Gear (Costs 2) Amount in ():

  • -Walkie Talkies For Your Whole Team(High Level Secure Channel)
  • -Lasso Rope 1 Ton Strength
  • -Land Mines(5) Each 1 Ton Strength
  • -Bear Traps(5) Can Only Be Detected by Teams With Actual Detective Skills
  • -Bullet Proof Kevlar Vests For Your Whole Team
  • 30 Shots of Ammo(Bullets or Arrows)
  • 2 More Packs of Web Fluid

Unlimited In Supply Gear (Costs 7) Standard Forms(Used More Than Twice) Limited In Ammo :

  • -Spiderman Webshooters(4 Packs Of Web fluid)
  • -Batman Utility Belt,(80 Pieces of Gear)
  • Hawkeye's Bow & Trick Arrows(80 Arrows)
  • -Ultimate Hawkeye's Bow & Trick Arrows(80 Arrows)
  • Green Arrow's Bow & Trick Arrows (80 Arrows)
  • Bio Suits & Masks For Your Whole Team: (Made of Steel Alloy) (Limited Protection From The Cold, Heat, Chemicals, And Other Hazards Material)

  • Unlimited In Supply Pistols (Cost 5):
  • -9mm(50 Shots)
  • -.38 Special(100 Shots),

  • Unlimited In Supply Sniper Rifle (Cost 10) Must Be Excellent Marksman;
  • -2,000 Yard Range(100 Shots) Bolt Action .50 Caliber, With Scope, Laser Sight, & Silencer

Unlimited In Supply Perks & Abilities:

  • -Basic knowledge: means you know about your opponents powers, but none of their weaknesses, personality, or personal tendencies. (Costs 10)
  • -Advanced knowledge: means you know everything there is to know about them battle wise. (Costs 20)
  • -Xavier's Counseling Session: Everyone on the team gets along (Costs 20)
  • -1 Day In The Danger Room: Your Team Gets To Practice In The Danger Room(Costs 10)
  • -1 Week In The Danger Room: Your Team Gets To Practice In The Danger Room(Costs 20)
  • -1 Hour of Prep: Your Team Gets To Prepare For Each Mission For An Hour(Costs 20), Can only be used by Teams With an Actual "Prep Master", Can Only Use The Items, Weapons, Teammates, & Henchmen That You Are Currently Equipped With & Material Found On The Battlefield, Cannot Set Up Anything Within 500 Yards of An Enemy Base
  • -Spider Sense: 1 Character develops Spider Sense(Costs 20)
  • -Healing Factor: 1 Character develops Movie Wolverine Healing Factor(Costs 20)
  • -Mind Reading: 1 Character can now read minds, Can Only Read One Mind At A Time (Costs 30)
  • -Your Whole Team Is Connected Telepathically (Costs 12)

Limited In Supply One of A Kind Weapons (Cost 10) For Human Characters Only & No Team Can Have More Than 3:

