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this is a little different. the first ten posters each post different a team of characters between 1 and 3 people large. after those ten are here, i will sort them from least to greatest in power and turn this into a ten round gauntlet. please do not post the same people as somebody else, or just drop one of of their team (Example: somebody has posted Hulk, Superman, and Doctor Strange and you post Hulk and Superman) and please count before you post! if there are already ten posts then dont post another, and wait until it is a gauntlet to post.

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This could get really silly if people post people like Lucifer Morningstar or Pre-recton Beyonder.

But I will go with Tyrant (Depowered), Future Darksied (The one with the most awesome feats) and Current Silver Surfer. All are Blood-Lusted.

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Classic Dr Strange, DCnU Captain Atom, & The Fury all blood lusted.

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Thanos, Runner, Classic Dr Strange

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Dormammu, Dr Fate, and Odin

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anybody else? it has been a day for each person that has posted

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Lucifer Morningstar, Michael Demiurgos, The Mask

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Sure, I guess.
1. Galactus (fully-fed).
2. Mr. Majestic (+ Creation Blades).
3. Spawn (+ Divine Powers).

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im hoping to have the next 4 by monday, because this is the last time i am checking the thread until then.

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I can just choose TOAA or MOM but not this time

1. Monarch

2 Dr Strangefate

3 Imperiex