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No morals, No preperation, all bloodlusted BFR allowed.

thanos is at full power without any gadget like Hotu or Ig etc

note - symbiote can't be removed from surfer by things like thunderclap or heat because surfer's power will absorb those things. also surfer don't have to worry about symbiote taking control over him because he only focuses on winning.

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Surfer has a limit of absorption.


Juggernaut wins.

Per OP:

No morals, No preperation, all bloodlusted BFR allowed.

Besides, this is Trion Juggernaut who dewarps the space-time continuum by just walking and waving his arms out into the air/space. There's really nothing to absorb in that. Plus, Trion Juggernaut absorbs momentum so anything moving under the laws of physics is thus, rendered into a motionless statue. Can't BFR a "Moral~less/Bloodlusted Juggernaut"; Look what happened with Kuurth/Trion Juggernaut. With or without prep is just suicide if they are fighting him under the same space-time continuum. Telepathy? Rendered useless per OP "Bloodlust on plus no Prep". Thanos would have to take long careful preps 1st, to study and know Cain Marko, otherwise it's suicide just jumping into the mind of a "Mindless" Juggernaut. Anyone who dives into Trion Juggernaut's mind is instantly trapped into the Crimson Cosmos if they don't know where exactly to find where Cain Marko's soul is. Let's face it, without prep - Thanos doesn't know where Cain's Soul is hidden within the Crimson Gem.

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Trion>Thanos>carnage cosmic

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what about carnage cosmic vs thanos withour preperation ?

what minimum level is required to defeat trion juggs without preperation ? skyfather level, galactus level, elder god level, abstract level etc.

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@Driger: cosmic power from SS doesn't affect thanos