  1. Captain America's Shield: Vibranium-Adamantium-Alloy
  2. Captain America's Original Shield: Triangle Bullet Proof Iron Alloy
  3. Hawkgirl's Mace(DCAU): Disrupts Magic Using Nth Metal & Electric Attacks
  4. US Agent's Shield: Same as Captain America's Vibranium-Adamantium-Alloy
  5. US Agent's Plasma Shield: Circle Plasma Energy Shield
  6. US Agent's Photonic Night Nightstick: Enough energy to put down superhumans, 4ft
  7. Red Guardian's Shield: Pure Vibranium Triangle Shield used by the Russian Superhero
  8. Shield of Night: Magic Shield used by Black Knight which absorbs the energy of attacks allowing him to redirect to through his blade.
  9. Samurai Jack's Magic Sword: The sword was made by three monks empowered by three gods. It can only be wielded by someone of pure heart.
  10. Godslayer: Powerful Magic Sword
  11. Ebony Blade: Magic Sword forged from a meteorite by Merlin,(Carries a curse).
  12. Grasscutter: A powerful Magic Sword, counterpoint to Godkiller
  13. Vibranium Knives: Warpath's 2 Knives
  14. Lawgiver(Unlimited Ammo): A Judge's Gun(Judge Dredd Style)
  15. Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso: Magic Lasso With A Variety of Powers
  16. Soultaker: Magic Sword Can Deflect Bullets
  17. Wolverine's Claws: Adamantium Claws(Skeleton Not Included)
  18. Indiana Jones Pack: Unbreakable 12ft Bullwhip & .22 Pistol(Unlimited Ammo)
  19. Green Goblin Glider: Comes with 20 Pumpkin Bombs
  20. Hobgoblin Goblin Glider: Comes with 10 Pumpkin Bombs
  21. Sword of Omens: Magic Sword, 80's Cartoon Show Version, Only useful against pure evil , Can Only Be Used By Heroes(Not Anti Heroes)
  22. Fistigons: Can control flames
  23. Doctor Octopus Arms: 4 Titanium-niobium steel Arms
  24. Type-II Hand Phaser: Strar Trek Weapon
  25. Freeze Gun(Mr. Freeze): A weaponized version of Victor Fries' cryogenic technology.
  26. Kick Ass Pack: Hit-Girl's Double Sided Detachable Sword(Titanium) & Kick-Ass Lead Pipes(Each Weapon Gives 50% Chance of knocking out a human opponent)
  27. Daredevils Billy Club: Multipurpose Weapon
  28. Fear Toxin: 20 Fear Toxin Grenades & Gas Mask(Does Not Effect Crazy People)
  29. Stealth Suit: Invisibility, super hearing, built in computer on the left wrist, it can jam video signals, has infrared & night vision
  30. Pokeballs: 10 Pokeballs, Use it to capture pets, zombies & animal based characters
  31. Punisher's Exo-Armor: enhances human strength to 10 Tons, arm and shoulder mounted cannons(20 Shots Each, 3 Cannons in total, .905 Caliber Rifle Shots), a grapple gun that allows you to scale buildings, self destruct button, Titanium
  32. 3-D Man's Goggles: See through any physical disguise or stealth(Does Not Work On Magical disguises, stealth, or illusions)
  33. Cyclops's Visor: Fire energy blasts at strength of Movie Cyclops
  34. Cocoon Gun: Killer Moth's Gun, Wraps enemies in strong silk(Range 100 Yards, 10 Ton Strength)
  35. Magneto's Helmet: Protects You from Telepathic Probes & Attacks
  36. Suit of Sorrow's: enhances human strength to 5 tons, increases speed by 50%, slowly drives user insane, Magic Titanium
  37. Power Pole: Weapon of Goku, Can only be used by good guys, magic wooden pole
  38. Sonic Screwdriver: uses a 'telepathic interface' so the user just has to think of what action the Screwdriver performs, power depends on the mental strength of the user, does not work on wood or magical items, does not kill-wound or maim organic life forms
  39. T-Spheres: holographic projection, laser grid creation, live cameras, data networking links, unlock electronic locks, carry Mr. Terrific's weight to allow him to fly, implode on command to knock out a target, expell electric charges and be used as projectiles, 10 Spheres
  40. Muramasa Blades: Magic Titanium Sword, cuts negate superhuman healing factors
  41. Power Ring(Sonic The Hedgehog): 100% Increase in Travel Speed
  42. Joker Venom: 20 Joker Venom Grenades & Gas Mask. Joker Venom will not affect Crazy People
  43. Senzu Beans: 6 Beans That Completely Heal You(Does Not Revive Dead People) (From Dragon Ball Z)
  44. The Golden Gun: Handgun Fires .45 Caliber High Explosive Rounds, Each Shot Has 500 Pounds of Explosive Force, 100 Shots, Range 100 Yards
  45. Green Hornet's Gas Gun: (Movie Version) Shoots Knock Out Canisters, 20 Shots(Range 100 Yards), & Gas Mask
  46. Caster: Magic Gun Used In Outlaw Star Armed With #7 Shells, 20 Shots, Range 100 Yards, (Magic Shells Can Penetrate Anything Below Adamantium Armor)
  47. Proton Pack: Hurts Magic Foes & Demon Like Foes, Cannot Kill, Weakens Magic Weapons By 50%, Range 50 Yards
  48. Mark I Sentinel: 1 Standard Sentinel
  49. Shock Gloves: Batman's Shock Gloves From The Arkham Games
  50. Bat-Bot: 30 Bat Bots, They Are Armored Flying Bat Robots Used By Batwing, Check Thread For Photos
  51. Deathstroke Staff: Promethium staff that can also discharge an energy blast (strong enough to destroy aircraft, and even injure powerful metahumans)
  52. Spider Bots: 30 Bots To better assist him as a hero, Superior Spiderman decided to create these small red and blue spiders that can send him information and images through the lenses in his mask, his mobile phone, his tablet or even his TV. Can control them through mental command in order have them perform different tasks, as well as maintaining constant surveillance.

