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Which has better characters 
Which has better movies  
Which has better shows 
Which has a better story line 
Which has better toys 
Which has better games  
Which do you like more  



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Marvel for the majority but have enjoyed all the Transformers films thus far :)

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Marvel but Transformers is really awesome too!

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1 2 4 6 7 marvel all the way.

show's and toy's transformer's.

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Marvel I think for most but I gotta say the transformers cartoons and movies are awesome!!

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I would have to say the Transformers for the majority. There newest game Fall of Cybertron is awesome.

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I think movie and games should go to transformers because they have more action i mean have you guys seen fall of cybertron?
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Shows, toys & games transformers the rest marvel.

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i say movies go to transformers has way more action and deeper plot and more climax i mean no good guys really die in any marvel movies
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in terms of characters i say transformers could win i mean robots that can transform into cars and animals seriously dinobots don't tell me you are not a fan of grimlock i mean which smartass comes up with this stuff and don't get me wrong but marvel copied alot of their characters from myths like thor and hercules basically all of asgard olympus and many others.
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This battle is "More than meets the eye". ;)

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Transformers is cool and bad@$$, yes. But versus all of MARVEL’s awesomeness is too much for Transformers to handle. MARVEL for everything really. X_X

~ Daaerk

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Even toys seriously come on i am not saying no fanboyism but Marvel has never even came close to making a toy as good as masterpiece optimus prime.