Vehicles & Pets, All Limited In Supply, No Team Can Own More Than 3 (Cost 10):

  1. Punisher Battle Van: Bullet Proof, Seats 6 People or Dog Sized Animals, Can Take A 5 Tons of Explosive Force, 10 Land Mines, 1 Rocket Launcher(1,00 Yard Range) 5 Rockets, 6 Grenades, 100 MPH(Max Speed)
  2. Turtle Van: Bullet Proof & Laser Proof, Can Take 5 Tons of Explosive Force, Seats 6, 2 Laser Cannons With 10 Shots Each 3 Tons of Force In Each Shot, Can Turn Into A Drivable Raft, 150 MPH(Max Speed)
  3. Batcycle: Bullet Proof, Seats 1, Can Take 1 Ton of Explosive Force, EMP Unlimited Shots-Takes 60 Secs To Recharge (500 Yard Range), 250 MPH(Max Speed)
  4. Jokermobile: Can Only Be Used By Villains, Bullet Proof, Seats 4, Can Take 1 Ton of Explosive Force, Shoots Joker Venom Grenades(1,000 Yard Range), 20 Grenades, 100 Miles Per Hour(Max Speed),
  5. James Bond Car: Aston Martin, Seats 2, Bullet Proof, Can Take 2 Tons of Explosive Force, Shoots Oil Slick & Smoke Screen, Steel Tire Popping Tacks, 1 .50 Caliber Machine Gun In Each Head Light, Fires 2 Rockets(1,000 Yard Range) From The Back of The Car, 200 MPH(Max Speed)
  6. Pikachu: Will fight for your team for an hour than return to it's pokeball
  7. Scrappy Doo: 2 Toner, Boosts Team Morale 25%, Will Annoy & Distract Enemies As He Fights For Your Team, Mid Level Sense of Smell & Trap Detection
  8. Scooby Doo: Will not actually fight, Can Disguise & Hide Your Team From Enemies, Can See Through Illusions, Stealth, & Enemy Disguises
  9. Tarzan's Trio: Elephant, Silverback Gorilla, and Cheetah, Well Trained & Loyal
  10. Flying Nimbus: Living Magic Cloud That Will Fly Your Team Around At High Speeds(Max Speed 600 MPH), Can only be ridden by the pure of Heart(Seats 2)
  11. Joker Venom Hyenas: 10 Hyenas all infected with Joker Venom, Hyena's bite will infect victim with Joker Venom

Henchmen, Fodder Soldiers, & Clones(Star Wars):

  • All Males In Gender.
  • You cannot give Character Weapons To Henchmen/Fodder/Whatever or Vice Versus. Character Weapons are for Characters & Henchmen Weapons are For Henchmen.
  • All Henchmen come will no experience in dealing with Superhumans(Unless Specified).

ALL Limited In Supply:

  • -10 Fodder Zombies are The Walking Dead TV zombies. They will go in whatever direction you tell them to, but they will still act like Zombies. Will attack anyone regardless of team affiliation. (Cost 2)
  • -5 Advanced Zombies are Dawn of The Dead 2004 Movie zombies. They will go in whatever direction you tell them to, but they will still act like Zombies. Will attack everyone. (Cost 3)
  • -5 Elite Zombies are Land of The Dead 2005 Movie zombies. They have the intelligence of a 10 year old child. They can use melee weapons & come armed with wooden baseball bats. Will not attack Teammates. (Cost 5)
  • -5 Super Zombies are World War Z Movie zombies. They will not attack teammates. (Costs 10)
  • -10 Fodder Thugs Carry aluminum baseball bats. They have the skill, strength, and speed of an average 18yrd male. Below average intelligence. Cost 1
  • -2 Average Thugs Carry 9mm Pistols 35 Shots and brass knuckles. They have the skill, strength, and speed of an athletic high-school athlete. Average intelligence.
  • (Cost 2)
  • -2 Elite Thugs Carry AK-47s with 100 Shots and crowbars. They have the skill, strength, and speed of an Olympic athlete.Intelligence of a veteran police officer.
  • (Cost 3)
  • -2 Navy Seals are armed with a K-Bar Knife, Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun (12gauge.) 50 Shots, Rocket Launcher-3 Rockets, and 5 flash grenades. Standard Navy Seal Armor Applies. (Cost 4)
  • -3 SHIELD Agents are all armed with Night-Night Guns(Rifle Style With Scope) A Range of 1,000 yards-100 Shots, 3 Night-Night Grenades, and a Titanium Night-Night police baton. Experienced in dealing with Superhumans. Fighting level of Agent Melinda May(AGENTS OF SHIELD TV SHOW). Standard Shield Body Armor Applies. (Cost 7)
  • 5 MarabuntaSoldiers all armed with standard gear. They will only follow the orders of an incredibly well proven leader. Cost (Cost 10)
  • -All Clone Troopers Come With Their Standard Weapons & Gear. This also applies to Clone Commanders & Captains. Clone Troops Are Not For Sale & Cannot Be Traded.
  • 5 Spider Minions: Ex Military Henchmen that work for The Superior Spiderman Each Armed With Standard Gear, 100 Shots of Bullets, Flame Thrower Will Have 5 Hours Worth of Fuel (Cost 5)

***Special Notes***

  • Fodder is called Fodder for a reason.
  • Just by having a cool weapon, doesn't make your character a super unstoppable badass.
  • Each weapon & gear depends on the SKILL LEVEL of the user.
  • All vehicles depend on the SKILL LEVEL of the user. If you character hasn't shown any great driving feats, WHY GIVE THEM A VEHICLE?
  • Having a weapon doesn't mean you will hit the target.
  • Henchmen will help you in battle, but will not overtake highly skilled characters on their own.
  • DO NOT Pair up weapons that would go out of character. Example: Would James Bond use magic weapons? NO. Does he have magical experience? NO.
  • All Grenades have 500 pounds of force, Tossing Grenades Depends on Arm Strength & Accuracy
  • All landmines are 1 ton of force
  • All rockets are 1 ton of force/ Rocket Launchers Have 1,000 Yard Range
  • Immortal means you can't die, you can still get knocked the hell out & hurt
  • I will Ref The Matches, But I Am Not A Mod, If You Have A Seriously Problem(Technical or Anything Else) Then Contact A Mod
  • I am human, so my Refereeing Is Human, I am Not God & Cannot See Everything
  • Please Police Yourselves, Debate Aggressively, But Honest & Fair
  • Be Prepared To Be Told You Don't Know What You Are Talking About & Your Favorite Characters May Be Dissed
  • Tag Anyone Who Can Qualify & Might Be Interested
  • Tag Me In The Thread or PM Me For Questions
  • Unlimited Ammo can only be used by the character they were given to. Example: Batman has unlimited ammo for his utility belt, but can't start handing out Batarangs to all of his Teammates.
  • All guns will be assumed to use Hollow Point Bullets(Unless Specified)
  • Even with unlimited Ammo, You Must Pause To Reload
  • Use Strategy & Draft Wisely, Think About Which Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Pets, & Gear Will Go Early In The Draft. Think About What Kind of Things Your Opponents Will Draft. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • Though this has been changed to Standard Gear...NO ONE unless specified will come with a powerful sword.
  • ALL NON STORE BOUGHT GUNS & BOWS-ARROWS will be assumed to have 50 SHOTS

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I think your formatting can be a tad bit better - honest to God I can't properly decipher characters because it's all convoluted and bunched.

That being said, save me a spot.

#5 Edited by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio

Willing to join but skimming through the character list I think you should remove karate kid...If anyone picks him they will win since that guy speed blitzes krytonians and demolishes ice bergs.

#7 Edited by mikep12 (4266 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: I'll try but I might not make this one.

#8 Posted by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@cjdavis103: @pr0metheus: @dccomicsrule2011: @jashro44: Thank you for your help and suggestions That is 4 spots filled 16 more to go to 20...Hopefully we can make it 32!!!! I will reformat the heroes...should I make it just one long list perhaps? Any suggestions?

#9 Edited by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio

@jashro44 said:

Willing to join but skimming through the character list I think you should remove karate kid...If anyone picks him they will win since that guy speed blitzes krytonians and demolishes ice bergs.

Forgot about Midnighter and Batman One Million, All 3 of these guys could very well solo the rest of the cast.

#10 Edited by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones (14425 posts) - - Show Bio

Done with point tourneys

#11 Posted by Dextersinister (7290 posts) - - Show Bio
#12 Posted by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: Remove Karate kid, and potentially batman one million. Those are my suggestions. Those characters are not street level. If modnighter is to stay you should probably ban doors.

@jashro44 said:

Willing to join but skimming through the character list I think you should remove karate kid...If anyone picks him they will win since that guy speed blitzes krytonians and demolishes ice bergs.

Forgot about Midnighter and Batman One Million, All 3 of these guys could very well solo the rest of the cast.

Midnighter can be dealt with assuming no doors.

#13 Posted by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@mikep12: Alright...we will have a confirming session..Tag anyone else you think might be interested

@dextersinister: @pr0metheus: Welcome Aboard & Alright...keep feeding me suggestions of who I should remove & who I should add please.

#14 Posted by cdiddyman911 (2695 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero I'm pretty sure I have a good reputation but I don't have 1000 posts :( Anyway I can still join?

#15 Posted by Sovereign91001 (5356 posts) - - Show Bio
#16 Posted by DarkRaiden (9860 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: I'm interested. Though I wasn't tagged so...not sure if I'm allowed to be interested.

#17 Posted by Juiceboks (12873 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmm..interesting. I'll think of a team and get back you.

#18 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio
#19 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero I have a few questions.

How much does it cost to "draft" a character,

I can "draft" any character I want, and then trade them to someone else later?

#20 Posted by cdiddyman911 (2695 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero If I can Join I would like:

Black Panther

Iron Fist


6 sensui beans

Power Ring

#21 Edited by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: I don't think I am going to join rethinking things but I am willing to help if you need it. Its a good idea but I mostly prefer to join incredibly simple tourney's. A tourney like this takes a lot of thought IMO and I don't think I have the time to think of a proper team, customize the team and debate the team I customize properly. I do wish you the best of luck and really do hope you get enough people because I think this can be awesome but this isn't my thing. Its a little bit too big for me.

Sorry man and again best of luck.If you do need more debaters and no one will join to fill the final slot then I might reconsider things.

@floopay@nickzambuto You guys might be interested and I don't see your names on the call out list. Figured you guys would want to know.

#22 Posted by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio
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@lukehero: Thanks for the offer, dude. I would like to participate, but I'm already a little busy with school stuff, two other CaVs and one other tourney. Still, I wish you good luck with your tournament, seems like you put a lot of effort into it.

@cdiddyman911 Speaking of which, have you already given up on our current CaV? :p

#24 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio
#25 Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf (7125 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm very confused. How many points do we start off with? Do the characters cost points or is it first come, first serve?

#26 Edited by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@dccomicsrule2011: @sovereign91001: @darkraiden: @pr0metheus:

@jashro44: That's cool man...yes I will need help refereeing& suggestions of characters to add.


@omgomgwtfwtf: It will start off with a 7 round draft. The draft won't start until we all discuss a good time for everyone & slots are filled up. You can draft characters, gear, weapons, vehicles, henchmen, & pets. Also I updated the formatting to make it easier to read. Your draft position for each round will be chosen at random. You will be given a # and that is the order you will draft in. EXAMPLE: If your number is 1# you will draft first in every round.

Yes even if you are not tagged you can join in. Once I get a finalized list of people going. We can start to talk about potential times & dates for a draft.

It costs nothing to draft. AFTER the draft you are given 50 points to buy anything Extra.

When the store opens after the draft. Everything will be up for grabs first come first serve.

#27 Edited by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: All right I will think up some suggestions in a moment.

#28 Posted by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@cdiddyman911: @tomlikesfries: @jashro44:

Depending on what the majority of people's schedule look like I may move the date of the tournament accordingly...I will make acceptations about the number of posts for people I have actually seen debate.

#29 Posted by jashro44 (29302 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: All right thats cool. If you decide to move then make sure to call me out again and I will see if I can/or am in the mood for it.

#30 Posted by Juiceboks (12873 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero I suggest taking off Groot and Sonic. They're quite a bit above street level.

#31 Edited by tomlikesfries (5314 posts) - - Show Bio

@jashro44 said:

@lukehero: All right thats cool. If you decide to move then make sure to call me out again and I will see if I can/or am in the mood for it.

Same for me.

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@lukehero: give me a week or 2 to sort out all the tournys i am in and i will take a second look

#35 Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf (7125 posts) - - Show Bio


Cool thanks for the clarification. I don't watch American Football, so I wasn't sure what a NFL draft pick was.

#36 Edited by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@mikep12: @jashro44: @tomlikesfries: @omgomgwtfwtf:

@cdiddyman911: You are IN!!!!!! Of course!!!!

@cjdavis103: Alright Thank You

NFL Draft is just like any other sports draft...I will mention that in the OP.

This Is Who Is In So Far 7 People...With others it seems it depends on schedule....but I am more than willing to save a spot. Also I just wanted to reiterate that NO CHARACTERS will be chosen until the 7 round draft. During the draft characters or anything else you want to draft will cost NOTHING. After the draft you get 50 points to buy extras. Only things you can't draft & have to buy no matter what are Perks & Abilities. Anything else even weapons, pets, & vehicles are draftable. Once the draft is over the store will open up & I will sell off the left overs. At that point it is first come first served.








@dccomicsrule2011 @kingmagnus: @marvel_boy2241:

#37 Posted by Pokergeist (23180 posts) - - Show Bio
#38 Posted by cosmicallyaware1 (5720 posts) - - Show Bio

@lukehero: Thank you very much for the tag and invite but I have a lot on my plate right now. Respectfully decline. Once again thanks.

#39 Edited by lukehero (18481 posts) - - Show Bio

@cadencev2: Can I count you in then?

@cosmicallyaware1: I appreciate it. I see a lot of people seem to have full plates so just keep in mind I may not start the tournament until people who are interested schedules free up a bit. When do you think you might be free? Also please tag anyone who might be interested. Right now we only have a small group of 7 or 8 people in the tourney.

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I had to create a new account a week ago but this was my old account to see how many posts I had:


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How about this....

Deathstroke with current standard gear and could you add his staff to the store?

Batwing current standard armor and gear and could you add his bat bot's to the store?

Also Ultimate Spider Woman?

Also how about some Maributa soldiers?

#42 Posted by Juiceboks (12873 posts) - - Show Bio
#43 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio




  • The Punisher
  • Daredevil
  • Shang Chi
  • Dr. Octopus
  • Surperior Spider-Man


  • Firefly
  • Black Canary
  • Deathstroke
  • Ravager
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Connor Hawke
  • Jonah Hex

Video Games

  • Sam Fisher
  • Arkham Batman
  • Arkham Bane
  • Arkham Deadshot
  • Arkham Joker,Arkham Blackmask
  • Prophet "Crysis 3"
  • Alcatraz "Crysis 2"
  • Adam Jensen
  • Albert Wesker
  • John Marston

Other Comics:

  • Drake Sinclair
  • Becky Mortcheif
  • Snake Eyes,Storm Shadow,Helix
  • Road Block,Duke,Scarlett
  • TMNT


  • XCOM Basic Rookies, Starting Gear
  • XCOM Soldiers,End game equipment,Max rank
  • XCOM Mec's
  • S.H.I.V Units
  • Hand Ninja's
  • Owl Ninja's
  • World War Z Zombies
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I have A LOT of work in school and medical things after school so I don't know if I can go through with this but for now I'll choose


  • SpOck
  • The Killer
  • Luthor Strode

One Of a Kind Weapons

  • T-Spheres(10)
  • Stealth Suit(10)


Can you bring things for prep? And can Kaine and New-52 Deathstrokebe added? If so I'll have them.


Wow. I just realized you took my two characters-___-

#45 Posted by marvel_boy2241 (2548 posts) - - Show Bio
#46 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio

@wardemon32: I didn't see it, but we aren't able to pick our teams yet.

I already tried..

#47 Posted by Oni_Bane (2081 posts) - - Show Bio

I wouldn't mind doing this. Unfortunately I work nights. Do keep me posted on the though. I wouldn't mind being a judge.

#48 Posted by Wardemon32 (5488 posts) - - Show Bio


Wait so when do we get to actually pick characters? And its like in the first 10 or so in the Marvel section

#49 Posted by Pokergeist (23180 posts) - - Show Bio
#50 Posted by Pr0metheus (5780 posts) - - Show Bio


Wait so when do we get to actually pick characters? And its like in the first 10 or so in the Marvel section

I have no idea, He updated the layout to make it easier to read before